Hey ladies! Have you ever wondered how famous celebrities are able to maintain their faces so toned and refined? Is it because they use LED face masks? Ice roller? Electronic skin massages? Well, beyond just looking attractive, taking excellent care of your skin is essential– did you ever try using Gua Sha? Maybe this is your sign to buy and try it!

Even if you’ve never heard of Gua Sha, chances are you’re familiar with its appearance. Applying flat stones that often are softly scraped over the skin, this popular face treatment is quite popular. Gua sha has benefits, according to its fans, who claim that it provides you tighter, brighter, and less wrinkly skin.

A massage tool is used to scrape your skin as part of the natural alternative therapy known as gua sha, which increases blood circulation. Moreover, gua sha is often used on the back, hips, neck, arms, as well as legs of a person. It is also applied to the face as a moderate facial method. Read the article below to know more about Gua Sha, ladies watch out!

Continue reading to learn what Gua Sha is, how to use it to your advantage, as well as how to include it into your everyday routine.

What is Gua Sha?

You’re not the only one who has recently seen a ton of gorgeous face shaping tools on social media! Even while it might appear to be a recent craze, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using the Gua Sha technique for a very long time. Gua Sha, a traditional Asian technique, means “scraping the pain away” in English. Furthermore, from an aggressively detoxifying full-body treatment to a soothing beautifying routine for the face, neck, and bare shoulders, this technique has been refined.

To promote circulation, boost oxygenation, lift the skin, and promote wellness, healing crystal stones are lightly stroked across the skin– just be sure to do it regularly over a few weeks; it isn’t something you do once to get immediate results.

How often should you Gua Sha your face?

Why is Gua Sha helpful? Well, the special edges of different Gua Sha stones work well to lift, sculpt, and tighten the skin. Deep pressure applied with a Gua Sha stone may truly reach into soggy spots to relieve trapped muscular tension.

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Regular usage helps delay the appearance of wrinkles, dull skin, and other aging symptoms. In addition, Gua Sha is a treatment that oxygenates and delivers nourishment to the skin cells by stimulating circulation— Gua Sha increases blood flow, which results in a more vibrant, lightened, and radiant skin. Aside from that, Gua Sha is beneficial for muscle stiffness, particularly serious ones like tension in the back, leg, or shoulders.

Plus, it can lessen neck discomfort, a stiff neck, tension headaches, migraines, and body pains. You may have puzzled why people were using Gua Sha stones on their faces when you saw them on social media. Gua sha has been shown to ease facial tension, lessen swelling and inflammation, and even lessen sinus pressure. However, since the muscles of the face are significantly thinner, you should tread carefully when working on this area.

A Gua Sha facial boosts essential energy areas on the face to discharge impurities while minimizing any coloration or saggy skin. Along these, it clears out any blockages, strengthens the muscles of the face, and lessens the visibility of pores and wrinkles.

Without a doubt, Gua Sha produces a naturally luminous, bright skin by improving circulatory flow and oxygenation. The Gua Sha tool’s gentle scraping motion helps moisturizer products penetrate the skin, allowing those rich nutrients to reach deeper layers of skin and hydrate us even more. Gua Sha also has the ability to treat and prevent acne by clearing out the skin’s tightness and reducing irritation.

 Can you gua sha your face everyday

Do you know that if you use Gua Sha everyday, you will see results quickly? Fine wrinkles are gentler, under-eye puffiness is minimized, the skin feels firm, as well as the complexion seems more radiant with each massage. Additionally, if you use the Gua Sha oftenly least twice or three times each week, preferably every day then you’ll experience the outcomes I indicated! 

Moreover, if you are curious if you can use Gua Sha without oil– well, you can’t. Gua sha needs to be used in combination using something, such as a serum or moisturizer. You don’t want it to be pulling against your skin if you don’t use a moisturizer to complement it with.

One of the most damaging mistakes ever made was using the Gua Sha on dry skin. For the product to work its magic without creating any irritation, your skin has to be smooth and moisturized. A serum or moisturizer should always be used before massaging your face with the Gua Sha. Furthermore, try a moisturizing serum containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin if you wish to use a serum to help give your skin some glide so you won’t be pulling at it. Remember– The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to keep away from putting the Gua Sha on bare skin as this may create rashes and discomfort.

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Gua sha morning or night?

Nevertheless, you may opt to do it at night, right before you go to sleep– to calm your face muscles. You also have the option to do it during the mornings to minimize puffiness, then focus on hydration and continue to drink lots of water thereafter.

What a skincare right? However, how does one start their skin care with a Gua Sha?

  1. Start with your daily cleansing, pretty girl! To prepare your lovely skin, use a facial cleanser.
  2. Apply adequate facial oil or serum to your face so it will allow the Gua Sha to have a starting sense of smoothness.
  3. The essential step now is, start from the top and press just outward; don’t press too aggressively. Apply even strokes on your skin; small strokes are already very effective. Be gentle, ladies!
  4. For a lifting effect, use the Gua Sha upwards through your forehead. Don’t forget to also target the spots that require special attention if you want a more refined face and to enhance circulation!
  5. Applying a serum after using your gua sha is preferable since it is lightweight. Each individual has a different type of skin, so use whichever your skin is most suited with like serum, face oil, night cream, or moisturizer—as each person has an unique skin type.

Wait, there’s more! Continue reading if you’re interested in learning how to use Gua Sha for your jawline. Hence, it’s essential that you complete your research before getting started. This will not only help you understand how to apply Gua Sha for your jawline, in addition it will direct you to the most effective Gua Sha ways.

How to use gua sha for jawline

  1. Use facial oil or ointment.  It’s important to clean your hands and face before applying a face moisturizer or a few drops of face oil to produce a smooth surface for the Gua Sha stone to slide through.
  2. By using a little angle, move the tool over your skin. Use a Gua Sha tool while holding it at a very tiny angle, nearly parallel to your skin.
  3. Throughout a massage, you should begin at your neck as well as work your way upward. Starting from under the middle of your chin and moving along your jawline, apply the Gua Sha to the jawline.
  4. To relieve any tension in your jaw, gently twist the tool at its tip. Then, gently stroke it upwards from the bottom of the chin up to the lobe of your ear, beginning at the side of your lips.
  5. If you like, you may use your hands to massage the excess product onto your skin or a moist towel to remove any leftover oil or cream. After that, finish your usual skincare practice.
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Likewise, you may use a Gua Sha tool as much or seldom as you’d desire, choosing quick or long sessions, depending on how you feel. Just remember to finish the full sequence with one side of the face and neck before repeating each stroke on the other half.

In essence, the products you purchase determine how effective your skin care program is. Poor-quality solutions can be useless and even harmful, but high quality products might help your skin appear better now and in the future. It’s crucial to maintain your skin shining and in good shape. Skin care products may help your skin stay healthy.

Acne may be avoided, wrinkles can be treated, and your skin can look its best with the use of an effective routine– your skin becomes slightly darker and less vibrant as you age because your skin’s cells renew themselves more slowly. Your skin will repair the dead skin cells with fresh, more youthful ones if you use a decent skincare product or even a Gua Sha.

Always remember not to press too hard on your skin. Apply consistent strokes to your skin; little strokes are already quite powerful. Ladies, be gentle!

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