In the world of online shopping, it can be hard to know what’s worth your money. That’s why people are talking about the Glossier Bubblewrap review. This product has been getting rave reviews for its ability to keep skin hydrated and looking young. And this article will detail everything about the topic. So, let’s get started!

What Is In Bubblewrap?

Glossier’s lip and eye creams are formulated with < strong>avocado oil and hyaluronic acids for smoothness and hydration—peptides and squalene help protect the skin’s barrier and promote softness.

Deanne Mraz Robinson, a board-certified dermatologist who co-founded Modern Dermatology, previously stated to TODAY that hyaluronic and peptides are particularly beneficial for smoothness and hydration.

“Peptides, essential proteins, are the building blocks of skin’s collagen and elastin fibers. She explained that Hyaluronic acid, a molecule 1000x heavier than its weight in water, leads to excellent plumping and hydration.


  • Feel and texture light, creamy and airy
  • Melts into the skin quickly
  • Cool sensation
  • Eye area hydrated and softened


  • It’s not very effective for lips
  • Leaves behind semi-sticky residue
  • No visible plumping

What Is In Bubblewrap

Glossier Bubblewrap Review Review

Packaging: This Cap Makes It Easy To Apply The Pump

The bubblewrap is dispensed from the tube’s aluminum body using a small pump cap. This allows for the correct amount of product to be dispensed peruse, one pump for each eye and one for the lips.

Although the tube is small and holds only 22 milliliters, it can hold enough product to last you for quite some time.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, and Plant Extracts Hydrate and Soften

Bubblewrap’s star ingredient is a double dose of hyaluronic acids in the form of sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed-hyaluronic.

These two forms provide a significant hydration boost to the skin by drawing moisture into it, which can cause temporary plumping effects that reduce the appearance of fine lines.1 Other vital ingredients are a special peptide compound, portulaca pilosa, and vegetable protein.

The product also includes avocado oil and squalene, which provide extra moisture. Finally, the blueberry fruit extract provides a nourishing antioxidant boost.

Bubble Wrap Glossier Review

This Formula Is Good For Both Lips and Eyes

This product stands out among the thousands of other similar creams available. Glossier claims that the texture of your lips and skin around your eyes is very similar, so you could use the same ingredients to support both.

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This lip cream doesn’t provide instant gratification like a balm. However, I find that applying a small amount to my lips every night results in a softer texture and fewer flaky lips. That means I use less Chapstick throughout the day.

The texture is lighter than a thick balm, and it has a slight taste for the first few moments before it sinks in.

After about a month of regular Bubblewrap usage, I noticed less visible lines around my eyes, smoother lipstick and concealer application, and softened skin around my eyes. Although the plumping effects of Bubblewrap aren’t dramatic, they are certainly there.

Byrdie’s standards, except for the presence of PEG compounds, bubblewrap is considered to be clean. The brand did not confirm whether any potential contaminants formed during PEG production had been removed from the products. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.

The Scent and Feel: Light, Fresh, and Fragrance-free

Bubblewrap feels dreamy at first. Bubblewrap is a light water-in-oil oil emulsion that immediately melts into a clear, gel-like serum. The skin is also subtly cooled as it’s applied. This is a great benefit, especially for those trying to get up in the morning.

Although most of the product is absorbed quickly, a slightly sticky residue remains under the eyes.

This residue is more noticeable on the lips because it dissipates faster when you talk, lick your lips, eat, and so forth. It sinks in quickly and disappears almost instantly. It was still a weird texture for a lip product and sometimes left behind a sticky white film in my inner corners.

Bubblewrap is also non-fragrance, which means it doesn’t have any scent and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Drying and Irritation: None

Bubblewrap is soothing and hydrating. It won’t dry out your skin or irritate. My skin felt immediately calmed and soothed upon application.
According to clinical trials,

The Science: It Is A Highly Effective Hydrator.

A third-party testing facility conducted a clinical trial in which 34 people aged between 29 and 64 tried Bubblewrap over four weeks.

A third-party testing facility surveyed the eye area. 94% of participants reported that it felt more moisturized immediately, while 85% claimed they felt deep hydrated two hours later. 82% said that it looked smoother two hours later.

88% of participants also reported an increase in eye area hydration after four weeks, according to evaluators. Participants reported feeling smoother lips immediately by 85%, and 91% of participants experienced increased lip hydration after two hours.

The Results: Hydrating For Your Eyes and Not For Your Lips

This cream was delightful to apply, at least for my eye area.

Although it was absorbed quickly, the residue remained for a while. I noticed it every morning that I applied it before bed.

