There are many cute black hairstyles that can be worn by both girls and women. These hairstyles can be worn in a variety of ways, including braids, ponytails, and even updos.

Whether you are looking for a new style to wear to work or school, or just want to try something different for a night out, there is sure to be a cute black hairstyle that is perfect for you.

Top Best 60 Cute Black Hairstyles for Girls and Women

1. The Stunning Bob

The Stunning Bob

We love wavy hairstyles that are suitable for black women. The shoulder-length bob has beautiful wind-swept waves. The perfect blend of messy and polished, it is both easy to style and manages to look natural.

2. Black Women Can Wear Relaxed Braids

Black Women Can Wear Relaxed Braids

Braided natural hairstyles for black women can be one of the most versatile. Braids are suitable for everyone and can be used in many different ways. These are three-strand braids that can be relaxed. The braids still show the original texture of the hair. Braids are trendy for hair styling.

3. Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Do you want something simple to do but high in style? This look is for you. To create short, gorgeous curls, comb your hair down. This style works well for people with a curl pattern that grows upward.

4. New Braid Hairstyles with Beads

New Braid Hairstyles with Beads

Braids for black women are a great choice. This is not your typical braided hairstyle. This one has a modern twist. This braided style, adorned with colorful beads and looks excellent, fashionable, and protects your hair from seasonal damage, is stylish.

5. Bouncy Curls with Braids

Bouncy Curls with Braids

We are familiar with how braids work for black women and how amazing curls look. Why not combine them? How?

Take a look at the photos to get some ideas. This combination combines cornrow braids and bouncy curls. It is a stunning combination of tight braids and hair that has been left to cascade. Curly hairstyles are beautiful and always in fashion!

6. Curly Mohawk with Designer Edges

Curly Mohawk with Designer Edges

Do you want some bold black hairstyles? Here’s one for you. This hairstyle features sweet, bouncy curls that form a mohawk. The sides are shaved to add an extra edgy touch. This hairstyle is even more stunning with the line design on the sides.

7. Braided Bun with Flowers

Braided Bun with Flowers

Black wedding hairstyles that combine natural hair and black hair look great. This particular hairstyle is a good example. This bride braids her hair in a halo braid and finishes it with a low bun. This style is adorned with tiny flowers.

8. Chunky Dreadlocks

Chunky Dreadlocks

This is the 2022 most popular natural braided style. Popular again are dreadlocks, especially those that are styled with accessories. This is a stylish, easy-to-do hairstyle that’s both elegant and comfortable. This style is more defined when you use a white thread.

9. Braids with Micro Twists

Braids with Micro Twists

If you cannot decide what style to go with your hair, try this half-up half-down hairstyle for black women. These micro braids are flirty, fun and fabulous. The braids are half tied at the crown with a ponytail, while the other half is left loose to create a striking effect.

10. Simple Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair

This hairstyle is for black women and includes braids that are then twisted into an elegant, elaborate bun. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events. This is a great hairstyle for modern women who are always on the move.

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11. Ponytail with a Golden Thread

Ponytail with a Golden Thread

Another popular style with braids is this one for black women. These pretty boxer braids can be combined to create a single braid. The braids are finished with shiny gold thread. This hairstyle is even more stunning, thanks to the shiny thread. It also brings out some royal elegance.

12. Simple Black Haircuts

Simple Black Haircuts

This is the easiest black hairstyle. This is the easiest way to go. The buzz cut is easy to maintain, stylish and comfortable. You will be amazed at how tiny curls can capture your breath and heart and turn heads.

13. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle will help you stay true to your African roots. Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle for black women, are trendy. They look great on all hair types. This Bantu version comes with designer braid patterns.

14. Black Women Can Wear Long Braided Hairstyles

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Black Women Can Wear Long Braided Hairstyles

Janelle Monae is R&B’s queen. She is also the queen of braids and hairstyles for black women. We cheer the loudest when she arrives on the red carpet in a stunning new hairstyle. This was her hairstyle at the Stella McCartney fashion event in 2015. This hairstyle is stunning with its long, thick black braids and braided mohawk.

15. Short Black Hairstyle

Short Black Hairstyle

Another example of the latest African American natural hairstyles featuring a weave is this one. The loose curls of thin hair look as beautiful as those with tighter curls. This hairstyle can transform short, dull hair into something glamorous.

16. Braided Buns with Extraordinary Details

Braided Buns with Extraordinary Details

Another popular style with braids is this one for black women. These braids begin as cornrows and then become two twist braids. They are then tied elaborately to make this pompadour-updo. This updo is unique, stylish and beautiful.

17. Chic Pixie

Chic Pixie

This is the most effortless hairstyle for black women. A pixie is a short, sweet option. This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn in many different styles. It’s simple but stylish. This particular one is soft, feminine, and elegant. You can also show off your eye makeup with this hairstyle.

18. Braided into a Bun

Braided into a Bun

One of the most popular hairstyles for black women is boxer braids. Begin with boxer braids, and tie them in two separate buns at the nape. The braids are loose enough to allow the hair to move freely. These braids can also be adorned with golden beads, which add a touch of royal elegance.

