Drunk Elephant Vs Tula 2022: Which is Better?

Drunk Elephant Vs Tula 2022 Which is Better

A debate is brewing over a better, a drunk elephant or a Tula. Some say the elephant is more powerful and can cause more damage, while others argue that the Tula is more nimble and can get into tighter spaces. The question then is, is Drunk Elephant Vs Tula worth the hype? Keep reading this article, resTORbio will show you what to expect from each product.

Tula Dew Your Thing Moisturizing Gel Cream

Since its launch, there has been a lot of interest in the Tula Dew Your Thing Gel Cream. This product is the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate moisturizer to solve their skin problems.

Tula’s Dew Your Thing Gel Cream

Tula Dew, Your Thing gel, is a miracle worker that delivers intense hydration and super-food formula for firmer skin.

Is Tula’s skin moisturizer cream worth all the hype? Find out all about the cream’s oil-free, weightless formula and its excellent results.

Cruelty-free Product: The Tula moisturizer is cruelty-free. This moisturizer is suitable for vegans as it contains no parabens, formaldehyde, and dairy. This moisturizer is a top pick for vegans.

Ideal for sensitive skin: The Tula moisturizer is fragrance-free. The Tula Dew Your Thing cream is great for those with sensitive skin or dry skin.

It is a lightweight formula: The Tula moisturizing lotion is light because it is made from natural extracts. You can use rice water, watermelon, and prickly pear as well as apple.

The Tula moisturizer instantly absorbs into the skin. It doesn’t leave any residue and is suitable for all skin types: combination, oily skin, acne-prone skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

A Tula moisturizer can last quite a while in a small container. This brand offers excellent value at a fair price.

Other benefits: The Tula moisturizing lotion is an excellent choice because it gives your skin the right amount of hydration. Beauty therapists around the globe love it. You can also say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer

The Drunk Elephant moisturizer promises to improve your skin’s appearance quickly.

This product contains a mixture of peptides, growth factors, and amino acids. It is suitable for all skin types and age groups. So what is the Moisturizer? And how effective is it?

tula vs drunk elephant Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer

How Does Drunk Elephant Protini Work?

The majority of the peptides in this formula will stimulate your skin’s collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the firmness and freshness of the skin.

Your skin can look firmer and more youthful by increasing its synthesis.

The protein of this brand can also provide deep hydration, smoothing, and repair skin damage, such as acne.


Drunk Elephant Protini can help men and women achieve firmer skin and a younger-looking complexion.

The products’ effectiveness is guaranteed by their lightweight and hydrating nature and the optimal combination of active ingredients.

This product is made up of multiple polypeptides and amino acids designed to increase the synthesis and restore skin’s firmness and appearance. The increased collagen production also prevents aging in your 20s.

Drunk Elephant Versus Tula

Drunk Elephant Vs. Tula

The Tula skincare line and the drunk elephant product suit all skin types. Drunk Elephant is better at treating signs of aging like wrinkles and facial movement lines.

The Tula Skincare range, on the other hand, exfoliates and smoothens the skin. The results are promising within the first few uses.

Drunk Elephant moisturizer is best for skin that requires proper hydration. It has to replenish properties. This moisturizer can reverse any signs of aging on your skin.

Drunk Elephant and Tula: FAQs

Drunk Elephant and Tula FAQs

Are drunk elephants a good brand?

This brand is a solid brand that offers a wide range of skincare products. In 2019, the brand won the Best Moisturizer for the Dry Skin Award and sensitive skin type.

Does drinking elephant vitamin C make it worth it?

C-Firma, the Drunk Elephant, delivers exactly what it says. Clear skin is possible without any irritations. Other vitamin C serums on the market can be harsh and cause skin irritations. C-Firmais is worth it for those with sensitive skin.

Which is better, Tula Cream or The Drunk Elephant?

Drunk Elephant versus Tula brands works well for all skin types. The Tula brand is ideal for exfoliating the skin and soothing it, while the drunk Elephant is excellent for replenishing and hydrating the skin.


Both can be fun, but they also have their own unique set of pros and cons. Drunk elephants can be unpredictable and destructive, while Tulas can be noisy and annoying. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

If you want a more affordable option, you should check out Tula. However, if you are looking for a more daring and exotic opportunity, go for the Drunk Elephant.

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