People who have different needs regarding the type of pressure they want when applying deep tissue massage can appreciate the two models of Ekrin B37 massagers that are available. Depending on the pressure desired, people can choose between the Ekrin B37 or Ekrin B37S versions.

What are the differences between the Ekrin B37 vs B37S? Keep reading our article, resTORbio will show you all details about these devices and which you should buy.

Ekrin B37s Review

  • Package Dimensions: ‎11.81 x 9.84 x 4.25 inches (30 x 25 x 10.8 cm); 2.2 Pounds (0.99 kg)
  • Item model number: ‎Ekrin B37S
  • Batteries: ‎1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: ‎Ekrin Athletics
  • Country of Origin: ‎China
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Ekrin Athletics
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

Ekrin B37 and B37S  Design Ekrin B37s

Pros and Cons


  • 5 variable speeds (2000-3200RPM)
  • Ergonomic 15-degree handle
  • 6 ultra-comfortable, locking massage heads
  • Reactive Force Sensor for real-time message feedback


  • None so far

What’s inside the box?

  • B37s Percussion Massager
  • 6 Attachments
  • Charger
  • Travel case
  • Guide for a quick start
  • Instructions for the device

Ekrin B37 Review

  • Maximum 56 lbs up to 56 lbs.
  • Travel case included
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
  • Quiet 35-55dB noise rating
  • 15o ergonomic handle
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours

Ekrin B37 Versus B37S  Ekrin B37 Massage Gun

Pros and Cons


  • Solid construction, sturdy
  • There are many attachments and setting combinations
  • You can feel a reduction in muscle pain and recovery!


  • A more comprehensive guide or booklet with attachments and speed mapping might be a better choice.
  • For those who are not interested in massagers, the price might be too high.
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What’s inside the box?

  • B37 Percussion Massager
  • 4 Attachments
  • Charger
  • Travel case
  • Guide for a quick start
  • Instructions for the device

Ekrin B37 Vs B37S

Ekrin B37 Vs B37S

Ekrin B37s, a furnished version Ekrin B37s. There is currently no affordable massage that offers similar features to B37s. It’s fantastic, but it’s still expensive.

Here’s a list of the latest:

The B37S will make you swoon if you don’t love the B37’s design. These attachments enable Ekrin B37s to provide highly customized massages.

The Ekrin B37 holds up well and is a worthy competitor. Pulse Fx, a programmable device, is similar.

They are usually delicate and work well. However, over time, they wear out, and the massage head becomes a flying projectile.

The B37 is very ergonomic. It is lightweight and can be held for long periods. As I get older, my muscles don’t recover as quickly.

The 15-degree handle is ergonomically and versatile Ekrin. You will be happy to know that the battery life is the same as for the previous model.

Ekrin B37s is a continuation of the design and ergonomics of its predecessor. More extension = more fatigue. If you are looking for advanced features at a higher price, Theragun Elite might be a good choice.

This is a handy feature, and you will get consistent, predictable results with practice. In terms of usability, B37s are one step ahead. The Ekrin B37 will not disappoint.

Ekrin B37s have the Five Speed Option, which is standard in most high-end massagers. It is important to note that the carrying case has a ribbon tag that allows you to take your device out easily, which is not the case for most other devices. Our Buyer’s Guide will be updated throughout the year as we review new massagers.

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Programs include action plus design, soothing warmth, dual head, and customized settings. There is no other company that ticks all the boxes without making compromises. You’re wrong to think that vibration massagers and percussion are the same.

The Ekrin B37 tool is the best value for money. It comes with these minor upgrades. The B37S is 30% more powerful, includes a Reactive Force Sensor, and has better attachments for massage heads.

What are Customers saying on Ekrin B37 Vs. B37S massager?

The Ekrin B37 Vs. B37S has a two-year warranty for a reason. This incredible massager delivers a punch by incorporating a variety of therapeutic vibrating and tuning modes that target your feet, ankles, calves, and thighs.

Finding the perfect foot massager for your needs can be a daunting task as there are many variables to consider.

First and foremost, a foot massager will provide a high enough pressure to eliminate muscle pain but not so much to cause any damage.

Although they can stimulate different pressure points, most massagers work best at a particular level of intensity. Some machines may be difficult to handle depending on your personal needs.

For example, if you have a bad back, it may be challenging to use a deep tissue massager that goes all the way up to your lower back.


In conclusion, the Ekrin B37S is a more advanced, durable, and powerful massager that works excellently on considerable muscles. It has a smaller grip and a more ergonomic design, making it a good choice for those who have a hard time working with their hands.

The Ekrin B37, however, is a great deal. It’s built from plastic with a metal handle and has a simple design ideal for most users.

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