Cryotex Massage Gun Review 2021 Is It For You

Cryotex Massage Gun Review 2022: Is It For You?

Many people go to the spa for a relaxing massage. When you get home, you can do it yourself with this Cryotex professional deep tissue massager. The handheld massage massager uses six different massage heads attachments that can be applied to your body to alleviate any muscle pain or stiffness and improve blood circulation in those areas.

In this Cryotex Massage Gun ReviewresTORbio will show you the details of this device. Let’s see, Should you invest in it?

You use it by turning on the percussion massager and then selecting the Head you want. It delivers vibrations to painful areas to relieve pain and soothe them at the same time.

You can also put one of these massage heads onto your hands as healthy massage therapy for yourself, which is good for your circulation and relax muscle group soreness.

It’s convenient as you can bring it anywhere you go and use it in the privacy of your own home. The six attachments included are a ball head, air cushion head, bullet head, forkhead, flat Head, and arc head.

Cryotex Massage Gun-Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager Review

  • Color: Carbon
  • Brand: Cryotex
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Package Dimensions: 13.27 x 9.61 x 4.49 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Speed settings: 20
  • Stroke Length 12mm
  • Noise: 40-55db
  • Battery life: 2600mah

Cryotex Massage Gun-Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager Review

Pros and cons


  • It has six different massage heads attachments that allow you to reach the point of pain or sore muscles.
  • It gets rid of stiffness and soreness fast, which allows you to get back to work more quickly.
  • It is very affordable
  • Hard carrying case included with purchase
  • Battery life lasts up to 6 hours
  • Easy to read LCD touch screen
  • Low noise motor
  • Compact size


  • It is expensive for some people who have many tight muscles.

Design and Features

The traditional tool shape is retained, but it has some unique features. They have the LCD on the top of the device instead of on the back or side of the device.

We are used to seeing many different devices; even the Amazon made in China ones. We guess that anyone can be other these days.

The LCD screen displays the speed information. The power and speed knobs are located just below the LCD screen.


Cryotex deep tissue massage gun delivers its message vibration with a good level of power. It does not feel weak, and the motor is never noisy or rattles when it performs. Cryotex deep tissue massage gun makes people consider it to be one of the handheld massage gun out there.

cryotex deep tissue massage gun Performance cryotex massage

The six different massage heads produce different Massage sensations. All are designed without having too many buttons to confuse you.

A handheld powerful muscle Massage Gun for Athletes helps restore the body faster, promotes muscle repair, promotes blood flow and relieves lactic acid.

The Therapist’s thumb pad is quite comfortable to grip and has a rubber cushion, making it soft for the skin.

It has three massage modes with different programs: default, slow and quick vibrations. The speed settings will be adjusted automatically or manually, according to your need.

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Long-Lasting Battery

This Cryotex massage gun has a high capacity rechargeable battery and will last for hours. The built-in 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows you to use this device continuously, which can relieve your aches and pains, or relieve lactic acid for sensitive muscles without needing to stop the massage. If it runs out of power, it’s ready again within 2 hours with a full charge.

The batteries can last up to 6 hours once charged. If you use the device under normal conditions, this is possible.


Six different massage head attachments allow you to reach the point of pain. They include an arc cushion head, built Head, forkhead, flatHead, arc head, and ball head.

You can massage your body in every area with any one of these six massage heads. Each has its shape and function for therapeutic massages.

cryotex massage gun how to use Attachments cryotex massage

Ball Head: This Head helps in relieving neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and muscle groups discomfort. It will give a good massage to the targeted area with its design.

Arc Cushion Head: also has an arc cushion on one side, which feels great when applied over the body. By using this feature, you can reduce any swelling that leads to aches and pains in any area of the body.

Arc Cushion Head is designed for massaging the back of your legs, which are hard to reach with other heads. It works great when you want to relax after a long day at work.

Bullethead: is designed for deep kneading and works excellent on the back, shoulders, or legs.

Fork Head: This Head has two prongs designed to reach any place of your body, thus making it easier to give a massage anytime you want.

Flat Head: it will help you in relaxing quickly after long hours working at the office. If you are tired stiff, this Head will help you to relax.


It has amplitudes of 12mm. This is a common feature in feature devices. This can be used with enough force and 12mm amplitude. It is often sufficient to run or for occasional gym-goers.

Many of these devices have much shorter amplitudes. Recently, we looked at the Naipo high-end massage guns, which had a disappointing 10mm amplitude. These are vibrational therapies at their best.

Common among trusted guns such as Hypervolt gun, Lifepro gun, and Ekrin (B37/S), 12mm is also a standard length. We have found that not everyone requires the 16mm amplitude in Achedaway Pro and Theragun.

Stall Force

The amount of pressure required to stop a massage gun’s motor from spinning is called the stall force. When the device is pressed against the skin, it causes stall force.

The Cryotex massage can withstand more pressure so that it can generate more percussion. To achieve the best results, however, you will need to have a long amplitude.

Cryotex percussion masseuses weight 40lbs. Stall force (described as 45lbs. But it felt more like 40lbs. This shocked us.

This is a new feature that we are not used to seeing in massage guns. Even if they have only 30lbs, the cheaper ones work well for the stall force 40 lbs.

This is enough to give you deep percussive massaging. Although you won’t get to the bone with this massage, it will be a pleasant experience.

