Looking for the best body scrub? Look no further! Our selection of top-rated body scrubs will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Choose from a variety of formulas, including exfoliating scrubs, moisturizing scrubs, and more. This is the list of body scrub brands we found online. 

Top Best Body Scrub Brand Review

Top Best Body Scrub Brand Review

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub

Best Sugar Scrub

Sugar is the best exfoliating agent for those with dry or sensitive skin. It scrubs well but also provides a natural hydrating scrub. Jaliman says that this sugar-based exfoliating option is suitable for sensitive skin. It also contains argan oil and shea butter to hydrate the skin. It’s also affordable, has a subtle rose scent, and is pretty pink in color.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Hand and Body Scrub

Best Budget

This guy will give you a lot of bang for your bucks. This exfoliator is great for your body. However, as the name suggests, it can also be used to treat chapped hands. You can get two for the price of one, so you have one at your sink and one in the bathroom.

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

Best Drugstore Body Scrub

There are many great scrubs available at your local drugstore. But this one is my favorite. It contains 0.25 moisturizers. This gives it a creamy texture that almost looks like whipped cream. It comes in three scent options, but we prefer the relaxing lavender scent.

Differin Acne Clearing Daily Body Scrub

Best for Acne-Prone Skin

You can’t scrub away acne. Over-exfoliating can actually worsen acne. However, it is important to use the right amount and type of sloughing to help keep pores clean. This scrub is gentle enough to be used every day.

This scrub combines oil-dissolving salicylic acids and radiance-boosting Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin. It is great for preventing blemishes from appearing, as well as reducing the risk of dark spots.

Herbivore Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub

Best Natural Body Scrub

This product is so great (and so natural), that it won a Byrdie Eco Beauty Award in 2019 It is also clean and simple in its ingredient list. This scrub uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil and sugar for exfoliation, and shea butter to hydrate. Sugar crystals provide the highest level of exfoliation, while the subtle, sweet-smelling rose fragrance is an added bonus.

Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub

This powerful, energetic coffee scrub is ideal for areas that require intense buffing. This is a scrub that contains coffee, brown sugar, and cacao extract. People with sensitive skin may prefer a milder option. this luxurious treat is sure to make your skin feel smooth and supple after use.

UpCircle Coffee and Lemongrass Exfoliating Scrub

Best for Dry Skin

Sometimes it can feel as though exfoliating dry skin will just make it worse. Dry skin makes exfoliating even more important. This pick is perfect for dry skin. It is rich in shea butter, which is excellent for hydration. The gentle exfoliating and polishing of the skin uses gentle coffee grounds, according to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City dermatologist.

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Best Foaming

These foaming (yes foaming!) scrubs will not only leave your skin soft and smooth but also make you look great. These sugar scrubs by Kyn Care will leave your skin soft and smooth.

There are many tempting scents to choose from (check out: cupcake frosting, salted caramel, and sugar cookie), but they were originally created as an eczema treatment. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free and handmade so that you can feel good about using it.

Neutrogena Body Clear

Best body scrubs

A solid scrub for people with sensitive skin is Neutrogena, a drugstore superstar. It contains acne-fighting salicylic acid, but it also uses microcrystalline cellulose (a refined wood pulp) to gently scrub the skin’s top layer. It is also oil-free and contains moisturizing Jojoba Esters (a derivative from jojoba oil that mimics natural oils found in the skin).

Soft Services Buffing Bar

Soft Services’ Buffing Bar, a popular body-care brand, uses a microcrystal exfoliant of magnesium dioxide and alumina to smooth rough patches and keratosis pilaris. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. It is enriched with shea butter, glycerin, and aloe Verde. This exfoliant is mild to strong and fragrance-free. It can be used weekly for all skin types.

Avene Gentle

Best for Sensitive Skin

You can exfoliate even if your skin is sensitive. However, you need to be more careful with how you slough. This formula is super gentle and uses tiny jojoba beads to exfoliate. It almost feels like a body wash. The brand’s soothing, thermal spring water, as well as a trio of nourishing oil, help to provide hydration. It can be used only once or twice per week so one bottle will last quite a while.

Drunk Elephant Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub

Best Coffee Scrub

This scrub has coffee seed oil, so you can enjoy a cup or two of coffee in the morning. This oil is rich in caffeine and can be used to stimulate circulation. It also helps temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Almond milk and sugar do the scrubbing. It smells wonderful, and it is delicious.

