Do Treadmills Cause Injuries 2022? Things You Should Know

Do Treadmills Cause Injuries 2022? Things You Should Know

There is some debate over whether or not treadmills cause injuries. Some people believe that treadmills are more likely to cause injuries because of repetitive motion. Others believe that treadmills are no more likely to cause injuries than any other type of exercise equipment.

Let’s be with resTORbio to go through the question: Do treadmills cause injuries?

Do Treadmills Cause Injuries?

Running on a treadmill can cause injury just as outside running. Although the deck is cushioned, you can still sustain overuse injuries. You can also get hurt by falling or other accidents on a treadmill. However, you can reduce the risks of treadmill running and minimize damage.

The Most Common Treadmill Injuries

Foot Injuries

treadmill injury

You will be surprised to learn that the most common injury you can sustain from running or walking on a treadmill is a foot injury.

Even though treadmills are great at absorbing the impact of your feet running on the track, you might still have foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. This is where your feet and heels feel painful.

Knee Pain

You may also experience knee pain while using a treadmill.

A treadmill won’t solve the problem. Many outdoor runners will experience some knee pain. A treadmill can actually increase your chances of developing knee problems if it is used for running on an incline, with poor posture or using an unnatural stride.

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Hip Pain

You can experience pain in your hips if you run on a treadmill. Running (or walking) on an inclined surface can cause stress to your hips and lead to a lot of discomfort and pain over time.

If you use an unnatural stride pattern while running on a treadmill or if your legs are extended too far, you could also sustain a hip injury.


People falling off a treadmill are a common cause of serious injuries.

Many videos of people falling off the treadmill are hilarious. However, it can cause serious injuries or even death in some cases. You could fall and bang your head or burn your legs if your concentration is temporarily impaired.

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Heart Disease

Heart Disease when running on treadmill

Cardio machines can cause heart problems, so it is crucial to exercise at high intensity.

This is especially true for treadmill users. Every year, many are admitted to the hospital with chest pains. It is also not unusual for people to have a heart attack while using the treadmill.

How to Avoid Injured on a Treadmill

Indoor workouts can be beneficial. Don’t let these risks stop you from exercising indoors. These are some ways to avoid injury on your running machine.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Most men wear a tracksuit and a shirt to go to the gym. While these outfits are comfortable, they may not be appropriate for the gym.

You must have the proper clothing and footwear for running on the treadmill.

Track pants should not be too long or dangling over your shoes. This could lead to a slip or fall.

You should wear comfortable shoes that are lightweight and will not cause any pain to your feet.

Secure The Laces

We always encourage our children to tie their shoes in order to avoid slippage. This is as important when using a treadmill as it can be dangerous if an accident occurs.

Before you run, make sure you look down and tie your laces.

Even if you have done it before, tightening them again is a good idea. They won’t fall off while you run.

Keep Going Even If The Machine Stops

Double-check the machine before you step on it.

It is not often that users forget to turn the device off after finishing their workout.

It can be challenging to determine if the running belt is functioning. Always be cautious when approaching the running track.

Make Sure You Know Where The Safety Key Is

How to Avoid Injured on a Treadmill

Every modern treadmill comes equipped with a safety switch-off function. It can be used to turn off the treadmill in an emergency immediately.

Tie the key to your pants. You can also spot the key before you go to the machine. If you do slip, you will know where it is.

When Necessary, Use The Handrails

You won’t be capable of grasping the handrails if you run fast. You will run abnormally fast if you do this.

To avoid losing your balance or falling, you should walk if possible.

Do Not Focus Your Eyes On Your Phone

Many people listen to music while jogging on a treadmill. This hobby is not to be blamed as treadmill exercise can be boring if there’s nothing else to do.

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However, your phone shouldn’t distract you from your training. It doesn’t matter if you are listening to music or texting your friends; it can distract you from your training and cause you to slip or fall.

Limit Chatting to Your Friends

Many people take a friend to the gym. It makes exercising a lot more enjoyable and less tedious.

Although it is OK to run with friends, it is not a good idea to talk with them while you are running. This will impact your running style and could lead to injuries.

Do Not Focus On The Screen

Many commercial machines include integrated TV displays, so you can watch TV while you train.

These features are rarely an issue. These TVs are at eye level, so you don’t have to tilt your head upwards or down while working out.

The TV screens installed on the wall might pose a problem. They can distract you from your training and lead to head tilting and neck pain, as well as a possible fall.

Do Not Try To Make Fancy Moves

A treadmill is an equipment piece that can be used for running, walking, or jogging. It is not recommended to be used for any other types of exercise.

Amusing videos showing people dancing or wearing high heels on the machine have been seen.

Remember that professional dancers are highly skilled. You don’t have to be a professional dancer if you are just trying to get fit. You will be hurt.

Do Not Change Your Running Style

For those who have been running outdoors, it might be a bit awkward to practice running with the machine.

It is still wise to keep your running style. Poor posture and extended stride length can lead to hip and knee problems.

Attention To Your Body

Running on a treadmill can help you burn calories. By increasing your speed and inclination, you can accelerate the calorie-burning process.

Sometimes, the challenges can be tricky. You may find it difficult to continue working if you push yourself too hard. You’ll be more likely to slip off if you do this.

Your chances of getting injured can also increase if you put too much stress on your body.

Properly Warm-up

Warming cold muscles increases blood flow and flexibility. It is vital to warm up cold muscles before putting them under stress through exercise.

Warm-up by slowly walking for 5-10 minutes and then stretching out or doing motion exercises.

Exercise that stops abruptly can cause muscle tension. To prevent injuries, it is essential to cool the muscles.

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It would be a good idea to run or walk slower for the last 10 to 15 minutes on the machine to cool your muscles.

These are some warm-up exercises that you can do before any training session.

Be On The Lookout For The Incline

You may feel your ankle flex excessively if you adjust the inclination to your workout. Ankle discomfort and injury can result from the incline.

This problem can be avoided by strengthening your ankle with additional training, especially if your ankle is weak.

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How To Keep Safe While Running On A Treadmill

Keep Safe While Running On A Treadmill

The number of treadmill users is around 50 million, so accidents are not expected. However, it is crucial not to add to the number of people hurt. We have compiled a list of ways to avoid this.

Concentrate – Running on the treadmill is similar to running on a narrow path. The treadmill’s path has a slow-moving surface, while the stationary blocks on either side are stationary.

  • It is essential always to be aware of where you are. You can be mindful of where your feet are, whether you’re running to the side, the back, or the front. You must run towards the middle.

The emergency stop key is a must-have for treadmills. Safety is becoming a priority for home-bought ones. An emergency stop key is usually equipped with a clip and some string. Clip it on, and if you slip during a run, the treadmill will stop abruptly. This prevents further injury to the fast-moving belt.

Avoid placing the treadmill against a wall, especially if it is behind you. You could be thrown into the wall at high speeds, leading to severe injuries. Problems can even arise from a wall to your side. Place the treadmill in an open area at home. The best-looking treadmill can be found at a gym and used.

Exercise with family members, friends, or other people in the gym. If you are in any trouble, it is crucial to have someone who can help. If you need help, someone can either support you or get it done for you.

  • If you are injured and need help, it is best to go alone at home. This can sometimes happen, so it is important to be careful.


As with other exercises, treadmills lead you to injuries. Follow our advice and stay safe when workout on your treadmill to prevent the pain as much as possible.

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