The residue was not noticeable on my delicate eye skin. It was soft, smooth, and moisturized from when I applied it to my face until the next wash. This is a huge win.

What about my lips? I was not a big fan. I had never tried a lightweight cream on my lips before and didn’t like the texture.

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They were slightly wet for a short time, but they didn’t leave behind any protective layer like traditional lip balms. Once it was absorbed, they didn’t feel wet at all. Although they felt a little smoother and softer after the treatment, they were back to dry in no time.

Is It Well Worth The Price?

Given that most high-end products cost over $50, $26 seems like an affordable price for a two-in-1 product. This is especially true when the product is as gentle as this.

Old habits are hard to break, so I’ll likely still be attracted by any new lip and eye product, but I’ll continue happily reaching for Bubblewrap.

Five People Test Glossier’s First Eye Cream

Five People Test Glossier’s First Eye Cream

Callie Beusman, News Editor

I am always looking for the best eye cream. My dream is to be Face-Tuned. However, I won’t change my poor sleep habits or drink more water. Sorry! It’s a difficult task to find suitable creams for you.

This cream was a great choice. It felt very light and smooth and didn’t irritate any of my skin, unlike other creams I have tried. It was Tuesday night when I applied for it for the first time.

I had been up all night watching Vanderpump Rules and was so excited by the drama; I had to watch at most one hour of K-Pop videos before I could go to sleep.

After that, I did my nightly ritual: placing a glass beside my bed, taking two sips, and never touching it again. My eyes felt puffy and darkened under my eyes when I woke up.

However, the area was also softer and more smooth. It didn’t make a big difference on Wednesday, so I tried it again. I still haven’t seen much improvement.

However, I do like the application, and it is likely to make my eyes look brighter in the future. It was not a good product for lips. I felt it dry my lips, which is precisely what it was supposed to do.

Paola de Varona, Editorial Assistant

Bubblewrap’s light texture and quick absorption into my skin are what I love most about it. Eye creams can be heavy and thick, so I use them only at night.

This one, however, is light enough that I can apply it in the morning under my makeup and moisturizer. It leaves my lips soft and smooth. It would make a great starting point for those who don’t use an eye cream.

For me, it will be a part of my morning routine. However, I prefer something more for the night.

Erica Smith, Beauty Writer

This cream is the best two-in-one product you have ever used. It has confirmed my belief that I didn’t need a hybrid eye and lip cream. You will love Glossier packaging, and you want your shelves to be uniform. This moisturizer is an excellent pump-type option.

The formula is quick to absorb so that you don’t need to rub it under your eyes for hours. Other than that, I love this eye cream! It felt almost like I was applying moisturizer to my lips when I applied it.

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They felt smoother, but with that kind of matte, lotion-that-has-absorbed-into-your-skin feeling. It’s fine elsewhere on my body, as I don’t rub my arms/legs/face constantly. My lips touched each other frequently, so it felt like they needed to be layered.

This would be used to prep my lips for lipstick. However, I have a lip primer that does this better. This would also work well in my eyes. However, I have better eye creams.

Daise Bedolla, Social Editor

Because Monday’s Met Gala was on Monday, I didn’t get much sleep, so it was challenging to test an eye cream. I’m not sure this product helped with my tired look. Although it was an excellent primer for concealer, I found that it worked well on my lips.

After I applied it to my lips, which is a bit strange since it’s not balm, I noticed that my lipstick went on smoothly and didn’t crease. It did have a slight “plumping effect” for me. It cost $26, so it’s not something I would buy just for primer purposes.

This could be a great option if you’re looking to reduce the number of products in your routine.

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

I don’t have Resting Bitch Facial. I have a Resting, Tired, Worried Face. My dark circles around my eyes, which are often not well concealed or moisturized, can make it appear as if I’ve been through low-grade stress such as bedbugs or being a bridesmaid to your most high-maintenance friend.

Bubblewrap is lighter than the heavy-duty eye creams that I usually use. The cream is gentle and doesn’t feel heavy. I also liked that it was easy to absorb into my skin without patting it.

Even though I have never used eye cream on my lips, it was an excellent addition to the routine. Although I don’t believe it moisturized them, I did notice a slight plumping effect. I prefer a lip balm for serious chapping and cracks.

For someone with dry under-eyes, this would make a great starter cream. After applying the concealer in the morning, I noticed that my under-eyes started to creak by lunchtime.


Glossier’s bubblewrap is a lightweight, ultra-hydrating cream for the eyes and lips that you can use under makeup. It’s great for the lips and around the eyes. We hope you found this Glossier review helpful and let us know what your favorite Glossier products are!

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