Giving your face the right amount of care and attention is the only way to get it looking the best that it can. Getting the proper skincare routine can help you improve your appearance dramatically, helping you look younger and healthier.

When following a skincare regime, there are many different steps, which can leave people wondering; How Long to Wait Between Skincare Steps? Keep reading this article; resTORbio will show you what you should do.

Can Skin Handle So Many Products All At Once?

You don’t need to wait because everything you apply will quickly absorb and take great care of your skin. Except for a few rare exceptions, no product will interfere with the ability of another product to penetrate the skin.

Can Skin Handle So Many Products All At Once

The skin can easily absorb many beneficial skin care ingredients at once. Each element is unique and can be used to make your skin look younger, smoother, more hydrated, more precise, and more radiant.

It’s not about how many skin care products or how they absorb or set. Some prefer to wait between steps, while others like to layer skin care products one after another. You can mix all the skin care products in your hands before applying, except sunscreen. This will reduce its effectiveness.

You don’t need to wait for any of these options. You can quickly apply your skin care routine!

How Long to Wait Between Skincare Steps?

How long to wait to apply moisturizer after serum

Acne Treatments: One Minute

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Waiting time is required for topical prescription medications, particularly acne medications. Shah states that the topical medications must be wholly absorbed into the skin before any moisturizers or serums can be applied. This will ensure maximum effectiveness.

Dendy Engelman is a New York City dermatologist who agrees that adding acne treatments should sit on the skin for a while before applying rubbing creams to them. This will allow active ingredients to start working their magic.

How long between applying skincare products Retinol

Retinol: 0 seconds

Other dermatologists agree that the higher quality skin care products are, the faster your skin absorbs them. High-quality products such as retinol can be used quickly, and there is less waiting time.

Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, said that they have a different chemical and will absorb faster into the skin.

Serum and Moisturizer: 1 Minute

Goldenberg recommends a time interval of about one minute between serums or moisturizers. The same logic applies to this wait: 60 seconds, give or take allows each skincare product to penetrate your pores.

Sunscreen: 1 Minute Skin care routine steps

Sunscreen: 1 Minute

Sunscreen, the second exception, needs to be applied for a while to make it as effective as possible. This is according to Sejal Shah, a New York City dermatologist. She says that sunscreen becomes less effective when mixed with other products.

This is why SPF should be your last step in your morning skincare routine. Professionals recommend waiting at least one minute between applying your sunscreen and moisturizer to allow them to dry down and penetrate.

Allure’s digital beauty editor prefers to get dressed before applying sunscreen to her face. Next, wait for your sunscreen to absorb fully before moving on to your makeup.

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The Exception To The Rule

You know that every rule has an exception. Sunscreen is one such exception.

This is the deal: To get adequate sun protection, your sunscreen should form an even layer on your skin. This takes some time. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes for skincare products to work.

Applying foundation or any other skincare product after applying sunscreen will cause it to smear some sunscreens. Could you not do it?

It doesn’t matter whether your sunscreen sinks in within a few minutes or your skin feels dry. Waiting at least 15 minutes before touching your sunscreen is still essential. This is no exception!

Proper Layering Order Is the Key to Success

Proper Layering Order Is the Key to Success

Experts agree that the order you apply skincare products is more important than the timing. Engelman provides a quick reminder: “We want layer starting with the smallest molecules and slowly increasing in size,” Engelman says.

It is good to layer the lightest product first, then the thickest. This will allow each layer to be fully absorbed into the skin.


The best part about using our skincare line is that you won’t have to wait long periods between each application. This will save you time and allow you to experiment with adding one of our boosters or serums to your routine. These helpful additions won’t add much time and will benefit your skin.

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