Achedaway Massage Gun Review 2022 Is It For You (2)

Achedaway Massage Gun Review: Is It For You 2022?

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to get relief from your pain, this Achedaway Massage Gun is the perfect tool. It’s designed with a unique patented technology that wraps around joints and muscles to release tension in all directions.

Using a gentle, rolling motion mimics the hands of a massage therapist using deep tissue work. You’ll feel instant relief after just one or two minutes! In this Achedaway Massage Gun Review, the resTORbio will show you the reasons why you should invest in it.

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Review

  • Stall Force: 80 lbs
  • Stroke Length: 16 mm amplitude
  • Percussions: 1700-2800 ppm
  • Speed options: 5
  • Battery Life: 2-4 hours (removable, 3200 mAh)
  • Attachments: 4
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Noise: 40-60 dB

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Review

The Achedaway pro massage gun is an innovative device that combines the features of a professional-grade massage gun with those of a personal shaver.

Its developer claims that it can be used to lightly shave your pubic hairs, work out muscle soreness and trigger points in the muscles, and reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

The manufacturer has also claimed that this massager helps relieve aches and pains throughout your body, such as your back or neck.

This powerful massager will enable you to get rid of alarming pain issues without taking any dangerous medication and spending loads on costly medical treatments.

This massager is designed by using the leading components of the industry. Though there are various massagers available online and offline in the market

Achedaway Pro Percussion Massage Gun Review Size, Weight, Ergonomics

Size, Weight, Ergonomics

33.7 x 7.1 x 3.3 inches Weight 2.8 pounds 1 Lithium-ion battery

It would help if you dealt with it; all you have to do is attach it to the area that needs massage and control the speed of operation through its remote controller while holding its handle for a comfortable grip.

Even if your hands are turning in circles or straights, making twists, or massaging over 7000 strokes per minute according to their specification, you won’t feel tired at all since they specifically designed it with an ergonomic handle that features unique lines that conform perfectly into your hand thus providing a firm hold without causing fatigue even after long hours of use.

The Acreaway pro massager is also small enough to put inside your carrying case or bag to carry anywhere you go.


With an intensity of 7000 strokes per minute according to their specification and a battery life of about 25 minutes, the already Pro is powerful enough for one person to do the massage even if they have large muscles.

You just put it on your hand, turn it on and start massaging whatever area that needs massage until the removable battery runs out.

It’s also quiet and doesn’t have to feel noisy when working, making it ideal for use in private or public places since noise won’t be an issue with this machine.

The only thing is that some people might find its weight quite heavy, especially if you are doing intense workouts such as running long distances. If so, I suggest you try using a smaller model that offers the same performance as this one but has lighter weight.

Amplitude / Stroke Length

The Achedaway pro percussive Massager features an amplitude of 8 mm with ten freely adjustable settings so you can decide how much you want to massage according to your needs and comfort level.

The stroke length is 1mm with seven different speeds for each stroke length, making it operate up to 7000 strokes per minute.

Thus, you will be in complete control even if it’s a machine working on your body; it’s not like having somebody else doing it since at any time you might need some pressure or stall force massaging various parts of your body depending on their size and health conditions.

You should also know that the Achedaway Pro is suitable for many applications such as a medical massage gun, a foot massager, neck and back massage, etc.

Stall Force

The stall force of this machine is very high at about with a torque of 9.59mNm/3100rpm. According to the standard, the highest stall force is, where you will start feeling your muscle being stretched or strained if the area you want to massage is large muscles.

Again, it’s totally up to you since this feature will not be an issue for small areas such as the face, shoulder blades, back arms, etc.

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For me, I think even if this massager isn’t attached to my body and any part of my hand is doing that movement, thus letting it carry out its work in a usual way without twisting and turning while using another part of my hand to control the remote controller and pressing on/off option.

I will still feel my body being pushed up to a certain point just like having somebody else doing it for me and that’s what makes this machine more effective.

Achedaway Massage Gun and Cupping Review Percussions and Speed Levels

Percussions and Speed Levels

The Achedaway Pro massager starts as low as 1700rpm. Theragun Pro began in 1750. This is important especially when you want a precise message and want to use more pressure while at it

The Achedaway Pro also comes with 5-speed levels that adjust in this order; 1700 rpm, 2000 RPM, 2300 RPM, 2600RMP 2800RPM– high or low depending on what level of precision you need for your specific needs!

The auto-shut-off feature is essential. This massage gun prevents the heating from becoming too much and risking overheating. We have seen this in knockoffs, but it shuts off after only 10 minutes! That isn’t enough time to get a good massage from it at all!

