The accuracy of treadmill calories has been debated for years. Some say that the calories burned on a treadmill are accurate, while others say that they are not.

There are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of treadmill calories, such as the type of treadmill, the speed at which you are walking or running, and the incline.

So, are treadmill calories accurate?

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What Determines the Calories Burned On A Treadmill?

Treadmill calorie accuracy

These factors determine how many calories you can burn using a treadmill per mile or kilometer.


Your body’s muscles burn calories to transport your mass a certain distance. Your body burns more calories per mile and kilometer if you are heavier than your average weight.

Stride Length

This can be a bit tricky. Your speed can be described as a combination of stride length and cadence. This is how long each step takes and how fast you move. You would burn more calories if you took longer strides.

However, this is a slower way to run and may slow you down. You’ll run faster if you take shorter strides. This conserves energy and allows you to run further. To maintain speed, however, you will need to increase your cadence. You’ll burn between 100-150 calories per mile.


The more you use the treadmill, the smoother your motion will be and the more you’re trained to do it. This will result in fewer calories per mile. They may differ from one person to another, as some speeds are more natural or effective. Running is more efficient at a faster pace than running or using a race-walking technique.

Exercise Intensity

Your body is burning more calories, which means your heart and lungs work harder. As your body requires more oxygen, your heart rate and breathing will increase. It is a great way of monitoring how much effort you are putting into your workouts.


You will burn more calories if you cover the same distance less time. The net result will be more calories burned.

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It is more challenging to run uphill than on a flat surface, but I won’t get into the physics behind potential energy. This is probably something you intuitively know from climbing up to the fourth floor or hiking up the mountain.

Similar principles apply to a treadmill. You will work harder because you are lifting your body up and not moving it forward. Depending on your incline’s steepness, you can burn three to five extra calories per minute.

Treadmill and Heart Rate

Motorized Treadmill

The motorized treadmill is equipped with a belt that moves and a smooth surface. This reduces calories burned over a distance than a no-treadmill exercise. This is why it works. The motor does a lot of the work. You can make the difference by setting the treadmill at least one percent inclined.

Support Rails

You will burn fewer calories if you have support from the rails when running or walking on a treadmill.

These factors are the main factors that determine the calories burned per minute. Speed and stride length are the most important. A treadmill’s distance covered in a given time is also a significant factor in determining how many calories are burned.

Experience and Efficiency

Your form and efficiency play an essential role in your calorie-burning than any other machine. The machine cannot account for these factors.

New runners burn more calories than experienced runners, even at the same distance and pace. Because beginners are inefficient and tend to run side-to-side and bounce up and down, this is why they burn more calories.

This extra movement takes more energy than a more efficient stride. While this will change as beginner runner improves their stride speed, it is an important consideration.

You may also be reducing your calorie burn by using the handrail while on a treadmill, stair-stepper or other machines that make it easier to use. Your stride won’t allow you to swing your arms naturally.

Athletes use machines differently, so they vary in how accurate they work. A stationary bike, for example, limits movement and can be used similarly by everyone. These calorie counters are more accurate than treadmills or stair steppers, allowing more movement freedom.

Cardio Machine Formulas

Cardio Machine Formulas

Different manufacturers may use different formulas to calculate the heart rate. Most machines base their calculations on The Compendium of Physical Activities. It was initially created in 1987. Regular updates have been made to it.

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It assigns a value to activities including exercise, inactivity, sex, and home repairs. The Metabolic Equivalent of Task (also known as METs) calculates the values.

One MET unit equals 1 kcal per kilogram per hour. This is the energy used when sitting quietly. This baseline calculates how much energy (calories) you use for other activities.

There are many variables involved, and the Compendium offers many options. The running category, for example, is full of variables.

According to the article, jogging can burn 7.0 MET (7.0 kcal/kg/hour), while running for 6 miles (a 10-minute) takes 9.8 MET. Running 10 miles per hour (a 6-minute) takes 14.5 MET. It does not take into account any personal factors.

How Accurate Are Treadmill Calorie Counters? Things You Must Know

how accurate is a treadmill calorie counter

Treadmill enthusiasts have many reasons to smile. Experts agree that the treadmill’s calorie counter is accurate enough to be used by government agencies if you enter your weight before starting to exercise. Because the number of calories burned is closely linked to one’s body weight, this weight-factoring will give you a more accurate result.

A treadmill that does not ask for weight will instead use a weight reference of 155 pounds. The treadmill will calculate your burned calories based on the actual weight. This can lead to inaccurate results.

Increase The Burns

When running or walking on a treadmill, proper posture can also impact calorie accuracy and calorie reading.

Research shows that people are more likely to lift some weight by leaning on treadmill handrails at higher speeds and inclines. This can make you lose weight, at least in exercise and calorie burning. This can reduce your calorie intake by up to 40%

The machine will not show or indicate this difference. This means you will burn fewer calories than the device will show at the end.

Calorie Burn – Estimate

Do not let your treadmill’s inability to provide weight inputs or questions like “How accurate is the treadmill calorie counters?” deter you from working out. Take the calorie reading to the next step.

Use an online calculator to estimate how many calories you’ll burn. You will be asked to enter data such as your weight, workout type, and other details. Then, you can calculate your calorie loss online. This information will be helpful as you move on with your daily routine.

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Treadmill and Heart Rate

A heart rate monitor attached to the treadmill can significantly increase calorie estimates. Combining accurate weight and speed should be the best estimate of calories burned.

Some treadmills can be connected to wireless heart rate monitors, while others have the monitors embedded in the grips. You can use a finger or ear clippings to read your pulse rates better.

How To Boost Your Caloric Burning

How To Boost Your Caloric Burning

Experts recommend avoiding the handrails and maintaining a good posture to maximize your time on the treadmill. Your workout can be made more difficult by stooping over the treadmill. Good form is also essential.

Outdoor running is a better option as it’s more difficult for the body. Outdoor workouts are generally more effective than those that require speed calibration and physical stress.

To make up the time you don’t have to run outside, try running indoors for a bit longer and farther. To get better results, you can also do fat-blasting interval workouts.

Wearable fitness trackers are also an option. These stylish gadgets allow you to log all your activities and track calories in and out. These gadgets can monitor your heart rate and help you reach your fitness goals.

Reliable Alternatives

It doesn’t matter if your device is a cardio machine or a fitness tracker. You should take the burned calories readings with caution. You can use these numbers to guide your workouts, but you shouldn’t be relying on them for calories. This can lead to weight gain despite all your efforts.

If your treadmill claims that you have burned 300 calories, subtract at least 20% to get 240 calories.

It is also possible to track your heart rate and perceived exertion during a workout. This is useful when you move from one machine to the next. If the readings on two devices are the same, but one machine seems faster, you’re likely burning more calories on the simpler machine.

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