Fitpulse Massage Gun Review 2021 Is It Worth a Buy

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review 2021: Is It Worth a Buy?

Many people are looking for ways to improve their posture and even stay relaxed. A new massage gun called the Fitpulse Massage Gun might help out in this way. It is a handheld, battery-operated massage roller that can be used on any muscle group to help improve their flexibility and reduce tension.

In this Fitpulse Massage Gun Review, resTORbio will show you all details about this device to consider whether Is It Worth a Buy?

About Fitpulse

Our knowledge gives us an advantage. We don’t get excited about every massage gun we purchase.

Fitpulse’s main feature is its Amazon store. No website is available! It has very little information! This is not news. These days, there are many Amazon-based companies.

This doesn’t mean that you should lose interest. The Fitpulse Massage Gun is an excellent deal. Its price is just under $100, and its features seem very attractive.

We were attracted to the product’s similarity with other products. We are reminded of the Fitpulse massage gun, similar to the Legiral Le3 and the C2 from Bob.

It might be one of the Hypervolt clones. We couldn’t resist trying it with the unique accessories.

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review

  • Stall Force: 10-30 pounds
  • Weight: ~2.5 pounds
  • Attachments: 17
  • Stroke length: 10mm
  • Working noise: 60 dB
  • Battery Life: Up to six hours
  • Speed range: Up to 3200r/min

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review

Pros and Cons


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • 30 speeds to pick from
  • Impressive accessories


  • Quite heavy
  • Jack-hammer style handle
  • Minimal stall force

What’s included?

Fitpulse Massage Guns come in a handy carrying case straight out of the box.

For easy portability, the carrying case comes with a single handle. The case also features a padded lining that cushions all items.

You don’t need to worry about the interior getting damaged. It organizes everything.

The bag contains the unit, ten attachments, and a charge. There is also a drawstring pouch to hold all other heads.

The Fitpulse Massage Gun includes 10 attachments, as stated. Although this is similar to the Chirogun’s 15 heads (15), we think it is more marketing gimmick. You probably won’t need all of them anyway. It’s still nice to have 10 attachments.

These attachments appear to be made of durable plastic material and seem to be decent quality. The attachment also features a foam ball head that feels much softer than others. This makes it ideal for low-impact massage sessions.

These heads can be inserted easily by pressing in. You will need to pull the heads out and then wiggle them.

It’s not a problem with the larger heads, but it isn’t easy to lift the bullet-shaped heads. It was supposed to have the exact mechanism (twist and draw) as the Ekrin B37s, but it doesn’t.

An instruction manual is also included in the box. The contents are easy to understand, and we love the diagrams that help us determine which head to use for specific muscle groups.

First Impressions

The Fitpulse Massage Gun instantly brought back memories of the Legiral Le3 as well as the Chirogun when we first saw it. We would think these models were identical if it wasn’t for the different color schemes.

The Fitpulse’s matte finish exudes elegance. We are pleased with Fitpulse’s entry-level design and hope it will live up to our expectations.

Size, ergonomics, and build quality

The Fitpulse massage guns may be a good design. Some models will surpass Fitpulse’s design. The exterior is made of shiny and matte plastic, which makes it feel a little cheap.

We were impressed by the grip of the device when we unboxed it. The holding surfaces of the massage gun are made from hard rubber so that there is minimal slippage.

It has a touchscreen display. However, this feature felt less like a drawback when we tried it. This wasn’t very pleasant.

The LCD/touchscreen design means that the massage gun is heavier and requires a more complex setup. A more straightforward touchscreen design with simple LEDs and buttons would have made the massage gun more user-friendly.

The Fitpulse’s ergonomics were also very pleasing to us. It isn’t easy to grip the handle. Fitpulse could do a lot better with the handle width if you have used massage guns before.

It can be challenging to use this massage gun with smaller hands. Using the massage gun with one hand can be challenging, so some people have to use both hands.

It is a significant detriment. It’s almost like doing a mini-workout. This massager is not recommended for small people. This could be your most potent massage gun!

The handle that looks like a jackhammers-style jackhammer is another downgrading feature. You’ll be able to use this to massage your back yourself and understand our point of view. A slight tilt of the handle could upgrade the product.

The build quality and ergonomics of the massage gun are not exceptional. Its form is very standard, and the gun is not too large for its specifications.

Fitpulse Performance

Let’s now get to the heart and soul of this Fitpulse Massage Gun Review.

