A curved treadmill is a type of exercise equipment that offers a number of benefits over traditional treadmills.

One of the main curved treadmill benefits is that it can help to reduce the impact on your joints. This is because the curved surface of the treadmill helps to absorb some of the shocks as you run or walk.

Additionally, curved treadmills can also help to increase the number of calories that you burn during your workout.

What are other benefits of curved treadmills? Let’s dive into this post to get more information.

How Curved Treadmills Work and Why You Should Be Careful?

curved treadmill workout

Curved treadmills can be described as manual machines without a motor or electricity. Your energy is all that powers the treadmill belt. Instead of pushing your body forward with your feet striking the belt, your feet push it back behind you. Your body will remain stationary and centered on the treadmill.

This curved running surface is the key to making these treadmills successful. The belt will contact your forward foot at the top of the inverse circle. It is easier to strike the belt with your forward foot and propel it backward down a gentle slope than if it were flat or inclined.

The running belt’s curved surface is composed of a series rather than a continuous, long belt surface like regular treadmills. Tiny gaps separate every slat. These gaps allow the belt to glide smoothly around the arc.

The speed of curved manual treadmills is as fast as your heart rate, so they feel more natural than motorized treadmills. Because the curve rises to meet your feet at your front, you’ll feel less impact on your joints. This is a significant advantage that curved treadmills offer over flat electric treadmills, but it’s often overlooked.

Curved treadmills are less complicated than regular treadmills. They don’t have motors means there is no chance of something going wrong. You won’t need to worry about plugging in or running up an enormous electric bill.

These machines can support 400 lbs of weight, making them great for heavy people.

Walking and Running On A Curved Treadmill

Many curved treadmills can be used to run, walk and sprint. Although you might feel a little off-balance at first, you will soon get your bearings once you get used to the track’s kidney-shaped shape.

These machines work by combining friction, gravity and your natural stride. Your point of contact with the track will be ahead of its center mass for every step, whether you are running or walking. This means that your body weight is sufficient to pull the tread down from the top and back towards its center of mass at the bottom.

The curve will briefly follow the natural upward motion of the foot as your foot moves inwards past the center. Your stride begins and ends at an ergonomic edge, a natural curve. This encourages you to run on your heels and push off with the tips of your toes. This is a natural way to run, and it promotes proper posture.

When learning how to run on this course, you can expect some learning curves. Pushing your belt behind you is different from pushing yourself forward on a flat surface. It’s much easier to keep your core engaged.

It is important to practice running at a steady speed, decelerating and accelerating. The arc can assist in acceleration and deceleration. You can run faster if you move slightly in front of the arc or slower if you move slightly backward.

As your feet begin to push the belt, you’ll likely need to hold on to the handles for a while. When you feel confident enough to release the handles, lift your arms and run until you are able to maintain your momentum.

You’ll be able to sprint once you feel stable enough. It’s faster to start running on a manual treadmill than wait for the motorized treadmill to turn on. You don’t need to push any buttons or pull any emergency cable to stop. Simply stop moving your legs, and the belt will stop.

Curved Treadmills vs Motorized Treadmills

curve treadmill vs regular treadmill

A cardio workout on a curved treadmill will be more effective than a regular treadmill.

Here are 7 reasons why:

Burn more calories – Curved treadmills are 30% more efficient at burning calories than motorized treadmills, according to multiple studies. Research comparing regular treadmill exercise to curved treadmill exercise shows that the former uses more energy.

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Higher Heart Rate – Studies have shown that the average heart rate for running on a curved treadmill runs about 16% faster than on a motorized treadmill.

Higher Oxygen Consumption – Your VO2 Max measures how much oxygen you consume while exercising. Research has consistently shown that athletes’ VO2 max on a curved treadmill is 32% higher than running on a flat treadmill.

More intense workouts – Researchers who used the Borg Scale for measuring perceived exertion discovered that running on a curved treadmill was about one and a quarter units more intense than running on a flat treadmill.

Ideal for HIIT or Sprints – Curved treadmills allow you to accelerate extremely fast and reach a higher top speed almost immediately, so you can push your limits. This is only part of the equation. Sprints and HIIT workouts require that you slow down quickly.

A curved treadmill allows you to slow down naturally and speedily as running outdoors. Regular treadmills can be just as bad for slowing down as fast. You can’t wait for the motorized treadmill to slow down if you’re running extremely fast, sometimes even to exhaustion.

A curved treadmill is a great cardio machine for a home HIIT cardio workout. These factors make the curved treadmill an ideal device for sprinting and HIIT.

Worked for More Muscle Groups – Traditional treadmills move the ground under you. This means that your legs have to push off the ground rather than fully activate. Curved treadmills require you to do all the work.

  • This uses more muscle groups. This action is very hard on your glutes and calves as well as your hamstrings. This action activates all of your stabilizing muscles and your posterior chain.

