Can I Put A Treadmill On Carpet 2022? Things Your Should Know

Can I Put A Treadmill On Carpet 2022? Things You Should Know

Many people often ask if “can I put a treadmill on carpet?” the short answer is yes. But it also requires a mat to reduce noise and damage to your house. If you do put your treadmill on the carpet, make sure to use a mat to protect your carpet from the treadmill’s moving parts.

Can I Put A Treadmill On Carpet?

can you put a treadmill on carpet

Yes. You can place a treadmill on a carpet. Although a carpet can protect the flooring and the treadmill, a treadmill mat is better.

Carpets can be used with treadmill mats to reduce vibrations and noises. It can protect your carpet and prevent damage to your treadmill, carpet, or floor.

When Not to Use a Treadmill on a Carpet

It is acceptable to place your treadmill on the floor. You may be tempted to put your treadmill on the carpet in certain situations. Take, for example:

  • If you don’t own a mat or are worried about creating vibrations on your floor when you run,
  • You are concerned about dust accumulation which could cause damage to the machine.
  • If you want to ensure that the machine has adequate airflow
  • If you plan to move the treadmill, you don’t want to cause damage to your carpet.

Although a treadmill is usually lighter than large furniture pieces, it can cause damage to the carpet.

Which is Better: Hardwood Floor or Carpet?

Which is Better: Hardwood Floor or Carpet?

A hardwood floor is better than a treadmill because it can support more weight. Even if your floor is carpeted, you can still mount a treadmill anywhere in the house.

Before choosing the floor, the location where you want to place the treadmill is the most important thing. Hardwood floors are better if you must choose.

The majority of treadmills are over 250 pounds. This is a significant amount of weight. Hardwood floors have an advantage because they are stronger.

A handy tip: Treadmill mats can be beneficial. No matter what type of flooring you have, a treadmill mat should be placed under your machine. When the treadmill is in use, it doesn’t stay stable. The treadmill’s constant sliding and gliding can cause scratches to your wooden flooring or carpet.

Use a mat regardless of what type of flooring you have. It will prevent your hardwood floors from being damaged.

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How to Use Your Carpet Treadmill Effectively

Before I go to work, I do my morning workouts. My neighbors complained about my treadmill’s vibrations when it was placed on their carpet. This is especially true if there’s no underlay beneath the carpet.

My problem was solved after I purchased a high-density treadmill rug. High-density mats are:

Absorb Vibrations and Noises

The treadmill vibrates when in use. If you live in an apartment, the noises can travel to other floors.

You can also place the treadmill on a higher floor of your home. The treadmill mats are made with high-density materials that absorb vibrations and reduce noise.

Carpet damage can be prevented by using a mat between your treadmill and your carpet to avoid dents and wear. Protect your carpet by placing a mat between the treadmill’s tread and the carpet.

Avoid Treadmill Damage By Using Carpets

Studies have shown that rugs can act as dust reservoirs. The carpet’s wear and tear can release dust and other particles onto moving treadmill parts. This could cause damage to the treadmill’s life span or make it less durable.

You Can Have Good Hygiene

Unlike carpets that are difficult to clean, treadmill mats can be easily removed and made with washable material. With soap and water, all the dirt, bacteria, and sweat particles can be kept under control. To wipe the mat, you can use a damp cloth.

How to Choose a Treadmill Mat

These are two crucial things to consider when choosing a mat for your treadmill or any other exercise equipment.

Treadmill Mat Size

There are many sizes of mats. When buying a mat, consider how big your equipment is. To allow for space for your treadmill and the constant steps you take when exercising, it’s a good idea to get a larger mat.

Mat Quality

A mat must be durable enough to withstand the machine’s weight and protect the carpet from damage. The mat should dampen vibrations and noises that the machine makes while being used.

Our Top 3 Treadmill mats

treadmill mats for carpet

It is easy to choose the right treadmill mat. The best way to select the correct size treadmill mat is by knowing the dimensions of your treadmill. Here are my top three favorite treadmill mats.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat- Best For Hard Surfaces

This mat will protect your floor and machine from any damage. This mat is made from heavy-density PVC foam, which reduces vibrations and pressure on the floor.

Sunny Health & Fitness‘s Exercise Mat is non-slip and water-resistant. It is also easy to clean. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, so that you can choose the best fit for your treadmill.


