The average person may not realize how much electricity their treadmill is using. In fact, most people probably don’t even think about the cost of electricity when they are using their treadmill. However, the cost of electricity is something that should be considered when buying a treadmill.

So, Does treadmill cost a lot of electricity? Read our post to learn more information.

Does Treadmill Cost A Lot Of Electricity?

A 600-watt treadmill used for 20 hours per month will consume 12,000 (600×20) watts of power. This can lead to an increase in utility bills due to the number of treadmills being used. Treadmill power consumption is affected by treadmill wattage and running speed. It also depends on how often the treadmill is used.

You might be paying more for electricity if you use electric treadmills.

How Much Does a Treadmills Cost to Run?

how much power does a treadmill use

Based on an average usage of 0.5-1 kWh/hour and an average electricity price of 14c/kWh, the treadmill would average cost between 7-14 cents/hour.

Based on an average condition of running for around 15 minutes at moderate intensity and using a treadmill with a size of about 1-2.25HP, the treadmill would run around $0.53-$1.05 per month.

Running a treadmill can be expensive depending on how powerful it is, how intense your training is, your weight, and each session’s length. Also, electricity rates in your area may vary. Electricity companies have different rates.

If you run for an hour every day, your average consumption would be between 0.5-1 kWh and 15-30 kWh each month. This would mean that electricity costs would range from $2.1-$4.2 per month at the average rate.

If you live in Connecticut, where electricity rates are around 23 cents per kWh, the average monthly cost to use the treadmill would be $0.82-$1.65 based on an average running time of 15 mins per day at moderate intensity.

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Factors that Influence Treadmill Power Consumption

How much electricity does a treadmill consume? Treadmill power is not a fixed amount. The electricity consumption can vary depending on several factors. The following are some of the most critical factors that can influence total power consumption:

Treadmill Wattage

The treadmill’s wattage plays a vital role in determining how much electricity it uses. It is essential to understand the wattage of your treadmill in order to calculate how much energy it uses.

To determine the wattage rating, consider the size of your electric motor. The average treadmill consumes between 300 and 910 watts, roughly 0.3 to 0.9 kilowatts per hour. To estimate how much electricity your treadmill will consume and its impact on your overall costs, you may need to do calculations.

You will need to measure your treadmill use for over a month to calculate it. Next, multiply that number by the maximum wattage on your treadmill. A 600-watt treadmill used for 20 hours per month would consume 12,000 (600×20) watts of power.

It can be converted to a kilowatt and equal 12 (1000/12000) monthly electricity costs. This calculation will allow you to calculate the additional cost of your utility bills.

Frequency of Treadmill Usage

Do you plan to use the treadmill daily? Your usage will impact the amount of electricity that your treadmill consumes.

People who exercise for two hours per day over a week have higher electricity bills. People who only use the machine for 30 minutes four times a week will pay lower electricity bills.

The higher your machine’s usage, the more electricity you will pay. You can calculate how much electricity the treadmill will use based on your exercise routine.

Running Speed

It is essential to consider how fast your treadmill runs in order to determine how much electricity it consumes. It is vital to believe how fast the treadmill will be used. Walking at a slower pace will use less electricity than running for longer periods.

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Because people run at different speeds, it cannot be easy to measure power consumption accurately. Some people may start walking at 1.5 miles per hour, increase that to 6 mph once they’re warmed up, then cool down with a 0.5-mph cooling off.

This will affect your treadmill’s energy consumption. If you don’t monitor your speed, it’s time to start.

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Treadmill Incline

A treadmill with an incline simulates running uphill. This increases the intensity of your workout. You can adjust the incline of any treadmill to suit your workout intensity.

Your treadmill’s energy consumption may be affected by its position at an inclined angle. It may not impact the amount of energy used if the treadmill is set at a moderate incline.

Many people use the incline to get a better workout or reach their fitness goals. People who run on a treadmill with a steep gradient may notice a decrease in their power consumption.

Some people also change their speed or incline during a workout. This is done to keep the workout interesting. It might not be possible to calculate the actual electricity consumption due to frequent changes. It would make no difference because of the small impact electricity usage has on it.

Treadmill Age

Each machine is designed to last for a specific number of years. Some machines come with a warranty while others do not. This means that your treadmill’s proficiency may decrease over time. As it ages, the machine may use more energy than normal.

To identify problems, regular maintenance can be done on your machine. Regular maintenance can help you maintain the equipment’s quality for a longer time.

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If necessary, you can seek professional assistance to inspect your machine regularly. You can prevent any problems from occurring and reduce your electricity bills.

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How Do You Choose An Energy-efficient Treadmill?

how much electricity does a treadmill use

Most new treadmills use energy-efficient components such as motors, controllers, screens, and other parts.

Treadmills’ display screens don’t consume much energy, so you shouldn’t be concerned. However, you can choose the display that suits your needs best as each model has different options for running apps or integration with other devices.

A treadmill that meets your current running abilities in terms of speed and inclination will make you the most of your investment.

If you want others to use it, ensure that it is able to handle your weight.

A treadmill with more capabilities than your current or future needs would be a mistake. It would also mean that you would spend more money on it. Also, it would have a bigger motor that consumes more electricity and would make you pay more for it.

Do not buy a treadmill that can run faster than 6 mph for anyone with a bodyweight less than 250 pounds.

NordicTrack, XTERRA Fitness and SereneLife, Sunny Health &Fitness and other reputable brands offer a variety of treadmills with different capabilities and screen options, warranties, prices, and prices.


A treadmill is a piece of cardio equipment that can be found in most gyms. Now you know how much the treadmill consumes and how to choose an electric saving machine for your home. We hope that you can find it helpful in this article.

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