Reduced joint pain – The curve rises to meet your feet at the beginning of each motion. This cushioned rubber surface and the soft landing pad mean that your hips, knees, ankles, hips and back are less affected. This means less shock, less wear over time and fewer injuries.

Curved treadmills improve your form. They promote a straight running posture and correct mechanics. It is easier to run on your feet, just like an athlete. This can help you gain speed and agility in real life.

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Curved Treadmill Benefits

Curved Treadmill Benefits

Safer – Curved treadmills are designed to stop when you stop. This reduces the risk of getting thrown or falling. The running decks have a greater grip than the nylon, PVC or cotton-based belts on motorized treadmills. The belt will be easier to push and more difficult to slip off.

  • Curved treadmills also pose less fire risk because they don’t have motorized parts that produce a lot of heat or friction.

No electricity cost – Curved treadmills do not use electricity so they won’t increase your electric bill. It won’t take long to find an outlet for your machine or get tangled in endless extension cords.

Environmentally Friendly – No electricity equals zero carbon footprint.

Easy to use – Curved treadmills are easy to use. The machine will automatically turn on, and you don’t need to install any software. You can jump on and go.

Curved treadmills require less maintenance because they don’t have motorized parts. They are more durable than traditional treadmill belts because they have slatted belts that aren’t motorized. They don’t require constant adjustment or lubrication.

You can be intuitive without the need for a programmed workout with a curved treadmill. You can change your speed immediately depending on how you feel. You can stop or start without thinking. Just follow the flow and don’t fuss with buttons and beeps.

Curved Treadmill Drawbacks

Pricey – A curved treadmill can be expensive. Curved treadmills are currently more expensive than other machines for workouts.

Larger – Regular-sized curved treadmills are generally larger than regular-sized flat belt treadmills. Although compact curved treadmills are available, they tend to have larger footprints than smaller flat-belt ones.

It doesn’t fold – We haven’t yet seen any foldable curved models. A flat-belt treadmill is a good option if you don’t have enough space to place the machine. It can be folded up and unfolded only when necessary.

A curved treadmill is not ideal for leisure runs. Walking on a curved treadmill is more difficult than on a motorized flat one.

Barebones – Curved treadmills are not only capable of running on a magical mechanical belt technology but can also be very basic. Many models don’t include extra features such as speakers, fans or USB chargers.

Many models lack a screen. The few that do have screens are usually essential with limited workout data. A traditional treadmill might be more appealing if you prefer large, colorful screens that allow you to take yourself on beautifully programmed workouts.

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Curved Treadmill For Home Gym

The gym scene is starting to embrace curved treadmills. Although most commercial gyms still use electric treadmills, we are beginning to see more gyms bring in curved treadmills.

A curved treadmill is excellent cardio equipment for your home gym. They are expensive and not the most compact cardio equipment. They can take up lots of space on your floors, and there aren’t many folding models.

We believe the advantages of a curved treadmill at your home gym are worth the risks if you enjoy intense exercise and cutting-edge technology.

Cheapest Curved Treadmill

Resolve Reactive Run is one of the favorite curved treadmills. Although it still costs a lot, it is a fraction of the cost of the IN10CT Health Runner and Assault AirRunner.

The TZ-3000C is a cheaper option that we found, and it’s only available on Alibaba. The TZ-3000C, manufactured and distributed in China, costs less than a thousand dollars. We could not locate any reviews or information from anyone who has purchased the TZ-3000C. The manufacturer only claims that they have received positive feedback.

Although you may save a few thousand dollars, we cannot guarantee the reliability of this machine and its distributors. This could be a great deal, but you risk losing a lot or getting a huge lemon.

Shopping on AliExpress or Alibaba for clothes, electronics and other inexpensive trinkets is less risky than buying expensive, large-ticket items from unknown companies with no guarantee.

Why Are Curved Treadmills So Expensive?

For a single-note machine not powered by a motor, curved treadmills may seem too expensive. A quality curved treadmill may cost four to five times as much as a motorized treadmill.

The design and mechanics of a manual, curved treadmill are still relatively new compared to regular motorized treadmills with a flat surface. The cost of new technologies that aren’t yet mainstream tends to be higher. Manufacturers must focus on recouping their investments.

We believe that the price of curved treadmills will drop once they catch on and demand increases. The manufacturing of fitness equipment will become more efficient, the parts will be cheaper, and there will also be more competition among manufacturers of home cardio equipment.

Technology is always a rollercoaster ride at the beginning. Although it may take longer for curved treadmills, prices drop with time.

Curved treadmills are our favorite cardio machine. Are they worth the high price? If you’re looking for intense cardio, sprints, or HIIT and want to work out, we think so. We would recommend them to anyone, even if it weren’t for the price.

Used Curved Treadmills

Although curved treadmills are still a new technology, it isn’t easy to find used models. We were unable to locate any used curved treadmills while doing our research. This is a far cry from the many used motorized treadmills that you can find on Amazon, Craiglist, and eBay.