  • Affordable
  • Made from high-density materials
  • Non-slip material
  • Waterproof
  • It is easy to clean
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  • Extra thin

2. MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat for Under Treadmill – Best for Carpets

Its textured top surface helps keep your machine stable, making it comfortable and easy to use. MotionTex Exercise Mat can also protect your flooring and prevent damage to your treadmill.


  • The mat can be easily rolled up.
  • Available in six sizes
  • Waterproof
  • It is easy to clean


  • The mat is too thin and might not dampen vibrations or noise well.

3. Amazon Basics High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat – Best for Concrete floors

Amazon Basics High-Density Treadmill Mat and Exercise Equipment create an excellent environment for a workout. There are three sizes to choose from. It also helps keep dust out of the machine, prolonging its life.

It offers excellent cushioning, making the treadmill sturdy and comfortable for workouts.

You should also ensure that you have the right gear to make sure you are comfortable while running on the treadmill.


  • Dick enough to absorb vibrations
  • Durable and soft material
  • Great for step-aerobics
  • It is easy to clean
  • Stability offered


  • It is soft and thin
  • You may reap the benefits if you don’t take care when placing your treadmill.

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Where Should Treadmill Be Placed in My House?

You have many options for mounting a treadmill in your home. Be creative to maximize the space available in your apartment.

Let’s look at the different places to place a treadmill inside your apartment.

1. One Spare Bedroom/Office

Consider mounting your treadmill in a spare bedroom if you don’t think anyone would use it.

Make sure the room is well ventilated. Ventilation is essential to avoid overheating and prolonging the life of your machine.

You can transform an empty office space into a gym by having it professionally cleaned. Install your machine in your spare area to kick-start your exercise sessions.

2. Living Room

A treadmill can be placed in a living room that is large enough. Foldable treadmills are a better choice. This treadmill can be stored neatly without your children tampering.

The treadmill can be folded and placed under your decor or furniture. If you want to be proud, place the folded treadmill next to a decorative item so guests can see it.

3. Garage

Your treadmill can be stored in the garage. Make sure your garage is clean and spacious. It’s smart to place your exercise machine in your garage if your children don’t use it as often.

Garages are often well-ventilated, so placing your treadmill is a smart option. Ventilation will ensure that your treadmill doesn’t heat up. Your workouts will be more enjoyable if you feel cool before and after your workout.

A garage is also an excellent location for a treadmill. You won’t have to use the treadmill in your living room or bedroom if others are using it. The machine’s noise can wake your neighbors and family members. You don’t want this.

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If the treadmill is kept in the garage, the noise will not be an issue. You need to make time for exercise every day.

4. Bedroom

You can put your treadmill in your bedroom. Place your mattress on one side and your treadmill on the opposite side.

5. Basement

Another great place to put a treadmill in the basement. You can stretch your bones, run on them, or lift weights.

The basement offers privacy, which is why it is an ideal place to mount a treadmill. However, other household members may be able to stop by to look at you. They will.

One tip: Make sure to think about the space and ventilation where you place your treadmill. You should consider a better place to mount your treadmill if it blocks movement. You should leave enough space around the machine.

What Space Do You Need Around A Treadmill?

You can have a massive impact on your treadmill’s longevity and how motivated you are to use it. Clearance, which is the area around and above the treadmill, is one such.

How much space should your treadmill take up?

You should leave 6 feet between your treadmill and the ground. To make it easy to access your treadmill, ensure that there are 2 feet on each side.

You will feel more at ease and motivated to use the machine because there are 2 feet between the sides. The device is safe and allows you to run freely without worrying about getting hurt or running into walls or other obstacles.

To ensure adequate ventilation, leave 2 feet of space in front of your machine. When in use, treadmills dissipate heat.

You won’t experience overheating issues if there are 2 feet between the device and you. The machine would heat up as usual.

You should also consider how much clearance you require for your treadmill. Clearance is the vertical space between the ceiling and floor of a house. Clearance should be 8 feet for most treadmills and users.

Before you use your treadmill, make sure it has enough space. Your safety is assured by having the proper clearance. This will protect you from serious head injuries.

An important tip: If you are tall, try standing on the treadmill to check how close your head is to the ceiling. Move the treadmill to a more clearance location if your head feels like it might hit the ceiling.


If you have a small area of carpet in your home and want to put a treadmill on it, you can do so. You will need to use a treadmill mat to protect the carpet and prevent the treadmill from slipping.

Make sure to measure the size of your treadmill and the size of the space you have available before making your purchase. Thank you for reading.

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