Achedaway Massager Review Battery Life achedaway pro

Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries allow the machine to continue working smoothly even when it’s not plugged into power since they contain enough energy to do all the work, unlike other rechargeable batteries, which tend to lose performance as time goes by, even when fully charged.

The battery life is also good, with an average of about 25 minutes which is more than enough for any health condition or body part you might need to massage, and it can be used anywhere without having to connect it to an electric source, thus making its portability ideal for people who travel a lot.

Charging this unit takes about 10 hours if you use the electric AC adapter or 2 hours if you fully charge it using a USB port, and the good thing is that an AC adapter can be purchased separately for those who don’t have access to a power source.

If you are searching for the best to use your massage gun, then let’s check out our ways right now:

The Attachments

The Attachments

One of my favorite parts about this product is that the blades are not attached to its handle, thus making them safer as they will never fall off.

Instead, other attachments such as rollers, accessories, and extensions are fixed with screws, so to replace the one, you unscrew the old wing until it comes loose and changes it with the new one.

The ball head: It is excellent when you want to massage the entire body since it can rotate on 360-degrees or as far as possible.

However, I have seen many massagers having this feature but somehow fail to do that smoothly due to its compact design, making it hard to move freely when attached to our body.

The fork head is fantastic! If your goal is to focus more on a particular spot, this attachment will be ideal since it has a long neck and narrow ends targeting specific areas, even if they are small.

More importantly, unlike other massager’s forks, this one doesn’t only move back and forth like a saw instead; It also rotates, thus making it very flexible at targeting any part of your body.

What I like about this massager’s its ability to adjust automatically in many ways, such as speed, tempo, intensity, etc.

However; The main thing that makes it different from others is its disk platter that allows you to use your hands-free and still control the machine’s speed with ease.

This feature gives you more flexibility, especially if you are watching TV or reading a book and don’t want to keep on taking your eyes off them so that you could answer calls or change any settings!

The flat head has two sides: one side can be used for kneading while the other can be used for percussions, mainly on low frequency. The flat head also targets different parts of the body but you’ll probably use it on larger muscles. We use it for our pecks, calves, and glutes. The one here has a smooth, slightly curved finish.

The bullet head is meant to be used in areas where you need intense stimulation, and it’s excellent since it can also be used on more significant body parts such as the thighs, arms, etc. The bead movement allows this attachment to give full coverage to your body.

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This machine’s noise is worth mentioning, especially when comparing it with other brands since many people complain about the loud noises that some electric massagers produce.

At the same time, they are being operated, which makes them less ideal if you want to watch TV or read a book while receiving your message!

That is why I am pleased with the Achedaway Pro that I purchased since it generates far less sound than its counterparts; The vibrations are far less powerful, but their consistency is perfect for providing a soothing massage.

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Achedaway Massage Gun Price, Warranty, and Where to buy?

This unit could be purchased on Achedaway’s official website for $199, and it comes with a basic warranty, especially when choosing any electronic products!

The warranty period is for one year, and if anything happens to the machine, such as cut wires or malfunctioning parts, then you can still return it to the manufacturer but in carrying case of minor defects like scratches or dents, send them an email about it.

They will at least give you advice on how to solve the problem without having to involve any third parties. So many stores sell this product online, but I would recommend purchasing from its official site instead since there are no hidden costs.

Achedaway pro Massage Gun How It Works

Achedaway pro Massage Gun: How It Works?

This massage gun is operated using 6 AA batteries, and the strong motor that this massage device uses provides up to 80 rpm, which gives you a smoother massage experience.

I like this model’s lightweight design which makes it very portable since we can move around freely with our hands without worrying about being tethered by any cords.

Power Process: Move the power button (on the bottom of the removable battery) to ON to turn the massage device on. Once the device has been turned ON, press the power button twice to change the mode.

You can also switch the massage gun into the level four or five mode by pressing the power button five times each. The blue will indicate the machine’s current power level LED light.

Then, massage the desired area by using pressure as necessary. After your massage is complete, turn off the device by moving the power button quickly to the OFF position.

The Achedaway Pro massage gun has a built-in protection function that stops it if the timer is continuously used for more than 10 minutes.

Charging process: The massage gun should be fully charged at least 3 hours before use to ensure better performance and a longer run time of approximately 4+ hours.

The DC end of the 24V adapter should be connected to the battery’s charging port. Once the AC cable is plugged into the plug, the device will be charged.

When the charging is ON, the LED light will flash on the unit to indicate the battery level. The LED lights will stop blinking when full charging is complete. It is best not to drain the battery to the point where it is red.

