Goose Creek Candles Vs Bath And Body Works: Which Is Better?

Goose Creek Candles Vs Bath And Body Works: Which Is Better?

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It’s hard to decide Goose Creek candles vs Bath and Body Works, which is better? Bath and Body Works candles have always been a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality, scented candle. However, Goose Creek candles are quickly gaining popularity, with some people saying they are even better than Bath and Body Works candles.

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Goose Creek Candles vs Bath and Body Works – Company Overview

It can be helpful to have some basic information about each brand before you begin the examination.

Goose Creek Candle Company

Goose Creek Candles Company

Goose Creek Candle was started by Chuck Meece in Liberty, Kentucky, in 1998. They are a family-owned company.

They don’t include any banned or unsafe chemicals in their formulas. These candles can be lit in the home of customers without releasing toxic substances.

Despite their high fragrance content, Goose Creek candles are significantly cheaper than other candle companies in the same category.

Bath & Body Works Company

Bath & Body Works Company 

Les Wexner founded Bath & Body Works in 1990. Although the original headquarters were in New Albany, Ohio, USA, the company is still active in Reynoldsburg. The Wexner family has since sold Bath & Body Works, but the company still retains a loyal following.

BBW uses a similar amount of fragrance oils as Goose Creek Candle, but their ingredients may not be as eco-friendly. They don’t specify if it is triple the industry standard.

The rumor is that BBW candles cost more than GC. However, I have not found this to be true. Their 3-Wick candles are the same price, and Goose Creek Candle’s 7 oz option costs USD 1 less than Bath & Body Works.

Is Goose Creek Candle better than Bath & Body Works?

Is Goose Creek Candle better than Bath & Body Works?

Both companies also sell body and bath care products. You can see that Bath & Body Works has many more options for these categories.

Goose Creek Candle

  • Foaming hand soap
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Hand cream

Bath & Body Works

  • Body scrubs
  • Body washes and shower gels
  • Body lotions
  • Fine fragrance mists
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath fizzies
  • Bar soaps
  • Hand creams
  • Lip gloss and lip balms
  • Cologne

However, this makes sense since BBW does not include the word candle within its company name, while GC does. It is obvious which company focuses its product development.

Candle Size Comparisons

Let’s focus on candles as the central overlap between these companies. Goose Creek is able to surpass Bath & Body Works in this area with one more size option.

 Goose Creek Candle Bath & Body Works
Single Wick7 oz (198g) tumbler7 oz (198g) screw lid jar
2-Wick24 oz (680g) jarN/A
3-Wick14.5 oz (411g) container14.5 oz (411g) container

Both companies pour their candles in glass containers and jars. The jars can be reused in various DIY projects and holders if they are appropriately cleaned. The 24 oz jars look similar to Yankee Candle’s originals.

Fragrance Comparisons

Goose Creek Candle uses only fragrances that are on the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) safelists.

Bath & Body Works doesn’t make that claim, as far as I know. However, if you look at their ingredients list, you will see that they do not use toxic ingredients in any of their candles.

However, neither company divulges all of its ingredients. Companies can choose not to share specific components of proprietary product recipes due to privacy protections.

Both companies use essential oils and fragrance oils in all of their aromatherapy candle lines. Aromatherapy candles cannot be made without essential oils.

According to my knowledge, each company has close to or slightly more than 100 candle fragrances in all of its collections.

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Comparison of Wicks & Wax

Both companies use lead-free candles. Goose Creek Candle sometimes refers to its wicks being 100% cotton, but it’s not consistent. I don’t know if they use different wicks.

Depending on the wax mix, some candle companies use different wicks for different fragrances. This ensures that the candles burn evenly. This might be true here.

There are many similarities between the two companies in terms of wax. Both companies use a proprietary soy wax blend. Bath & Body Works’ blend contains soy, palm, and paraffin waxes. Goose Creek doesn’t specify what additional wax types are in their combination.

Goose Creek Candle claims that they use only natural ingredients, but I didn’t see any evidence to support that claim. They frequently use terms such as “clean” or “health-conscious” on their website.

Their products are also vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no parabens and toxins. They don’t link to the candle ingredients on each product, unlike BBW. This means that it is impossible to determine if their products are genuinely natural.

Are There Any Differences?

These four points seem to make Goose Creek Candle stand apart from BBW.

  • They use three times as much fragrance oil.
  • Customers praise them for their unique scents.
  • A strong scent is released when the candle is lit.
  • Over time, candles continue to burn evenly.

Customers seem to be most satisfied with this last point. Many Bath & Body Works customers complained that their candles didn’t burn as well over time, and they smelled stronger towards the end. This made them feel like the purchase was a waste.

Takeaway: If you consider all other factors equal, Goose Creek Candle may be a better choice in terms of value. The candle will have a robust and consistent fragrance that will last until the end.


Both brands of candles have their own advantages. BBW candles are known for their quality and scent. However, Goose Creek candles are a close second and sometimes offer a better price. Hope that this article can help you easily decide which is the most suitable for you.


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