Skin Buttr Gingr Lemon Scrub

Best Scent body scrub

Are you not a morning person? You don’t have to be a morning person? You don’t have to worry! Are you not a fan of ginger lemon? You can also get the scrub in other delicious scents like strawberry coconut, honey almond, and pomegranate mango.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser

First Aid Beauty’s scrub is formulated with keratosis Pilaris in mind. It uses both chemical (lactic and glycolic acids) exfoliants to reduce the appearance of bumps on the legs and arms. Bisabolol, which is a soothing agent derived from chamomile, has been added to the formula.

Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator

Best Overall

This scrub is hands down one of our favorite scrubs. It’s our favorite for its scrubby texture, but not too abrasive. The combination of pumice and bamboo charcoal mechanically exfoliates, but there are also glycolic and lactic acids to increase the exfoliating effects.

It is available in sandalwood and eucalyptus fragrances, but the fragrance-free version is great for sensitive skin. The packaging is chic and minimalistic, and all three scents are sophisticated.

Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash

Kosas is a makeup brand that has an excellent line of body care products. They have a 2-in-1 exfoliating scrub for busy people who need to shower quickly.

This product is great for those who exercise and sweat a lot. It has AHAs such as glycolic acid and fruit enzymes, which work to unclog pores. Allantoin is another important ingredient. It’s a non-irritating moisturizing agent, which makes it an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin.

OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub – Best Multi-Tasker

This sugar-based scrub can be used to remove dead skin and product buildup from your scalp. FYI, your scalp requires just as much care as your skin. Regular scalp exfoliation can help keep your hair strong and healthy. The delightful rose-musk fragrance and the foaming effect make for an enjoyable exfoliating experience. To (literally) seal the deal, Ouai’s sugar scrub is formulated with coconut oil, a humectant that holds moisture in.

M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub – Best Salt Scrub

Salt is the most popular exfoliating ingredient and one of the oldest. Jaliman loves it: “It is great at removing skin dead but also helps remove bacteria,” she said. It’s also a favorite of Amazon customers, who rave about its ability to exfoliate without drying out their skin. We appreciate the inclusion of moisturizing oils as well as aloe vera in the base to hydrate, as salt can dry.

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Fenty Skin The Body Duo Mini Body Scrub + Moisturizer Essentials

This set by Fenty Skin is a perfect choice if you want soft, smooth, and hydrated skin. This bundle contains mini versions of RiRi’s most beloved body products, the Buffryder Exfoliating Body Scrub as well as the Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream.

The scrub, which is tropically scented, gently exfoliates the skin using sugar, salt, and fine sand. A blend of oils deep nourishes and softens the skin. Apply the body cream after you have dried off to further moisturize with butter, oils, and extracts from tropical islands.

Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic Renewing Scrub

Best for Keratosis Pilaris

How to deal with keratosis pilaris (AKA KP) Unfortunately, there is no treatment. The good news is that this formula can be used to exfoliate regularly. It can be used as both a chemical peel and a mechanical exfoliant. The physical scrub is done by biodegradable bamboo polishers, while the glycolic and lactic acids do the rest.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish

This body polish, which does not contain any exfoliants, is a great alternative to Kiehl’s Creme de Corps body lotion. It is packed with sweet almond oil, shea butter, honey, and honey to prevent skin drying after exfoliation.

African Botanics Café Noir Body Exfoliant

Best Dual Exfoliant

You have two options when it comes to exfoliating. Physical or mechanical exfoliation involves the use of some kind of particle (sugars, salts, seeds) to remove dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation uses different acids to dissolve dead skin cells. This is all personal preference.

However, if you are looking to make your skin smooth and silky, a combination of both these methods may be the best option. This formula is a good example. This blend includes coffee beans as well as crushed Marula nutshell powder. It also contains a mix of alpha-, beta-, and hydroxy acids to ensure you get the best of both.

What Should You Look For In A Body Scrub?

What Should You Look For In A Body Scrub?

Body scrubs can be very individual. What works for one person may not work for the next. Dr. Elbuluk says that exfoliants with salicylic acid are key for people with acne. AHAs such as glycolic and lactic acids can be used to treat keratosis pilaris. People with combination or oily skin should use physical exfoliants that feel rough and rough, rather than smooth and creamy. They won’t dry too quickly.

Gentle chemical exfoliants that contain PHAs (polyhydroxy acid) are best for sensitive skin types. All skin types can benefit from Niacinamide (vitaminB3), but it is especially effective for the skin that is sensitive. The skin is soothed by the addition of chamomile extract and colloidal oatmeal.