19. Space Buns with Style

Space Buns with Style

Another example of Fulani braids suitable for black women is this. This one has both space buns and Fulani braids to get the best of both. This hairstyle is funky and trendy.

20. Black Women’s Hairstyles: Puffy Ponytails

Black Women's Hairstyles Puffy Ponytails

This hairstyle is fashionable and protective. The puffy ponytail is the exact name of this hairstyle. Because of its chic and glamorous status, this hairstyle is very popular.

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21. Short black hairstyles with braids

Short black hairstyles with braids

Braids for black women can be worn with any hairstyle. This beautiful natural hairstyle is a good example. These curls are stunning and paired with tiny braids to look like an edge on either side.

22. Braided Bun with Golden Thread

Braided Bun with Golden Thread

Another braided hairstyle for black women is this one. It starts with a braid and ends in an elegant bun. To add a royal touch to your hair, you can braid the hair with a gold thread. This hairstyle is excellent for weddings and formal events.

23. Bandana For Curls

Bandana For Curls

Another example of a natural African American hairstyle with a bandana is this one. This bandana allows you to keep your curls down rather than pinning them.

It has the same effect as a hairpin, keeping your hair from touching your face. Choose a bandana with a bright pop color to add drama and interest to your style.

24. Elegant Braided Updo

Elegant Braided Updo

Braided hairstyles are great for black women and can be adapted to any size or shape. You only need to have mad skills and an imaginative mind. This box braid top knot will make a bold statement and turn heads. This elegant yet dramatic updo is excellent for both morning and evening looks.

25. Poker Straight Hairstyles For Black Women

Poker Straight Hairstyles For Black Women

Another hairstyle you cannot go wrong with is this: Straight, shiny hair is always in fashion. This frizz-free, silky hairstyle is flattering for all ages and can be styled for any occasion.

26. Big Puff African Women Hairstyles

Big Puff African Women Hairstyles

Apply SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus curl Enhancing Smoothie on damp curls, and let them air dry. You can also increase the volume by picking the curls from the root.

27. Bob Box Braids

Bob Box Braids

Most of us see long box braids. But why not try a shorter hairstyle? This length looks great on all face shapes. It’s simple to achieve this look at home.

28. Box Braid Bun

Box Braid Bun

Box braids can get in your face if they are too long. A box braid bun will keep your hair stylishly out of your face. This simple yet stylish look will never go out of style and remain in fashion.

29. Braided Natural Updo

Braided Natural Updo

Let’s face the truth: Everyone gets into a hair rut from time to time. A natural braided style is an excellent option if you aren’t sure what to do. A braid can be a great way to elevate a casual look and achieve one of our favorite natural hairstyles.

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30. Box Braids Turn into Space Buns

Box Braids Turn into Space Buns

Space buns are a fun and youthful look. You can also have fun with your braids by doing this. This style is great for the gym. It’s cute and will keep your hair from falling out while you sweat.

31. Chunky Braids

Chunky Braids

An alternative to the more popular skinnier box braids, a chunkier braid is a good option.

32. Curly Pixie Textured Oils

Curly Pixie Textured Oils

A pixie cut is an excellent alternative to longer hair. Pixies are in fashion, as are curly bangs.

33. Fauxhawk Natural Hairstyles

Fauxhawk Natural Hairstyles

It’s said that you can fake it until you make it. This fun frohawk style can be worn on your side, even if it’s not something you plan to do.

34. Flat Twists Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Flat Twists Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

If you are looking for a natural style that is easier than cornrows, flat twists can be a great choice. This style requires two sections of hair rather than three.

35. Fluffy Wash and Go Afro

Fluffy Wash and Go Afro

Afro hairstyles are a popular choice for Black women. This style is popular with women transitioning or just celebrating their hair texture.

36. Frohawk


Are you unsure how to style your ‘fros? A mohawk style is a great choice! For those with curly hair, this style will give you effortless volume.

37. Voluminous Half-Top Knot

Voluminous Half-Top Knot

If you don’t want your hair falling out of your face, this half-top knot is the best way to style it.

38. Trendy Braided Black Hairstyles

Trendy Braided Black Hairstyles

Two-strand twists look great with both long and short hair. This is the two-strand twist on long hair. These twists are an excellent option for black women because they are simple and can be styled in many different ways.

39. Braids and beautiful updo

Braids and beautiful updo

This updo is a great choice for black women. The top knot is paired with tight braids on one end to give the hairstyle an edge. Some curls are left out at the front of the bun to fall on the forehead. This hairstyle is a perfect balance of edginess and soft femininity.

40. Gorgeous Asymmetrical Black Haircuts

Gorgeous Asymmetrical Black Haircuts

This is the most famous short black hairstyle. Rihanna made the asymmetrical bob famous, and women have continued to wear it ever since. This is the short, asymmetrical hairstyle. The soft, wispy edges balance the uneven symmetry and the smooth ends. This hairstyle is defined and dramatic by the waves at the front.