The amplitude of this percussion massager is only 10mm. This refers to the depth at which the head travels backward and forwards from the base. It tells you how deeply it penetrates the muscle.

Although 10mm seems like a great size for a mini-massage gun, it is still a large unit. Many units this size and at comparable prices offer between 12-16mm. We expected better.

It only weighs between 10 and 30lbs. It will stop running if you press down enough on your skin or at a force equivalent to 30lbs.

This is only a fraction of the massage gun options available. If you are looking for a relaxing massage at your home, the 10mm amplitude combined with the 30lbs stall force combination is sufficient.

The percussion has a good range of speeds, ranging from 1800 to 3200 RPMs. You can enjoy 30 speeds, which means you have a variety of beats to relax and improve blood circulation.

Although a massager that has 30 speeds sounds promising, it can be challenging to use. You will need to use 20 speeds to switch between a light and deeper massage. This can take a lot of time.

It would have been more convenient if there had been only 5 or 6.

Amplitude Fitpulse Massage Gun


The Fitpulse percussive massaging device will give you a stroke length of 10mm. This is an excellent level for a small massage gun. It’s no wonder it’s so prevalent in models such as Ekrin Bantam or Mini rex by RexoGun.

This was quite surprising considering that massage gums with a higher price like Biozoom Jr (about $50 more) only have a 6mm amplitude.

Many brands have developed units with longer amplitudes, particularly in 2021. It would help if you did not have difficulty finding a massage gun with a stroke length of 12-16mm in this price range.

We discovered that combining its 10-30lb stall force and low amplitude was a great trick when using the massage gun. These two factors will make the massage gun work well for relaxing sore muscles.


This is an area where we noticed a resemblance between the massage gun and models like Le3. You also get maximum percussion at 3200 RPMs, just like the Le3.

We find it slightly annoying that they fail to mention the minimum percussion. We believe that it provides approximately 1600 RPMs. For many, it is within the 1800-3200 range.

This model and Le3 have several speeds, which is one of the main differences. We thought that the Le3’s 20-speed speed was a bit excessive. This massager can now be extended to 30 SPEEDS!

Isn’t it more fun to work with five- to six levels?

This isn’t even the worst thing. You might accidentally press 21 if you were trying to massage at speed 20. You must cruise to 30 mph, turn it back on again, and then go up a second time. You can do it!

The 30 speeds are just frustrating. They are also marketing and don’t seem to be a good deal.


It is hushed, and we love it. The Fitpulse Percussion Massager has a 60dB rating, which is very quiet.

At low speeds, we barely heard any sound. However, the vibrations become more evident as you move up. Even then, it is still relatively quiet. While you don’t need to be louder when talking to someone near you, you may want to raise the volume on your TV.

It’s quiet overall. It should not get louder over time, unlike the Legal Le.


Fitpulse’s 1550mAh Lithium battery allows it to run for up to 6 hours continuously. Although this is a decent battery, it is not a full-size gun. Most guns have 2000 to 2500 mAH.

However, the good news is that 1550 mAh of battery is sufficient. But, even more critical, a slightly smaller capacity means a lighter device. Fitpulse’s massage gun is much easier to use than, for example, Theragun or heavy Legal.

The speed at which you use your battery will affect its performance. You can expect the battery to last for less than six hours at higher speeds.

The screen displays the battery level clearly and is a great feature. This device will automatically charge when it is charged.

The charger takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully and is included with the device. It can’t be charged via USB, so wall charging is the only option.

It won’t work if it is plugged in. If you intend to use it for extended periods while connected to a power source, think again.

Price and Warranty

The Fitpulse Massage Gun is currently on sale for less than 100 dollars at the time of publication. You can check the current price here, as the market fluctuates.

We think it is fair for the value it provides. Despite this, we think there are better options available in this price range. We’ll share some of them with you below.

The warranty information is challenging to find as the brand does not have an official website. According to the Amazon profile, users are entitled to a 30-day guarantee.

This is highly disappointing considering that many manufacturers offer only a limited warranty.

Who is it best for?

The Fitpulse Massage gun is an excellent choice if you are looking for a first massage gun. The specs are average and make it an excellent choice for home and personal use.

If you have a lot of muscle, we recommend getting a gun with more robust features. One of the options we’ll talk about below might be better suited to your needs.

