A treadmill is a popular piece of exercise equipment that can be found in many homes and gyms. But how much does a treadmill weigh? The answer may surprise you.

How Much Does A Treadmill Weigh?

There are many sizes and weights of treadmills. A home treadmill is about 104 kg in weight.

Some models can be as heavy as 204kg and as light as 45kg. We can find the machine that suits our body weight by looking at these weight options.

Others might prefer a durable machine with valuable add-ons. The treadmill’s weight will naturally increase due to additional features.

If you are considering purchasing a treadmill, weight is an important consideration. However, weight should not be the sole determinant of your purchase decision.

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What Are The Factors That Make A Treadmill Heavy?

how much do treadmills weigh

Many manufacturers offer premium quality treadmills for various purposes. For heavy-duty sprint preparation, light cardio training, military training, or other similar training, treadmills need different structures, built, and limitations.

It isn’t easy to set a standard weight for treadmills. Here are some features that can help you determine your treadmill’s weight.


The frame of a treadmill is responsible for most of its weight. The treadmill’s frame is an indicator of its strength. For a treadmill to perform well and efficiently, the frame must be solid and sturdy. It all depends on how you use the treadmill.

A lightweight treadmill is perfect for those who want to get out of the office and do some simple exercise after work.

A sturdy frame is essential if you are an avid fitness fan and follow a strict fitness program. It will also have advanced features such as a high incline ratio and pre-built workouts. For military, navy, space and other training, heavy treadmills are required to give the trainees the best workout possible.


The motor is one of the most essential characteristics distinguishing treadmills from other models. Treadmills with higher speeds tend to be heavier than those with lower rates.

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Because treadmills have high-speed capabilities, they must have titanium or industrial steel motors to withstand the high pressure. The engine is made of high-quality materials that can increase the treadmill’s overall weight by 50-60 pounds.


Another important feature is the incline. This adds a lot to the treadmill’s overall weight. Treadmills with advanced features such as incline are heavier than those without it. The incline feature allows users to adjust the angle of their running board, which leads to more intense workout sessions.

These features are not necessary for simple exercise at home, but they are essential for specific fitness goals and training. The treadmill’s weight will increase if the incline feature is used. This is because it uses extra parts such as the flywheel and the rollers. The treadmill will gain between 30-40 pounds.

Motorized Treadmill Weight

Motorized Treadmill Weight

Motorized treadmills typically weigh between 220 to 350 pounds, with an average treadmill weight of around 270 pounds.

However, there are some exceptions. A few treadmills from Nordic Track Incline and Life Fitness were more than 400 pounds.

The Proform City L6 was the lightest treadmill at just 125 pounds.

How Much Does A NordicTrack Treadmill Weigh?

Nordictrack is a well-known brand when it comes to treadmills. For a long, they have been making high-quality treadmills.

There are many treadmills available, including incline and commercial treadmills.

Nordic Track makes the 1750 treadmill and the 2450 commercial treadmill. The 1750 treadmill is 340 lbs in weight and can support 300 lb. The 2450 treadmill is 353 lb and can support 300 lb. The capacity for the 2450 treadmill is 300 lb. All treadmill weight ratings by Nordic Track were listed at 300 lbs.

Next, NordicTrack’s inclines treadmills.

The inclined treadmills weigh more than any other type I have seen. These treadmills are heavier than any other treadmill I have seen at over 100 pounds, with the X22i weighing in at 505 pounds and the X33i at 462 pounds.

It would be a real chore to try and move one of these things!

The EXP treadmills are finally available. The 14i, Elite 1000, and 7i weighed 229, 223 and 222, respectively. As mentioned earlier, these were also listed with a weight limit of 300 lbs.

How Much Does a Peloton Treadmill Weigh?

The Peloton Tread is Peloton’s treadmill, and it appears to do everything but run for you.

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This isn’t your typical treadmill. It contains a touch screen that allows you to access Peloton programs, including strength training.

The first four models are folding deck treadmills that weigh between 220 and 265 pounds and have a 300-pound weight limit.

The City L6 is a smaller, quieter treadmill for those with limited floor space. With a weight of only 125 pounds, it is by far the lightest motorized treadmill I’ve seen. The Peloton Treadmill is 290 pounds and has a user weight requirement of 105 to 300 pounds.

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How Much Does a Proform Treadmill Weigh?

Proform is a well-known treadmill manufacturer with a long history of producing high-quality treadmills.

The Pro 9000, Pro 2000, Carbon T10, Carbon T7, and City L6 treadmills are now their five most popular models.

Folding Treadmill

Because of their small size, folding treadmills are very popular with runners. Because their decks fold down for storage, they are great for apartments. They are available in manual or motorized versions.

The average weight for a foldable treadmill is 200 pounds. However, there are lighter options. While the manual treadmills will be lighter, 200 pounds is a good weight for a home gym. The home user will appreciate that it has an excellent maximum weight capacity.

Manual Treadmill Weight

A manual treadmill uses the runner’s leg movements to turn the tread instead of relying upon a motor.

You might think manual treadmills are lighter because they don’t have the motors or parts that drive motorized ones. But, you would be wrong.

Two versions of manual treadmills are available, each at extreme opposite ends.

The first is the manual treadmills from my old gym that I thought would break if I tried to get on them.

Another is the high-end, commercial-level manual treadmill. These treadmills are fantastic, but they can be pretty expensive.

What is The Weight of a Manual Treadmill?

The Assault Runner Pro and Curved Treadmills from Tru Grit are high-end manual treadmills that can weigh between 300 and 400 pounds.

These are the old manual treadmills. They will typically weigh in the neighborhood of 50 pounds.

Do Treadmill Weights Matter?

The weight of a treadmill is essential, and it’s not only for how heavy it needs to be moved. A treadmill’s weight is often a good indicator of its quality (like a high-quality frame).

We found a direct correlation between treadmill weight, weight capacity, and price in every brand we examined.

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Heavier treadmills were heavier and more expensive. Heavier treadmills are more robust and durable.

It’s simply common sense when you think about it. Cheap parts on any product are usually lighter and bake more frequently and easier.

This can be very useful if you find yourself comparing treadmills in sporting goods stores with brands you are unfamiliar with.

How Do You Move A Treadmill?

how heavy is a treadmill

Unless you have firm friends or hired movers, moving a treadmill yourself is not advisable. Except for folding treadmills, which can be folded up and rolled to wherever needed.

Two things can be accomplished by taking apart the treadmill. Both are extremely useful when moving heavy objects.

It reduces the original heavier object into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Ensure to disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet if you have a motorized treadmill. Then, tape the cord to the treadmill to keep it in place.

After the deck has been broken down, it should be easy to transport the console and supports. However, the deck will still be quite heavy.

You will need at least one person to assist you. Now, lift one side of your treadmill and slide a dolly underneath. Now, move the deck carefully to the truck or wherever you’re going. As you roll, be aware of obstacles such as doorways and transitions.

Some treadmills can weigh 400 to 500 pounds, and some even more than a squat bar. Take your time and be careful.

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Is It Difficult To Disassemble a Treadmill?

It is not difficult to disassemble a treadmill. Just make sure you don’t get too involved. It’s best to focus on removing the console from the treadmill deck and its supports.

Moving your treadmill will be easier if you separate these two pieces.

Pro Tip: Take pictures of everything. Each nut, bolt, and screw must be identified and photographed. Take all the pieces and label them. Finally, tape them to the treadmill.

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