41. Afro Hairstyles for Wedding

Afro Hairstyles for Wedding

Are you unsure what to do with your afro on a wedding day? Don’t worry. This stunning hairstyle is our pick for inspiration. You don’t need to alter your natural hairstyle.

Just add some accessories to give it more drama and beauty. This glamorous look is made possible by the significant floral addition and the bouncy curls.

42. Elegant Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Elegant Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Do you love pineapples? Let your passion for pineapples show through your hairstyle. To create a pineapple-head effect, pin your curls to the top of your head. This hairstyle is fun and sophisticated, but it’s also very easy.

43. Glamorous Coily Waves

Glamorous Coily Waves

Are you bored with your curls? These stunning and stylish finger waves will make you happy. This effect can be achieved with the help of a curling iron. You can also start with Bantu Knots. After a while, your hair will be free from the Bantu knots. This will give you finger waves and a lot more volume.

44. Cornrows For An Edgy Twist

Cornrows For An Edgy Twist

This is a great hairstyle for black women with braids. Everyone can have straight hair. This hairstyle can be a great inspiration to add a bit of edge to your everyday hairstyle. Cornrows on one side add drama and interest. The forehead’s wispy, cascading ends balance the edginess.

45. African Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

African Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

Even if your hair is short, you can still sport beautiful dreadlocks. You can rock polished dreadlocks with the help of hair extensions, such as this one. To add glam to your hairstyle, you can add some pretty cuffs.

46. Afro with a Hairband

Afro with a Hairband

Bandanas are not the only accessory to hold your beautiful, bouncy curls. Add a hairband to your look. Use a hairband to push your hair out of your face. You will be able to give your hair a different dimension and make it easier to manage.

47. Chic Cornrow Braids

Chic Cornrow Braids

Another type of hairstyle for black women is the box braid. It’s versatile, stylish and comfortable. This hairstyle is great for protecting your hair and can be used on all lengths. Style the edges. You will be amazed at how they make your already gorgeous hairstyle even more beautiful.

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48. Braids For Black Women In A Ponytail

Braids For Black Women In A Ponytail

There are many ponytail hairstyles that you have probably seen. Now is the time to experiment with a new ponytail. The pictured hairstyle is an example.

The do starts with a mixture of thin and thick braids combined to create a curly, high ponytail. This one is different because of the golden cuff that holds it all together. Notice how the edges have been styled.

49. Modern Black Natural Hairstyles

Modern Black Natural Hairstyles

Another of the latest styles for black women is here. Black natural hairstyles are great for enhancing your natural hair texture. One example of such a style is the one shown here. It is a modern mix of curls and braids.

The front has four tiny braids in an asymmetrical design. The hair below and from the crown are left to fall naturally. This look is highly glamorous, thanks to the bouncy curls in the back.

50. High Top

High Top

This high-top natural hairstyle will take your hair to new heights. This style is all about clean lines and angles. Try a cut like this if you want to attract jealous glances and turn heads.

51. Low Bun Updo

Low Bun Updo

A sleek low bun is a great choice to keep your hair from falling out of your face. Because it’s not being pulled as tightly, a low bun like this is less damaging to your hair.

52. Buzzed


Some women prefer a super-cropped cut during the transition, while others love shorter hairstyles for their beauty. Regardless of your reasons, this look is stunning and flatters every face shape.

53. Puff Top Knot

Puff Top Knot

A puff updo is a great way to show off your long, voluminous locks. You can get your hair up to your ears for a dramatic look.

54. Pineapple Ponytail

Pineapple Ponytail

The pineapple ponytail is great for daytime, but it can also be used to protect your curls when you’re sleeping. This style will keep your curls in place all night.

55. Straight Pixie

Straight Pixie

Are you looking for a quick and easy haircut? This pixie cut is a perfect choice! This cut is ideal for those who prefer a relaxed look.

56. Natural Hairstyles For Black Women: Teeny Weeny Afro

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women Teeny Weeny Afro

This styling tip is excellent for short-haired girls. You can style your tiny afro with a gel or sponge brush for super-defined curls. You must ensure that your hair is moisturized.

57. The Twist-Out: Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

The Twist-Out Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Natural Black hairstyles, such as braid-outs or twist-outs, are simple ways to create a curly texture. This look is achieved by creating two-strand twists in damp hair and drying it overnight.

58. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

You can try a mohawk if you don’t want it to be a permanent style. Instead, braid your hair into a shaved mohawk. You can achieve the look of a mohawk with minimal effort.

59. Large Twists

Large Twists

Do you want to change up the style of your usual twist? Try a looser, larger twist. These larger twists can be romantic and shiny! This is an excellent way for you to change your style without completely altering it.

60. The Big Chop Baby Curls

The Big Chop Baby Curls

Although it is not a tiny weeny afro, you can still have beautiful baby curls. This cut is great for warmer months. It still retains a lot of definition and curl, despite being short.


We’ve rounded up a collection of the cutest black hairstyles we could find, from braids to buns and beyond. Whether you’re headed to the office or the beach, there’s a style here for you. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and try something new today!

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