Best Massage Table 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Massage Table 2022
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You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking for the Best Massage Table for your business or home. This guide will help you narrow down the top massage tables.

Masseuses and massage therapists use massage tables to position customers for massage. The tables are designed with the customer and therapist’s comfort in mind. The tables can also be used in beauty, spa, reiki, and physiotherapy settings. You should consider the purpose of the table you are purchasing.

resTORbio will now give you some tips on choosing the best table for your needs.

Top Rated Best Massage Table Brands

Top Rated Best Massage Table Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
Yaheetech Massage Tables...
Yaheetech Massage Tables...
$109.99 −$45.00 $64.99
SaleBestseller No. 6
Massage Table Portable Massage...
Massage Table Portable Massage...
$110.99 −$26.00 $84.99

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

EARTHLITE is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of massage equipment. The brand is based in California and offers various massage tables with innovative features that fit all budgets. EARTHLITE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly operations is one of its best assets.

EARTHLITE has a zero carbon footprint. The Harmony DX model, which is versatile and all-in-one, features an adjustable face cradle with a maple frame, a sturdy nylon frame, and a nylon carry bag.

The tables are designed to provide comfort. The table has a patent-pending adjustable face cradle that is made from a Cloudfill poly gel blend. The face cradle is adjustable to offer superior comfort and relaxation. The table’s body is hand-upholstered with soft, durable Natursoft cushioning.

EARTHLITE understands the importance of mobility and flexibility in running a massage business or moving from one place to another. Harmony DX portable massage tables are easy to assemble, transport and pack, so you can massage wherever you go.

Safety is also a crucial role. All therapists want to make sure their clients are safe and secure. The table has solid, non-slip feet and secure-grip fastenings.

This portable table is a great choice for anyone looking for a sturdy, high-quality table that they can use every day. The table is easy to assemble, fold away, and transport with minimal effort. It also offers greater comfort than some of the more expensive models.


  • Leading brand
  • Stable and strong frame
  • Adjustable face cradle
  • It is portable and easy to assemble.
  • Three-year warranty for foam and upholstery: Lifetime warranty applies to the frame


  • Price: This table might be too expensive for some buyers
EARTHLITE Portable Massage...
1,534 Reviews

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table has a sturdy hardwood frame and an adjustable, strong face cradle.

It weighs in at a maximum of 500lbs and measures 23.6 inches. The majority of your clients can use this table.

High-density foam is used for the pad covering to provide greater comfort and durability. The pad covers can be removed to make installation easier.

For installation, you don’t require any tools. You need to unfold the table in the middle so that the legs fall into place. It is portable and a great choice for mobile therapists. It can be folded easily for easy transport.

You can adjust your height from 22.8 inches up to 33.5 inches, depending on how tall you are.

You can order spare parts from the manufacturer if you have any questions. Although they will provide the parts at no cost, you might have to wait to receive them.


  • It doesn’t require tools to be installed.
  • To make cleaning easier, it comes with an oil-proof and waterproof cover.
  • Transport and storage are simple.


  • The sheets and bolsters must be purchased separately.
  • The padding is very narrow.
  • The headpiece isn’t strong enough.

BestMassage Massage Table

The BestMassage portable massage tables are a great buy for students, massage therapists, and home users. The table is made from high-quality beech hardwood. It also includes useful accessories like a fitted cotton sheet and an oil pouch. It is made of extra-soft PVC leather and requires very little maintenance.


  • For a soft, comfortable, and soft experience, sponges are two inches thick.
  • It is easy to set up and takedown by simply opening and unfolding from the middle of the bed.
  • Strong hardwood frame structure
  • Adjusting the knobs can easily change the height from 24in to33in
  • Foots with height-adjustable knobs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Case with adjustable shoulder straps


  • The table may seem a bit wobbly.
  • It is possible that the armrest does not attach strongly.
  • It is possible for the cover to come off easily.

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest

Saloniture’s Professional portable tables come with a backrest, a variety of impressive features, and a price tag of only $135.

The table can support up to 450 pounds. It has a hardwood frame reinforced with tension knobs and steel support cables. The comfort box can also be ticked by ultra-thick, high-density foam cushioning.

This table’s versatility is one of its best features. You can make sure that your client is comfortable with adjustable armrests and headrests.

This Saloniture table is a great value for money and will suit any home or business. This table is a great value at less than $135. It offers both style and substance and a variety of customizable extras that provide superior comfort. This table is easy to transport and assemble and makes a great choice for both professionals and amateurs who are constantly on the go.


  • Great value for money
  • Armrests and headrests adjustable
  • Backrest
  • Stability: Solid hardwood frame
  • Quick setup


  • Some customers have complained about the product’s durability and suggested that more expensive models last longer.
Saloniture Professional...
1,942 Reviews

SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table

SierraComfort’s basic portable massage table features a beech hardwood frame with high-density foam measuring two inches. This makes it ideal for basic massage therapy needs.