Important note: All exfoliants should contain an emollient, which is a moisturizing agent such as shea butter, and a moisturizer (an ingredient that locks in moisture, such as coconut oils). The best body scrubs should make your skin silky smooth as well as create a relaxing environment in the shower. Who wouldn’t want to take a few extra minutes for self-care?

Body Scrub Benefits

A scrub can be a great addition to your skincare routine. It removes dead skin cells and dirt from the skin, making it smoother and more supple. It draws out impurities, clears congestion, and removes dryness. Regular use of a scrub promotes circulation.

It encourages blood flow, removes toxins, and improves cell turnover. This will give you a radiant glow. It also prevents ingrown hairs and reduces razor bumps. It also feels great, which can make you feel rejuvenated and renewed.

If you want to make your own body scrub, check out our post guide: How To Make Body Scrub?

Salt Or Sugar

Salt Or Sugar body srcub

The most popular exfoliating ingredients in scrubs are sugar and salt. Both exfoliate dry and dead skin in the same way, but each has its own benefits for your skin.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar is the best choice if you want a gentler scrub. Sugar granules have a more gentle texture and are therefore better suited for sensitive skin. Sugar can also be a natural source of glycolic acid, which can accelerate rehydration.

Sugars made from unrefined cane sugars are rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. However, because it is coarser than refined sugars, it should not be applied to the body. Sugar is better than salt if you have skin irritations.

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Salt Scrub

Salt granules are more angular than sweet ones, making them ideal for difficult areas like your feet and elbows. Salt has detoxifying properties that can draw out impurities, toxic substances, and congestion. Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe sore muscles and inflammation. It can irritate sensitive skin more and may sting if there are any existing wounds or abrasions.

Salt & Sugar Scrub

Some brands offer formulas that combine sugar and salt for those who can’t choose between the two. This way you can get the benefits both of detoxification, rehydration, and invigorating, stimulating exfoliation. You will feel fresh, vibrant, and rejuvenated.

How To Use A Body Scrub

How To Use A Body Scrub

All skin types can use body scrubs. However, if your open wound is still healing, you will need to wait for it to heal before you start using them. Inadequate exfoliation can also cause redness, irritation, and scratching.

How do you apply scrub? Exfoliating your body is easy and quick.

After you have rinsed your body with warm, soapy water, take a small amount and rub it on your skin for about 30 seconds.

You can now rinse the scrub off with warm water and pat your skin dry using a towel.

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What Happens If You Exfoliate Too Much?

Green, who founded the MGSkinLabs skincare line, says that too much exfoliation or too harsh scrubbing can cause the skin to lose its protective barrier and strip skin of natural oils that provide hydration.

When your skin turns red, inflamed, or dry, you know that you have over-scrubbed. Hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, or infection are other signs.

Don’t worry if you scrubbed your skin too hard. There are easy ways to fix these inadvertent skin problems. Green suggests that you stop using scrubs until your skin heals. When you are ready to return to exfoliating, Green suggests that you start slowly and increase frequency. If your skin is irritated, decrease frequency.


Is It Okay To Scrub The Body Every Day?

You should not use a body scrub every day. Exfoliating too often can cause the skin to become dry, sensitive, and irritated. You can exfoliate your skin up to three times per week. You may only need to exfoliate once per week if your skin is sensitive or dry.

What Happens If You Don’t Scrub Your Body?

These lifeless cells can also cause a lot of problems: They can clog pores or create calluses. These cells can cause hair loss, skin breakouts, and grimy feet. It is important to get rid of them on all parts of your body.

Do You Use Body Scrub Before Or After Soap?

Before applying the body scrub, you should use soap, body gel, or body wash. So your skin is ready for the scrub to work its magic.

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Which Scrub Is Better: Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub?

Sugar won’t dry the skin so it’s a great option for those with naturally dry skin. These scrubs are sharper than sugar because salt has sharper edges. Salt might be a better choice than sugar if your skin needs to be smoothed.

Can I Use Body Scrub Instead of Body Wash?

The body Scrub is designed for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, dry, rough skin, and damaged skin. … If you don’t have any body wash or scrub, you can still scrub. Combining both products may not yield the best results.

How Much Does A Body Scrub Cost?

Typical costs: Typical fees at a spa range from $70-$90 for a 45- to 60-minute session. Hotels and resorts charge between $130-and $160.


If you are looking for the best body scrub, you should consider trying one of the many options available. There are many different types of scrubs to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. We hope that this article can help you easily make your own decision to get the most suitable product for your skin. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are glad to hear from you.

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