Fitpulse Alternatives

Renpho R3 mini Massage Gun

Renpho R3 mini Massage Gun

  • Stall Force ~25 lbs
  • Stroke Length 10 mm
  • Percussions per min. 1800-3200 ppm
  • Speed options 5
  • Battery Life 80 minutes of continuous run
  • (non-removable)
  • Attachments 5
  • Weight 1.5 lbs
  • Noise 40-45 dB

The R-3 percussion massager is Renpho’s lightest, most compact, and powerful rechargeable massager. The R-3 features Renpho SmoothTouch technology, allowing the R3 to deliver more vibrations/tap than any other Renpho model. 

Renph0 R-3 is an upgrade of RenPh0 Mini Massager with RenPh0 Portable Power. The R3 comes with Renpho’s leading seven-year replacement warranty. 

The R3 is also the only Renpho massager that Renpho offers a lifetime performance guarantee. Renpho R-3 develops any issues from regular use during its lifespan; Renpho will repair or replace Renpho R3 free of charge.

The R-3 is Renpho’s most popular and well-known massager. It has three attachments: one cylinder attachment, one flat attachment, which Renpho calls the Renpho Air Cushion Head (ACH), and one ball attachment. 

The R3 is Renpho’s lightest, most compact, and powerful rechargeable massager. Renpho’s patented Renpho SmoothTouch technology allows the Renpho R-3 to deliver more vibrations/tap over any other Renpho model.

The R-3 is Renpho’s first percussion massager that this brand offers a Lifetime Performance Guarantee. 

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

  • Noise Level: 60-75 DB
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Frequency: 20Hz, 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz
  • Stall Force: First level – 26lb, Second level – 133lb, Third level – 48lb, Fourth level – 57lb, Fifth level – 70lb
  • Amplitude: 12mm
  • Watts: 80w
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium ion battery 24V DC
  • Battery life Charge: 3hrs varies by speed
  • Power: 600mAh
  • Included Attachments: 5 spinal, bullet, fingertip, round, flat head
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Product size: 10×7.5
  • Grip Size: 6inch full 2inch half

LifePro’s handheld design is not the best, but it is an example of the most delicate construction. It comes in four colors, just like all LifePro massage guns.

The design is straightforward. However, the handle that acts as battery life is slightly curved for LifePro Sonic ergonomic. The power button is placed under your index during power grip, which makes it unique.

LifePro Sonic’s LED Display is another distinguishing feature. These features were first introduced by LifePro sonic in the massage gun.

It is priced at a fraction of Hypervolts and Theraguns, but it has excellent Built-Quality. LifePro Sonic is the most affordable for its manufacturing quality.

LifePro Sonic is an excellent value for money. We are impressed by its build-quality and simple design.

Lifepro advertises the gun as a personal massage gun, but given its abilities, I would call Lifepro’s product more of a full-body massage gun than a personal one.

Lifepro markets their device as having 32 different intensity levels (the ability to adjust from very light pressure and speed to heavy pressure and rate) and seven vibration modes (3 speeds on each way; 2 deep vibrations and three shallows ones.)

The Lifepro also tracks how much time has been spent running, which is helpful for people who care about this sort of thing.

HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

  • Percussion therapy massage gun
  • Deep-tissue relief from pain, aches, and stiffness
  • Relieves tension, knots, and lactic-acid build-up after a workout
  • 4 X massage attachment Heads – Round, Flat head, Conical, and U-shaped
  • 6 speeds for varying intensities (2900 – 3900 rpm)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 1 hour of use between charges
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.25 x 7.22 x 2.50 Inches
  • Assembled Product Weight 2.11 lb

When you are using the HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun, you will be impressed by the number of features that it offers.

This body massager is battery-powered, and it comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can last you for quite some time.

The motor of this body massager delivers 1.5 horsepower, making it one of the most potent battery-powered options available on the market today.

One of the best things about this body massager is its four different massaging heads that allow you to focus on different types of massage.

The motor and the design of this body massager make it the perfect choice for you if you want to do a deep massage. If you are interested in doing light muscle massage, it might not be the best option for your needs.

Each of these attachments is made of a different material. The HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Guns come with an extension made of rubber and a passion made of stainless steel.

This makes it easier for you to choose the type of massager you want because each attachment offers a different kind of massage.

If you want to see more options, let’s check out the best of list massagers in 2021:


Fitpulse Massage Gun is a painless way to find relief from aches and soreness all over the body. This device has ten intensity settings so you can find the right level for you, with three different massage heads so you can use the perfect form of massage for what you need. We would say that it would make an excellent entry-level massage gun for home or personal use for its price.


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