  • Double support wires and threaded support bars offer stability to the frame.
  • Height adjustable from 25.5in up to 33.5in
  • The table can be folded in the middle.
  • Transportable and easy to use
  • For assembly, no tools are needed.
  • Durable, oil and water-resistant PU leather
  • Maximum weight support: 450 lb


  • Accessories not included
  • It may be difficult for latches to be released.

Master Massage 30″ Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table Package

This product weighs in at 34 lbs. It also comes with a two-pocket carry case with a shoulder strap and a sturdy carrying case. The table can hold up to 750lbs and is made of aircraft-grade steel support cables.

It is a great choice for larger clients because it measures 30 inches wide by 84 inches long and has an adjustable height from 24″ to 34″. The table is supported by an automatic-lock leg system and a duo plane hinge. This table has received rave reviews from customers. Clevis Block leg attachments and Quik-Set knobs may explain this.

We have named Master Massage one of the top-selling massage tables due to its quality and comfort. The Master is CFC-free and oil- and water-resistant, thanks to the PU leather upholstery. It is cushioned with multilayer, small-cell foam that is 3 inches thick and can create a denser cushion than standard foam.


  • Contoured armrest shelf
  • ErgonomicDream face-cradle
  • Face pillow by ErgonomicDream
  • 2-year warranty
  • Reinforced backing
  • Wood is free of formaldehyde, carcinogens, and other harmful substances.
  • 3″ small cell foam cushioning


  • There are no bolsters or massage sheets included
  • A massage table cart is recommended by some reviewers to be carried around.
  • No Reiki panels

Dr Lomilomi All-Inclusive Lite-Weight Professional Hardwood Portable Massage Table Bed

This portable table is 32 lbs and will please both beginners and experts. You will find many accessories, such as an adjustable headrest, hanging arm sling and sidearm extensions, oval facial plug, carry case, and a 100% cotton washable cover sheets set.

The table’s shiatsu release cables allow for the table’s legs to be folded under, allowing bodywork to be placed on the floor. With its red beech hardwood frame and reinforced plywood deck, it can hold up to 550lbs. This reliable option is covered in flame-resistant PU leather and 2 inches thick cushioning.

This table comes with a lifetime warranty and has received 5 and 4-star reviews from customers! We have named Dr. Lomilomi one of the top massage table brands.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Shiatsu Release Cables
  • Adjustable headrest with face pillow
  • Hanging arm sling
  • Sidearm wing extensions
  • Oval face plug
  • Set of washable covers
  • Limited Warranty for Life


  • Only 28 inches wide
  • No Reiki end panels
  • Only 2 inches thick cushioning
DR.LOMILOMI Lite-Weight...
120 Reviews

Inner Strength Portable Massage Table Package

We have named it the best massage table brand in 2022 based on customer feedback and extensive research. The table is extremely sturdy, as it can hold up to 600lbs. It also passed a 400lb drop testing.

It is built with aircraft-grade cables and the patented cradle locking cabling system so that you can trust it for long-term usage. You get a 5-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on cushioning and upholstery.

This table weighs 33lbs, making it easy to transport. The PU leather upholstery is covered with a 3″ thick, CFC-free triple-layer pro-plush cushioning system. It measures 30″ x 72″ and has a height range of 23″ – 33″.

This table is the best-selling massage table brand in 2022, thanks to its exceptional customer reviews and weight capacity. Although the manufacturer lists it with shiatsu release cable, customers have stated that it doesn’t have this feature. An adjustable headrest and cushion are included.


  • Reiki endplates
  • 5-year warranty for the frame and one year for upholstery
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Table full-size
  • Three inches of a triple-layer, CFC-free, pro-plush cushioning system


  • Customers report that they need a cart for transporting their massage tables.
  • Medium price point

MaxKare Folding Massage Table

The MaxKare massage table is a great choice for both home and professional users. The headset measures approximately 84in x 28in, and the table height can be adjusted from 24in up to 35.


  • Included are a headrest, armrest, and arm sling.
  • You can fold your bed and carry it in a bag.
  • For a better experience, an adjustable face bracket
  • All massage treatments can be done on a large and broad frame.
  • It is easy to store and requires minimal storage space.
  • Soft on the skin, high-quality PU leather
  • Maximum weight of 496lb


  • It is heavier than anticipated.
  • Legs and support bars might not be strong enough.

Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed

Yaheetech’s wooden massage table is a 3-fold massage bed. It can help you to sleep better, lower stress levels, and lift your mood. The aluminum alloy and beech wood are used in the construction. It has a soft, durable PVC leather cover. It can be used for home massage, spa, acupuncture, beauty salon, and many other uses.