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Benefits of Getting a Massage from Achedaway pro Massage Gun

The gun massager has many benefits that come from the technology placed inside it. Benefits are significant when considering purchasing this massage product because they will significantly affect how we enjoy using the tool every day and its purpose benefits include:

The Achedaway Pro deep tissue massage gun is the best of all massage guns. Here are some key points to remember. This massage gun is unique because of its functionality, ease of use, quick recovery, and reliability.

The Achedaway Pro massage pistol offers many unique and unexpected benefits, making it a great buy and a must-have for all massage guns. This massage gun provides many benefits, including the following:

Benefits of Getting a Massage from Achedaway pro Massage Gun

Advanced Vibrational Healing

This massaging tool uses vibration techniques to help your body heal itself. It vibrates at a high frequency that will assist in almost instantly reducing muscle pain.

By using this product regularly, you can lessen the amount of time you spend with physical therapy and doctor’s visits.

Electro-Myofascial Benefits

The Achedaway Pro Massage Gun also has an internal mechanism that allows for proper conductivity of electro-myofascial signals along the body’s myofascial connective tissue membranes. Electro-Myofascial Benefits are crucial in relaxing muscles and improving overall health.

Key Functionality Benefits

The amped-up motor on the Achedaway pro massage gun gives it more power than other similar products. This added power is ideal for relieving body aches and pains, improving blood circulation, eliminating lactic acid buildup, and increasing metabolism. That means more energy in your daily routine.

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Blood Better Circulation Benefits

Proper micro-vascularizing helps to increase blood circulation of blood throughout the body. This means that the Achedaway pro massage gun can be used as both a preventive measure for reducing pain caused by clots, swelling, or excess pressure/stress on other parts of your body (i.e., shoulders) while at the same time allowing it to promote healing on an injured area by facilitating faster recovery due to increased oxygenation.

Massaging Improves Muscle Tone

With a little bit of regular use, you can significantly increase

Improved Performance Benefits

In addition to increased circulation, this device also helps users build muscle tone more quickly because it aids in eliminating lactic acid from your system, which builds up when you work out. These performance benefits are especially beneficial if you’ve been using a machine at a gym to get in a body massage.

The Achedaway pro massage gun can also be used on any part of your body, so you won’t have to worry about buying several different types of tools (i.e., a weight-lifting tool for the arms and legs) when you buy this powerful device.

Activates The Nervous System

This device provides the user with an increased degree of physical activity that demands more energy from your body.

Using this massage product daily will increase oxygenation and metabolism while increasing blood flow, which all work together to improve athletic performance.

This means that after you start using the Achedaway pro massage gun, your workouts will feel more like a breeze while your performance during them will increase.

Stimulates Self-Healing

When used regularly, this device has been shown to jumpstart or enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself from illnesses, injuries, and general aches and pains caused by stress or overuse of muscles.

The intense vibration massages relieve muscle tension using advanced technology, which aids in reducing inflammation and pain.

Benefits have also shown that people who use this device regularly experience less stiffness and soreness while recovering from acute pain related to overuse, injuries, or simple headaches.

Leads To Weight Loss Benefits

While this device is more commonly used as an athletic performance booster, Achedaway pro massage gun users will also find that it can help them shed extra pounds by eliminating subcutaneous fluids caused by tense muscles.

With a little bit of regular use, you’ll notice the fat melts away on your thighs and waistline so you can achieve that perfect body you’ve been striving for.

Benefits have shown that obese customers who suffer from disorders such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, and other weight-related illnesses benefit the most from using this device because it helps bring their bodies back into equilibrium due to the increased oxygenation.

Release Lactic Acid Benefits

Those who take part in regular exercise or work out daily know how frustrating it can be to deal with soreness after training for long periods.

However, most people aren’t aware that the sensation of soreness after a workout is caused by lactic acid buildup in your muscles and bloodstream.

Benefits have shown that using the Achedaway pro massage gun device helps remove these acids more quickly than other products, thanks to the powerful magnetic pulses it emits during use.

Benefits also show that this product is just as effective at removing lactic acid from your legs, arms, and torso as relieving pain in those areas.

Benefits can mean something different for each person who experiences them, so make sure you include what kind of benefits users will enjoy when they buy one or how it will improve their quality of life.

Benefits are significant for most products because if you can’t tell the reader how your product will improve their lives, they won’t be interested enough to buy it.

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Achedaway Pro Review: Conclusion

The Achedaway Pro Massage Gun is one of the most potent massage guns on the market. This device has been designed for people who want to quickly get rid of muscle pain and soreness without hassle or fuss.

It comes with many great features that make it a convenient option for anyone looking to buy a powerful massager in an instant.

Let us know if you have any questions about this product by commenting below! IF you need more options, don’t hesitate to look at our best massage gun on Amazon.

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