If you have long hair, you know the struggles of finding a style that works. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out resTorbio‘s list of the best haircuts for long hair. From beachy waves to sleek and straight, we’ve got a style for everyone.

Top 23 Best Haircuts For Long Hair

1. Front Layers

Front Layers

The best style for long hair is the front layer. This is also the easiest to style.

This gives your hair a more layered look. Long and fine hair will look best when it is just front-layered. They are easy to manage and look great on any face shape. If your face is square, you can start your layers around your cheekbones.

However, if you have a heart-shaped or oval face, layers should be around your chin. You can completely change the look with a long, layered haircut for your long hair.

2. Long Angles

Long Angles

It is possible to have long hair. They don’t need to look perfect. This long-angled hairstyle is great for long hair. Your long strands begin at your chest, and then go down to your longer sections. This cut looks great on all faces, but it only works for the front.

3. U-Cut with Swoopy Layers

U-Cut With Swoopy Layers

Long U-cuts is a popular choice for long hair. A blunt U-cut is better for thicker hair. This stunning haircut allows you to achieve long, silky locks. The shorter layers can be cut gracefully to increase hair texture and body.

You can make a black-brown look with long hair. Your U-shaped hair can be layered with both long and short layers to give it a complete look.

4. Strenuous Curls

Tight Curls

You can curl your long hair in curls, or blend them with rounded layers. It works well on all faces. Your curls will look great with a dry cut, but you need to keep the layers longer. This means that they should start below your chin.

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This gives your curls more dimension and makes them appear thicker and fuller. Don’t be afraid to try it.

5. Bold Bangs

Bold Bangs

You can have long hair if you love it and aren’t willing to compromise on the length. Trim your triangular hair so the front of your head doesn’t get wavy or floppy past your temples. You can prevent blunt ends by making a few cuts at the fringe.

6. Clipped ends

Clipped Ends

This trendy long haircut won’t cut too much of your hair. This is the one for you if you don’t like the idea of layers. Your hair should be gently trimmed at the ends. It needs to be trimmed in a gentle manner so that the ends don’t look too snazzy. It is suitable for all faces.

7. All-Over Round Layers

All-Over Round Layers

Do you want a hairstyle that doesn’t require much effort? The long layers are easy to wash and can be used again and again. You can trim the slant layers by turning them around at the ends. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

You will only need to trim the ends of the hair randomly at the bottom. Once you have your hair cut, wash it and let it air dry. This hairstyle is great for all face shapes.

8. Subtle Strands

Subtle Strands

Long hair can be styled smartly by slicing the ends very gently, starting at the chest. A long, straight hairstyle that has blunt ends can be boring and too heavy for very long hair. It will look great on long, straight hair. The fine layers blend in gently and make your hair look more manageable.

9. Long hair can have long side bangs

Long hair can have long side bangs

Another haircut that doesn’t require you to cut your hair at the bottom is this one. If you tie your hair up, you will get short bangs that frame the face. You can also get longer side bangs if you leave them open. Both ways will give you beautifully styled, soft and smooth bangs that run down your cheekbones.

10. Tapered Ends

Tapered Ends

Tapered ends are the best option for natural long spirals. You can have layers of long layers that are narrower if you have naturally long spirals. You can get a sleek, elegant look with horizontal layers that start at the collarbone in the back and are no longer in the front.

11. Choppy Layered hairstyle

Choppy Layered hairstyle

Women with long hair are not the only ones who can be admired for their thick layers. You can easily cut your hair with wavy strands to create this haircut that suits all faces. Long layered hair looks great with shorter layers. These can be highlighted to make them even more glamorous.

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12. Two-Layer Haircut

Two-Layer Haircut

You don’t have to worry about styling your hair if you don’t want multiple layers. Two-tiered hairstyles are best. Although it may sound old-fashioned and traditional, it looks great on all faces. It makes long, curly, or heavy hair easy to manage without adding too much volume.

13. V-Cut Layers

V-Cut Layers

This is the opposite of a two-layered cut. This one gives your hair a volume boost, even though it isn’t as volumizing as the two-layered cut. The process involves cutting the top layers to create a v-shaped layer at the back of the head. You will get multiple layers of finely trimmed layers that create a V-shape.

14. Layers of Balanced and Gradual Layers

Layers of Balanced and Gradual Layers

The face-framing layers should have a length that is close to the other layers. This means that the layers don’t differ much. This makes your hair look subtle and delicate. The cheekbones are the first layer, and they are gradually separated in balance. This style is not recommended for fine hair as it may appear more feathered at the ends.

15. Layered hairstyle with arched bangs

Layered hairstyle with arched bangs

This enchanting haircut is not just about layers that are beautifully trimmed but also include arched bangs. These arched bangs would be perfect for a square-shaped face. This haircut is also great for oval-shaped faces.

16. Boho Bangs

Boho Bangs

How to style bangs like Dakota Johnson‘s is easy. Blot them as soon as possible after you get out of the shower. Style them with a smaller round brush

17. Super Long and Wavy

Super Long and Wavy

Olivia Rodrigo‘s super-long hair is a head-turner. Wilson states, “For long hair, I like a natural, loose, thick hairstyle, as well as beach waves.” This look is versatile and can be used with both straight and curly hair. To highlight contrast textures, you can slick your sides with a strong-hold gel like Rodrigo.

18. Glamorous Bedhead

Glamorous Bedhead

Shay Mitchell’s stunning bedhead is most likely due to a great salt spray and her own unique texture. Spritz Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist Spray ($31), all over your hair. Next, curl your locks with a 1-inch wand. Then, rake your hands through your curls to create the look. Long layers will give this style body and movement, so ask your stylist.

19. ’80s-Inspired


Winnie Harlow supports the return of ’80s hairstyles, though a toned-down version. Thinning shears can be used to reduce the thickness of thick hair so it doesn’t look dense. A crimping iron or volumizing mousse is a must-have for styling. You can finish the look with a side flip that creates volume and shaped baby locks.

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20. Feathered Ends & Angles

Feathered Ends & Angles

For thicker hair, you might choose to have your ends trimmed. A thick mane will have an angle that starts at the chin.

21. Curly Shag with Curtain Bangs

Curly Shag with Curtain Bangs

Natasha Leone is a master of long hair, with her fiery red color combined with curly bangs. This multi-layered cut is enriched with natural curls and waves. Modern shags are less structured than their 1970s counterparts and have a more soft aesthetic.

22. Coarse hair – Long layers

Coarse hair - Long layers 

Layers can be achieved with layers by a good hairdresser. To add volume and movement to your long, thick layers of hair, curl the ends. Your hair will appear light and dynamic.

23. Brown U-Cut with Flipped Up Layers

Brown U-Cut with Flipped Up Layers 

This is a very classy and romantic haircut for those who love long, layered hairstyles. The U-cut will add density and thickness to your hair while the gorgeous chocolate brown color will make everybody’s mouth water.


If you have long hair, you know the struggle of finding a hairstyle that looks good and is easy to maintain. You want a style that will complement your features and show off your long locks, but you don’t want to spend hours styling your hair every day.

Luckily, there are a few haircuts that are perfect for long hair. From sleek and straight to bouncy and curly, these styles will make your long hair look its best. Hope you enjoy our post.

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