Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup Which Is Better For You In 2022

Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup? Which Is Better For You In 2022?

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Still comparing airbrush vs traditional makeup? Not sure which one would be suitable for you? Then, you have come to the right page. Airbrush makeup is a type of foundation applied with an airbrush, a small, battery-operated device that sprays the makeup onto the skin.

Airbrush makeup is more natural-looking than traditional foundation because it is applied in a thin layer and is less likely to cake or accentuate wrinkles and pores. Please keep reading for more information!

Traditional Makeup Application

Traditional makeup uses a cream, liquid, or powder foundation. This can be applied with various tools, including brushes, sponges, or even your fingers in more advanced cases.

For the average person, traditional makeup is more familiar. It can also be used heavier, depending on your preference. This technique offers a broader range of textures, colors, and coverage levels.

The traditional may offer the best chance to find the proper foundation for your skin type. It is more famous for applying makeup every day at home.

It’s great to have options because your skin changes over time, and what was good at one moment may not work for you later.


  • It can last up to 12 hours
  • Simple application
  • Not as expensive as the Airbrush one


  • It is difficult to hide scars and pimples
  • Feels heavy on the skin
  • Requires some touch-up
  • Use sponges, cotton balls, and brushes to build up bacteria

Traditional Makeup Application

Airbrush Makeup Application

An airbrush gun is required to apply airbrush makeup. The technique can be used in very thin layers, giving it a flawless finish and complexion. It lasts longer than the traditional.

It is, therefore, most often used for photo shoots or weddings. It is also known for being flawless in all weather conditions. The traditional one can become sticky and sweaty after a long day.

Airbrush Makeup Application


  • Ideal for everyday wear, durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for creating a flawlessly smooth finish
  • For maximum coverage, it takes less product than the traditional one
  • You can layer more coverage by adding layers to your makeup as each layer dries.


  • Airbrush makeup can make dry skin look flaky if it is applied to dry skin.
  • It is difficult to re-blend after drying.
  • Only a limited number of shades are available
  • More expensive

Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup Comparison

Experts say that airbrush makeup lasts longer than the traditional one and is the best option for photographers — a huge deal for your wedding day!

Your skin type will determine how long your makeup lasts, regardless of whether it’s airbrush or traditional.

Traditional Vs Airbrush Makeup Comparison

Is Airbrush More Durable Than Traditional Makeup?

You can wear both traditional and airbrush makeup all day. The traditional can last as long as the airbrush if used with a setting powder, primer, and spray.

Is It Possible To Handle Sweat And Tears More Effectively?

Using a silicone-based foundation, your airbrush makeup will last longer than the traditional. It may also be more resilient to sweat and tears.

A silicone-based foundation will make your airbrush more water-resistant than traditional. It will also help you endure all the hugs and kisses while maintaining your flawless Greek goddess look.

Is Airbrush Makeup More Effective At Covering Imperfections And Pimples?

The short answer is no. There are many traditional makeup foundations available. Some focus on concealing blemishes or removing imperfections from the skin.

Airbrush makeup is an excellent option if you are keen to use it for your big day. However, it will not give you the same glow as traditional makeup and conceal any imperfections.

What Makes Women Choose To Use An Airbrush Over Traditional Make-Up?

Airbrush makeup looks excellent on hydrated skin. This is the most crucial benefit of airbrushing your look.

The airbrush technique may look flaky if you have dry skin. The Airbrush technique is waterproof, so it doesn’t have the same consistency as traditional makeup.

Brides-to-be continue to prefer traditional makeup to airbrushes because they have a limited range of airbrush makeup colors. Some women have skin tones that match well with traditional foundations.

You can see that some women prefer airbrush to traditional makeup.

Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Comparison


Let’s now talk about price. Which do you think is the most expensive?

This question was the first thought for me. I assumed that traditional makeup would be more costly. It is expensive to maintain a regular beauty routine.

Airbrush makeup can be more costly than the traditional. The Airbrush technique is an excellent option for brides who are on a tight budget and want to save money on their big day.

Makeup And Weather

What does airbrush makeup do in wet or sunny weather?

The makeup can be used at any temperature and is lightweight. Although it can withstand rainy or sunny weather, it needs to be supported with a great setting powder.

Like the airbrush, traditional makeup should withstand extreme heat and rain. However, it needs to be properly prepared and finished. The traditional technique can last as long as airbrush makeup when used with a primer, sealer, and setting powder.

Which Type Of Skin Is Best Suited For Each Technique?

Airbrush makeup works excellent if your skin is hydrated. The same can be said about airbrush: it’s OK to use, as long as your skin isn’t dehydrated.

Airbrush foundation is the best choice for women with normal-to-combination skin types.

Traditional makeup can be used in many different ways. Many formulations are specifically tailored to suit the skin needs of varying skin types.

Oily skin: A matte foundation is the best choice.

Dry skin: A rich moisturizing foundation is better for your skin type

Modern Brides Prefer Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is excellent if you don’t want to put on makeup or want something flawless. You don’t feel stuffed, and it can make you look beautiful and light. It is famous for three reasons:

You are the one for the camera. You will be the center of attention on your big day. If the sponge or brush is not well blended, the Hi-definition cameras can capture every line. Professional makeup artists have adapted their routine to apply airbrush makeup.

Neatness. Although airbrushing is costly, the quality of your makeup is well worth it.

Airbrushing isn’t a time-consuming process that can result in blemishes on your makeup or stained wedding dresses. It’s unnecessary to worry about how your makeup looks when you smile for the camera.

Gives a lasting look. Water-resistant silicone-based foundation for airbrushes. It withstands all the tears, kisses, and hugs. This liquid foundation maintains the flawless goddess look.

Traditional Makeup Is More Effective Than Airbrush.

It doesn’t have to be traditional. Brides have used this makeup for decades, and they have had some great results. Today’s brides have the advantage of having a wide range of makeup options to choose from. Here are some advantages to going traditional.

This technique offers a more complete coverage than airbrushing. There are many options for conventional foundations. Some can be used to cover blemishes or improve the skin’s appearance. It gives you a radiant finish that is unmatched by the airbrush.

The traditional can withstand extreme heat or rain. Professional preparation and finishing touches are required to make these products stand up. You can achieve a long-lasting look with an airbrush using primer, sealer, and setting spray.


To conclude, people enjoy using both! People who choose to airbrush prefer the durability and even application of makeup over a more heavy-duty look that requires more coverage.

Airbrushing is best for those who have moist skin, not dry. The traditional foundation is a better choice if you want more coverage or have dry skin. Restorbio hopes you found this article helpful and remember to share it if you liked it.


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