We found them to be comparable in price to the newer models. The average price was 60% to 70% higher than the new model. Shipping costs can be pretty high for large, heavy items.

Woodway, a maker of the Woodway Curve, has an online factory-certified preowned model program that offers deals on used curved treadmills. We couldn’t check the prices as you must be approved before they can show you what is available.

It could be that they are still relatively rare to find used curved treadmills. This could also be because many treadmill owners are satisfied with their treadmills and don’t want to sell them.

Curved Treadmills vs Standard Treadmills for High-Intensity Interval Training

Sprinting and HIIT are both fast-twitch exercises that use muscle fibers with quick twitch. These activities are designed for fast, intense bursts rather than slow, long endurance.

Because you can accelerate and decelerate more quickly and precisely with manual curved treadmills, they are better for sprinting or HIIT than motorized treadmills. Because you can control the speed of your run as if you were running outside, you’ll be able to sprint faster than the motor on a regular treadmill.

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Why are Standard Treadmills Not Suitable For HIIT?

You have to play with the buttons on a treadmill to match the speed. For routines that require quick stops and starts, all this extra attention won’t be helpful.

Even though it can be very dangerous to manually adjust the speed of the motor when your body and mind are completely exhausted, it is possible to make it safer. You can simply jump on a manual curved treadmill to get going. You can stop the machine when you need to.

Proofs That Curved Treadmills Rock

running treadmill curved

Burn More Calories

A few studies have compared the calorie-burning effects of running on a curved treadmill or motorized treadmill to see if they are comparable. These studies involved between 10 to 20 participants, both males and women, of varying ages and weights.

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Participants were asked to walk for five to ten minutes on either a motorized or curved treadmill. The oxygen consumption was then measured and used to calculate calorie expenditure. The formula used by the researchers was approximately one liter of oxygen per five calories.

A 2011 study found that the curved treadmill helped participants burn around 30% more calories. (Link: )

In 2014, a study showed that participants burned up to 44% more calories using the curved treadmill than the other options.

Cardiometabolic Managements Higher

The 2017 Australian study involved 14 male and female active runners aged between 18 and 45. The study found that a curved treadmill was more efficient at consuming oxygen and had a higher heart rate than running on the ground or a motorized treadmill.

All data collected from both males and women at different speeds showed that the average heartbeat was about 20 beats per hour faster on a curved treadmill. The curved track also had a 15% higher oxygen consumption.

Researchers concluded that the higher cardiometabolic demands were likely due to the higher resistance to the curved manual belt. This is because you must accelerate each step. The researchers also discovered that the curved treadmill is more challenging for those who are less weighed than others and require more effort.

Higher Heart Rate

The University of Essex conducted a 2018 study that involved 13 male runners. The study found that the participant’s heart rate was around 16% higher when they exercised on a curved treadmill. The participants also consumed 32% more oxygen.

Better Posture

A 2018 study found that running on a curved treadmill for a few minutes can improve your running posture, balance and symmetry. This is not only while you are running on the treadmill.

Athletes can be injured when they run in an unbalanced fashion. When the treadmill was curved, the participants’ strides in this study were more balanced and symmetrical.

Long strides often mean a more significant joint impact. Running on a curved treadmill causes athletes to reduce their stride length slightly. This allows them to keep their feet closer to their center of mass and increases their speed without slowing down.

Their running was more efficient due to the reduction of 6-8% stride. They also used less hip and knee flexion. This also increased the angle between their legs with the ground at contact—this slightly more straight angle allowed for faster running and reduced contact time.

Researchers discovered that these improvements were sustained after just a few minutes on the curved treadmill and affected athletes’ gait patterns.

10 Steps Curved Treadmill Workout

You can train on a curved treadmill if you are used to doing flat-belt training. You can add a few HIIT sprints and exercises if you want to spice it up.

Here’s an example of a multi-purpose workout on a treadmill curved.

1. You should first know the track’s unique curves and how it moves. Start by standing in the middle and gripping the handles. Start walking for one minute once you feel comfortable.

2. Take your hands off the handles and continue walking slowly for one more minute.

3. Jogging for just one minute can help you feel more steady.

4. Let’s do some intervals. Run for 30 seconds and then jog for 30 seconds. You can do it two more times.

5. Take a break.

6. Let’s try some sideways work. Turn your head to one side and grasp the handlebar with your hands. Do 30 seconds of sidestepping, moving the belt with your feet. You can go as slow or fast as you like.

7. Do 30 seconds of sidestepping in the opposite direction.

8. We need speed now. For 30 seconds, sprint on the treadmill. Then stop and rest for the remainder of the minute. You can repeat this process two more times.

9. Let’s finish by doing some heavy pushing. Set your treadmill as high as you can if it is resistant. Keep your shoulders up and brace them against the handles. Continue sled pushing for 30 seconds, then stop and take a 30-second break. You can do this three times.

10. Walking for a few moments can help you cool down and bring your heart rate and breathing down.

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