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This combination of 12mm amplitude and stall force will work flawlessly. Theragun Elite, Theragun’s mid-range device, had similar weights at 40lbs. stall force. With its 30lbs, the Theragun Prime gun entry-level doesn’t even come close to it.

The percussion massager is easy to use, but not everyone knows. If you are a beginner, let’s check out our guide:

Easy to Use

We put some videos up so people who have not used one before can see how easy this is to use and how well it works; it just takes a few minutes to get the message results you want.

how to use cryotex massage gun Quiet Motor

Quiet Motor

The motor is quiet when performing at standard speed levels. You will not hear any noise from the engine that can interrupt your work or sleep. It comes with Brushless motors that have a decibel range of 30-50dB.


Its price makes it affordable for most people today, but some cheap knock-offs are too good to be true. This Cryotex massage gun is the only one with a great price tag and real value.

Who are They For?

These Cryotex massage guns have been reviewed by experts and customers, who agree it is one of the best in their class. It works well for various health issues such as arthritic pain, back pain, muscle tension, and other muscle groups.

This Cryotex massage can includes if you often suffer from stress or have related to carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, or tendonitis.

This massager has helped many people with their aches and pains muscle groups without needing the help of someone else.

Cryotex Massage Gun Comparison

Cryotex Massage Gun Comparison

Feature Cryotex (A) Cryotex (B) Cryotex (C)
Cryotex Cryotex massage gunn Cryotex
Stall Force ~40 lbs. ~40 lbs. ~40 lbs.
Stroke Length 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Max. Percussions 3200 rpm 3200 rpm 3200 rpm
Speeds 4 20 4 + 4 dynamic modes
Attachments 6 6 6
Noise 40-55 dB 40-55 dB 40-55 dB
Battery 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Time on Battery life 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 4-6 hours


These best massage guns may look similar in many ways, but they are not identical. You can tell the difference when you look at them.

Cryotex A has things a little more simplified. We’ll call it perfect simplified. It is an actual percussion masseur, as it doesn’t indulge in fanciness.

It is a dark, almost black Hypervolt Go. It also has speed-changing and power buttons.

The simple led battery indicator located around the button indicates speed (top) and battery level below the button.

Cryotex B, for instance, is somewhat unconventional in terms of design.

The traditional power tool shape is retained, but it has some unique features. They have the LCD screen on the top of the device instead of on the back or side of the device.

We are used to seeing many different devices; even the Amazon made in China ones. We guess that anyone can be different these days.

The LCD screen displays the speed information. The power and speed buttons are located just below the LCD screen. Speed buttons are marked with – and +.

Cryotex C, the gadget for techies. The extras are necessary, but we find them unnecessary. It might be the reason it is slightly more expensive.

It is very similar in design and shape to Cryotex cordless massager B. It doesn’t have a screen at the top, but it does have one at the back. The touch controls are on the screen.

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An LCD screen is located at the base of the long handle and indicates the battery percentage.


We also noticed that performance stats across all devices were very similar. Let’s take a look at them.

Amplitude (Stroke Length)

This is the distance the massager’s head moves back and forth while the device revs. You hear the percussions. We take pride very seriously. You can’t be too careful when looking at Amazon massage guns. They don’t have enough power.

Cryotex massage guns all have 12mm amplitudes. This is a common feature in introductory devices. This can be used with enough stall force and 12mm amplitude. It is often sufficient to run or for gym-goers.

Many of these massage guns have much shorter amplitudes. Recently, we looked at the Naipo massage guns, which had a disappointing 10mm amplitude. This is vibrational therapy at its best.


Again, the percussion range for all devices is 2000-3200 rpm. This gives you a good intensity that can be used in conjunction with the 12mm amplitude.

This is also the most common range for percussion massagers. If the amplitude of the device is very long, it may have a lower range.

This is the case with Theragun or Achedaway devices. A device that starts with fewer percussions per hour, such as 1200 rpm, is a great choice.

This device is an excellent option if you want to massage sensitive areas or want a precise massage. This isn’t a requirement, but it depends on the number of speed gears that a device has.

Cryotex A has four speeds, while Cryotex massage gun C has 4. This is in addition to the percussion range.

Cryotex B’s 20-speed gears. For those speed breaks, there isn’t enough range between 2000-3200rpms.

It is also challenging to navigate all the speeds to find the right one. Many low-end brands use this kind of language to attract customers.

Cryotex C has not only four speeds but also four dynamic modes.

  • AI” mode – auto-adjust speed based upon the pressure applied
  • Incline” is a way to increase waving speed
  • Decline” is a synonym for declining, but as above.
  • Flow” mode: Random speeds, low and higher


2600mAh batteries power all devices. Most massage guns use this standard in the category.

The batteries are LG-branded, which is a sign of high-quality products. Amazon sells most devices without batteries from LG.

The batteries can last up to 6 hours once charged. If you use the device under normal conditions, this is possible. You won’t use the device for very long if you increase the pressure or keep the intensity too high. These massage guns can be used for 3-5 hours.

Cryotex Massage Gun Review Conclusion

This product is one of the best deep tissue massage guns available on the market today. If you want to relieve muscle pain that has been bothering you for some time, then this is what you need to get rid of it fast.

The attachments are light, and they work great on your body. This product has positive feedback from customers, and it is affordable for many people.  We hope that our Cryotex Massage Gun Reviews can help you learn more about this device.

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