  • It is easy to assemble: open the case, let the legs come out, and adjust the height.
  • If not required, the adjustable headrest, hand pallet, and armrest can be removed.
  • The height of the table can also be adjusted to eight different heights.
  • Headrest lock mechanism with quick-fix
  • It folds and can be carried with double handles and chrome class.
  • The maximum weight is 551.2 lb.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.


  • It might wobble.
Yaheetech Massage Tables...
2,937 Reviews

Giantex Massage Table Portable SPA Bed

The Giantex table is perfect for therapists, students, and home users. The table is precision-crafted from higher-quality hardwood. It also features a thick, high-density cushion that provides a relaxing massage experience.


  • PVC leather covers are oil-resistant, waterproof, and high-quality.
  • The case that is easy to carry
  • Widened metal hinges can withstand weights up to 550 lbs.
  • As per the user’s preference, adjustable and flexible headrests are available
  • Foam padding provides support for the entire body under even pressure.
  • Hard, durable, and slip-resistant, the foot of beechwood are strong.


  • Support for the head may not be strong enough.
  • Some people may find it difficult to assemble.

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How to Choose the Best Massage Table?

How to Choose the Best Massage Table

The majority of massage tables on the market are not well-designed. Market research shows that only 4 to 5 of the 100 massage tables are of the best quality.

This means that users without prior experience are likely to have a difficult time finding the best massage table.

Only experts can choose the best features-oriented massage tables to maximize the benefits of massage.

These are some tips from our experts to help you make the right decision before you buy massage tables. Have a look.

Strong Frame Construction: A strong frame is essential for a massage table to be effective. Quality materials such as aluminum should be used for construction. However, strong materials like steel are best for building a massage table.

Comfortable Padding: Another important aspect of a high-quality table is padding. You will find that foam padding provides the greatest comfort for massage.

Height Adjustability: It is important to adjust the height of the table and the massager. The massager will feel uncomfortable if the table is not the same height as the massager. The knobs on the table can be used to adjust the height.

Arm and Headrest: A table should have an armrest and a headrest. Massage takers will feel at ease with these features attached to the table.

Portable: The lightweight, portable massage table is easy to transport. This type of table is easy to transport in a carry case. The weight of the portable table ranges from 29 to 35 pounds.

Massage pressure capacity: Massage tables work well when they can take high massage pressure. The best massage tables can handle pressures up to 500 lbs.

Durable Covering: A table cover should be made of PU leather, which is high quality and free from bad smells. It is also oil and water-resistant.

FAQs About Massage Table

FAQs About Massage Table

What Weight Can A Massage Table Support?

The weight capacity of folding massage tables is usually lower than that of stationary ones. They can hold up to 400 lbs. However, the portable models can hold up to 600 lbs. This is comparable to a stationary massage table or an electrically operated one.

Although portable massage tables with a lower weight are easier to transport, they are generally not as sturdy. When determining build quality, weight capacity is a key factor.

What Is The Ideal Width of A Massage Table For You?

Most standard massage tables measure around 23 inches in width. Some are 28 inches, 30 inches, or 32 inches wider. Although it may seem that a larger table is better, this is not always true for massage therapists.

If you’re not tall, a wider table will be more difficult to reach. Additionally, it will strain your lower back muscles if you’re working in a slouchy position every day.

A wider table is better for taller people, while a narrower massage table might be the best option for smaller ones.

How Can You Use A Massage Table?

It is easy to use a massage table. Place the table wherever you feel it is most convenient. The massage table can be kept at home or in your office.

If you wish to have a massage on your neck, back, or waist, lie down on the table and keep your back up.

What Are Some Ways To Clean My Massage Table’s Surface?

It is important to wash the massage table as well as the sheets between clients. There are many cleaning products available, but it is important to check the table’s composition before buying one. You will find care instructions on most tables. Make sure that they do not refer to any products that may damage the vinyl or fabric.

What is The Difference In The Weight of A Massage Table’s Working and Static Weight?

The working weight of a table is the maximum weight it can support when spread evenly over a surface. Massage a client whose weight is greater than your table’s work weight should be avoided

The table’s static weight is the maximum weight it can support to determine its strength. Although manufacturers may limit the static weight to 2,000 pounds, this doesn’t mean that the table can hold a person weighing in at 2,000 pounds.

How Long Does A Table For A Massage Last?

The quality of the frame and construction materials will determine how long a massage table lasts. Hardwoods such as maple and birch can last for ten years. Models made from aluminum or softwood may only last a few years.


The best massage tables should be strong enough to support both the client and the therapist. Non-slip feet are also recommended to keep the table in place and protect the floor.

Many of the products reviewed here are excellent. We recommend the EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX which has a stable and strong frame with an Adjustable face cradle. This table is also easy to assemble, fold and transport with minimal effort.

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