If you’re like most people, you probably use Strava to track your runs and bike rides. But did you know that you can also use it to track your treadmill workouts?

Here’s how to add treadmill to Strava so you can see your progress and stay motivated.

What is STRAVA?

What is STRAVA?

Strava is a popular fitness tracker for cyclists and runners.

Strava is more than a tool for tracking your travel distances. It also offers detailed analytics about:

  • While you train, your heartbeat.
  • Your power and performance on different legs of your training session
  • Throughout the race, elevation was gained.
  • It also connects to Strava’s social network.

Strava is a social network and community that allows hundreds of thousands of people to come together online to compete, push each other to achieve their goals and see how they compare to the rest of the pack.

The social aspect of Strava is what makes it so much fun. It is an attractive feature to be able to make real friendships, build relationships, compete against each other, or belong to a group of fitness-focused people.

Can You Use Strava On A Treadmill?

Strava is an excellent tool for training and analysis. It pairs well with your smartwatch or smartphone’s GPS system.

Strava’s GPS connectivity allows Strava the ability to track your runs. This includes not only measuring your overall distance but also measuring altitude changes and speed during different sections of your run.

However, a treadmill is not going to produce any GPS data.

The treadmill is stationary, and the core functionality of Strava is greatly diminished unless the treadmill provides “dummy GPS data” to match the distance you are running on it.

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However, Strava is not useless if you’re running on a treadmill.

It’s just a matter of being creative!

How To Add Treadmill To Strava – Tracking Your Treadmill Workout

How To Add Treadmill To Strava

1. Enter It Manually

The modern runner will split their training sessions between running outdoors and on the treadmill. Strava and other GPS-based activity tracking technologies can’t track stationary activities. You don’t need the GPS because you aren’t moving anywhere.

If you run on a treadmill, you will need to log in manually on Strava. Here’s how:

After you finish your treadmill workout, make a note of all the data it gives you, such as distance, calories burned and duration. When the treadmill displays these data, it’s a good idea to take a photo.

It is also a good idea to note the time you started your activity.

Register online for your Strava account or launch the Strava app. Click on “Upload activity”, then click “Upload an Activity Manually”.

Enter the required data to log into your account.

You can log this exercise as a stationary one by going to the “My activities” section. Then, locate your treadmill workout. Select “Edit” and then click on “Mark as stationary.”

Although it is a bit cumbersome, this manual entry option will help you keep track of your activity. You don’t need to log your workout immediately after you finish it. You can wait until you get back home and still have some time.

2. Connect A Heart Rate Sensor

Connecting a heart rate sensor to your Strava treadmill tracker is a simpler and more accurate way to keep track of your workouts. This requires you to purchase a heart rate sensor, which is not an option for everyone. However, if you have one or want one, you can connect it with Strava.

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Open Strava and click the “Record” button at the bottom. You’ll see the usual GPS tracking screen, but you’ll also see an icon that allows you to choose “Sport“.

After clicking this, you will see a list of activities. “Workout” is a great choice because it covers any physical activity.

Once you have selected that, your workout screen will appear. There will be a heart icon to monitor your heart rate. Click this to connect your Bluetooth sensor. Once you have connected your Bluetooth device, you can start your workout and track your heart rate.

Strava’s heart rate analysis is easy to use. You’ll also get more accurate information about how many calories you burned while running.

After you finish your workout, the Strava account will automatically log on. You won’t have to do any manual steps.

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Strava’s Other Activity Tracking

Strava doesn’t only allow you to track your running but also enables you to track the use of indoor training equipment. You can log things like circuit training, weight training, and indoor cycling on Strava just as you would with a treadmill workout.

Activities like weight training can be more difficult because you must track them manually. No machine can calculate how many calories you have burned. You should make a note of your workouts and enter as much information as you can on the Strava app or website.

Where Does Strava Work?

Strava is like any GPS-reliant technology. However, many of its limits can be bypassed using the same tricks as above. You can use the Strava website’s manual input section to get a reliable but clunky source for your essential data.

Strava is an excellent tool for modern runners and cyclists who want precise, efficient data. It is crucial to be aware of Strava’s limitations so that you can avoid any technical problems or loss of data during your next activity.

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Clear GPS Signal Available Anywhere

To better understand where Strava can be used, we need to look into the workings of the GPS tracking system.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of more than 30 satellites that orbit the Earth. It has the primary purpose of providing accurate navigation around the globe. Strava uses this mechanism to provide its services for running and cycling.

Anywhere that has a clear GPS signal, such as above-ground areas free from obstructions like solid bridges, heavy materials, or deep woods, will be able to connect to GPS satellites and provide accurate navigation services. Strava will function correctly if these areas are met.

Strava’s GPS tracking software will work in:

  • Mountains
  • The middle of the ocean
  • Deserts
  • When there is no clear path to the heavens, it is called wilderness

Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

Outdoor runs can sometimes be impossible. Perhaps the weather is too harsh, or you live in densely populated areas where it’s hard to find a suitable space for a run. Treadmill runs are a great option because you only need your running shoes.

Treadmill technology has advanced to the point that some models can be used as multipurpose pieces of equipment. You can do particular workouts tailored to your goals and track your progress.

Treadmills have several significant benefits for your joints. The treadmill’s belt moves while you run, so there is less impact on your joints than running outside.

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