When it comes to working out at home, many people wonder how much is a treadmill cost?

Treadmills are a great way to get in shape, and they can be found at most sporting goods stores. The cost of a treadmill depends on the brand, model, and features.

Let’s be with Restorbio to know more clearly about treadmill costs.

What Affects The Cost Of A Treadmill?

What Affects The Cost Of A Treadmill?

As I mentioned, the price range for treadmills is virtually limitless.

It all comes down to a few key factors, such as the brand of treadmill you are buying and other vital elements.

Manual vs Electronic

When you think about a treadmill, you are most likely thinking about the type you would use at the gym.

One that plugs into the wall, you know.

Push a button and choose your speed.

A manual treadmill can be purchased, which is one without a motor or flywheel.

Manual treadmills are basically rubber belts that have been placed on an incline. The belt is pushed back and forth at your own speed, without the need for electricity.

They are not great for cardio, but you can still use them for leisure walking.


Some buyers can fall into the trap of a treadmill’s top speed.

Some treadmills are not great for runners and sprinters.

A treadmill may seem too good to be true if offered at a discounted price.

A treadmill less than 10-12 mph may not be suitable for printing, mainly if you are tall.

This is an excellent way to save money if your treadmill is used only for walking.


This is where elite treadmills with high-end features stand out.

Many treadmills have an incline function. However, the degree of incline can make a significant difference in cost and drive up your overall price.

Good home treadmills can incline to around 15-20 degrees. Sometimes, less expensive models will only be able to incline just a few inches above the ground.

Based on your training requirements, this could be a way to save money on a treadmill.

Delivery and Assembly

Treadmills can be very large. They are also heavy.

They average a little more than 200 pounds.

Although most treadmill brands are relatively easy to assemble, you will still need:

  • It takes approximately 2 hours to complete this job.
  • A basic understanding of handiness
  • The second set of hands
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You can pay an extra fee for in-home delivery if you order from Amazon or the manufacturer. The delivery team will come to your home or apartment and place the box exactly where you need it.

In some cases, you can even pay for expert assembly and have someone else put it together.

These add-ons can increase the price of your treadmill by several hundred dollars.

How Much Is A Treadmill?

cost of treadmill

Entry-level: Treadmills For Budget Prices Below $1000

This price range usually includes an entry-level treadmill. The machine will typically have basic features. You should be happy with the product if you buy a quality brand and model. Don’t expect to have all the bells and whistles. The machine will perform the job it was designed to do, and that’s all.

Budget treadmills are best for people who intend to walk or do light jogging. These treadmills are not suitable for heavy running or heavy use.

You won’t find any entertainment or sophisticated fitness tools at this price. These machines, which are typically priced below $1000, include those made by NordicTrack, Horizon, and ProForm. However, they have features that are not found on higher-end models.

Don’t forget about the extended warranty.

Treadmills of the Mid-Range: Prices Between $1000 and $2000

You’ll find solid, reliable training machines in this price range. These treadmills can be used for running or walking and keep up with casual runners. The majority of devices are equipped with powerful motors and large belts. These models are some of the best deals in the category.

On some models, you can expect to receive various fitness tools such as touch screens, workout tracking and Bluetooth internet. You can also expect to get better warranties and advanced cushioning systems.

High-End Treadmills: Prices Over $2000

You can get more powerful and versatile training machines once you have reached the $2000 threshold. These treadmills have powerful motors and have been durable for many years.

These treadmills are great for those who train for long hours. They also don’t need to worry about the machine’s performance.

These devices will include a variety of built-in workouts, web connectivity and fitness app sync.

You can also expect to receive the most advanced cushioning and entertainment systems. You can rest assured that you will get a great training partner if you have more than $2000 available.

Super treadmills can also be purchased for as much as 6k. These treadmills are often compared to supercars. You don’t need to worry if you have the money. You can close this guide, as you don’t have to continue reading it.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Treadmill?

how much does a treadmill cost

Below you will find information about the prices and ranges of each product. It is not easy to answer, “How much should you pay for a treadmill?”

It all depends on several factors.

  • What can you afford?
  • What are your goals for fitness?
  • What features are you looking for?
  • Additional factors such as warranty


The amount of money in your wallet will be the deciding factor for most people. It’ll be a large part of your decision-making process.

Spend money that you don’t have. While it is essential to be healthy, spending money on things that don’t matter to you will only make your situation worse.

I’d recommend a treadmill, at least in the middle range if you have the money. They are more comfortable, will last longer, and offer more features. It will also be easier to sell a higher-end model if you decide to sell it.


It is also a good idea to think about your fitness goals. Different people have different expectations of a treadmill.

The following is what most people want:

  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Lose weight
  • You can do better
  • Longevity increases

As long as the treadmill works, these goals can be achieved. There are many ways to accomplish these goals, even if you only have a treadmill.

You can walk for three hours per day or do 15-minute HIIT sessions. There are many options. Your workout habits can have an impact on how durable your treadmill is. Every manufacturer will tell you that your treadmill is high quality and can be used continuously for 30 years. This is a slight exaggeration.

The truth is that treadmills, especially the less expensive ones, are often built within a budget. This means you have to save money by using less material and parts. Some parts will wear out more quickly than others.

You might feel tempted to buy something at a lower price if you start in fitness. For a while, that is fine. After a while, you will get better and want something more. It might cost you more if it’s less than one to two years after you get your treadmill.

As you can see, beginners should get something at the top end of either the entry-level or lower mid-range. A good treadmill should cost you between $600 and $1000, which will allow you to reach your goals for many years.

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Use Intensively

You’re more likely to use your treadmill at higher intensities and frequency if you are a better runner. This means that you are asking for more from your treadmill, and a treadmill meant for casual use may wear out faster than you think.

Buying a treadmill with stronger construction, a more potent motor, and better damping is better. This will cost you more, and there are no shortcuts.

It’s good to buy something a bit more sturdy for HIIT. Although treadmills are great for HIIT, they can put extra stress on some components. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an excellent way to burn more calories quickly and improve your cardiovascular health.

A good interval timer will make HIIT workouts more enjoyable. It is easy to set up and use, unlike most interval timers. This makes it simple to set up any type of workout.


There are also the specifications and features of a treadmill. You might want something more specific from a treadmill. You can find some elements in the entry-level models, but you will have to pay more if you want something extra or unusual.

The lower price ranges usually do not offer extra high incline settings or weight limits, top speeds, or large screens.


A few other factors could also impact the price of a treadmill.

Warranty: It’s wise to check the warranty conditions for any treadmill you consider buying. Sometimes, what appears to be a great deal can be a bit too expensive due to the warranty conditions. This post will help you find the best treadmill brands with favorable warranty conditions.

Particular brand: You might consider basing your decision-making on past experiences with that brand. This could lead you to purchase a more expensive treadmill.


When looking to buy a treadmill, it is important to know how much you are willing to spend. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a treadmill, such as the brand, features, and size. However, the price is often the most important factor for many buyers. Treadmills can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

We hope that you can find it helpful in this article and can choose the most suitable products for your need.

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