If you’re interested in how to become a makeup artist, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of what you need to do to become a makeup artist, as well as some of the things you can expect to learn while pursuing this career.

What Is A Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists (MUAs) are a part of the beauty industry. They use cosmetic products to enhance people’s looks, especially their faces. Although you don’t have to go to makeup school to be an MUA, this can be very beneficial.

You may require a professional license to be a makeup artist. However, this will vary from one state to the next.

Sometimes, makeup artists work on-call, by appointment, or for long hours.

Makeup Artist Vs. Similar Roles

Cosmetologists, MUAs, and estheticians do not have to be interchangeable. A makeup artist is a person who applies makeup. Cosmetologists are responsible for the overall appearance of your hair, skin, and nails.

Finally, estheticians assist with skincare by providing full-body treatments, facials, massages, and other services.

What Is A Makeup Artist

6 Professional Paths For Makeup Artists

MUAs have many career options depending on their interests. These are some career options for MUAs.

Fashion Makeup

These makeup artists are trained to create stunning looks for fashion shoots and photos. These MUAs create looks that are not common in everyday life but make them stand out in photos.

Bridal Makeup

This is the role that focuses on bridal makeup. It is responsible for creating makeup that matches the theme of the wedding and the preferences of the bride. The bride meets with a makeup artist before the wedding to discuss her style and make any necessary adjustments throughout the day.

Beauty Brand Makeup

This field of makeup artistry collaborates with influencers in the makeup industry to highlight products in photos and stores.

Cinematic Makeup

This makeup style is becoming more sophisticated as film and television equipment improves. However, the style will vary depending on the story, director, and genre.

This artist is often on the set for many hours. Special effects makeup is also used in movie makeup. This means that artists can create prosthetics that are not compatible with the real world for actors.

Theatrical Makeup

This makeup is created by makeup artists who use bright lights to illuminate the faces of active performers for hours. They create looks that can withstand heat and sweat. It’s easy to see from the audience because of its exaggerated style.

Face And Body Paint:

This artist creates expressive and magical looks for their clients using airbrushes. Their work can be seen on television, at theaters, and at special events.

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6 Professional Paths For Makeup Artists

How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist

Developing Your Skills

You can find famous makeup vloggers via YouTube and Instagram. Online tutorials are a great (and free!) way to learn more about makeup artistry. Look for makeup artists who are skilled in the styles that you’re interested in.

Remember that tutorials can be a great place to start, but they are not substitutes for real-world training and experience.

You can practice applying makeup on yourself and your friends. You will improve your skills and your technique. Even though you might be an expert at applying makeup yourself, it takes different motor skills and coordination to apply makeup to others.

You can apply makeup to different skin types, faces, ages, and eye shapes. This will allow you to develop the skills necessary to work with a broad range of clients.

Start to build a “kit”, which includes the makeup tools, brushes, and other tools you often use. These tools can be purchased at a drugstore to get started. As you grow your career, you will be able to purchase more expensive products.

Get to know the latest makeup trends. You can read magazines, browse fashion blogs, look at films, or go to plays to learn about the latest trends in face makeup. You should be knowledgeable about current beauty trends to advise clients.

Clients may ask you to recreate the look of a celebrity at an awards show, magazine, or another event. To effectively convey the clients’ wishes, you will need to understand makeup artistry terminology.

How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist

Get Education and Work Experience

You can choose a school that fits your budget and schedule.

Because makeup artistry does not require a license, the state doesn’t have to mandate what courses are offered by makeup artist programs.

This means that the curriculum can vary widely among schools. While some schools offer all-inclusive classes, others let you choose specific industries or skills. Full-time schools are the most expensive.

Most makeup training programs last 300-600 hours and can be completed within 6 months.

You don’t need to go to school to be a successful make-up artist.

A cosmetology degree will open up more job opportunities. You can enroll in a private school for cosmetology or, for a cheaper option, a community college that offers a cosmetology course.

You can apply makeup in beauty salons or spas if you have a cosmetology license. This will allow you to access more jobs.

A full cosmetology program takes 1,500-2,00 hours and can last for 12-24 months.

You will learn about other beauty services during cosmetology training.

To gain professional experience, you can apply for a job at a counter selling cosmetics. You can apply for jobs at pharmacies and department stores.

You will have the chance to test your skills with hundreds of people of different skin types, expectations, and complexions. You’ll be paid to use your skills.

For jobs in departmental and beauty shops, retail experience is a plus. You will also be selling cosmetics.

Look for a company that focuses on training its employees to apply make-up, not just on sales.

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To learn a new kind of makeup, join a local theater group. If you are a student, you can find theater groups or in the community at your school. They allow you to express your creativity. You will have the opportunity to try out a new makeup style and learn how to use grease paint.

An apprenticeship or internship with a well-respected makeup artist is possible. Ask a respected makeup artist in your area to offer an apprenticeship or internship. You should make it clear that your desire to gain real-world experience within the makeup industry is evident.

Ask them if they are unable to commit to an internship. You could learn tons of new techniques by just spending a few hours watching.

How To Create A Portfolio

Look for models who can showcase your looks. You don’t need to find professional models. Instead, look for people who enjoy applying makeup and have similar facial features. You might consider taking photos of your models before and after to add to your portfolio.

You might consider doing trade-for print work with models.

To build your portfolio, get creative with collaborations. Ask a friend who is making a music video for your services or offer to do the wedding makeup of a coworker. You will improve your skills while making a name for yourself.

To create more content for your portfolio, you may need to offer your services as a volunteer in the early stages of your career.

High-quality photos of your work are essential. You might consider hiring a professional photographer or investing in a high-quality camera. Portfolios can be made or broken by the quality of their photographs.

It’s okay to take photos with your smartphone camera if you are still young in your career. Make sure your images are crisp and well-lit.

Make a portfolio that showcases all kinds of makeup. Your portfolio should reflect your brand. Potential clients should see your best work and most creative pieces at the top of the portfolio to get a sense of your unique talents. You can include a variety of makeup styles from fashion to special effects for film and television.

It would help if you had your portfolio online as well as printed. An online portfolio has the advantage of reaching a wider audience and can be promoted via various social media platforms.

Building Your Career

If you can work under pressure, focus on the fashion industry. After you have completed your basic education, professional experience, or both, it’s time to focus on the fashion industry.

Once you have basic education or professional experience, you will need to decide which industry to concentrate on. Fashion makeup artists are often asked to help at runway shows or fashion shoots.

Sometimes, you may need to work quickly in stressful situations like backstage at fashion shows or outside in inclement weather during shoots.

This field is dominated by editors, designers, fashion photographers, and makeup artists.

As a stylist or hairdresser, you will often help to prepare models.

For various jobs, look for opportunities in the film or television industry. The television and film industries employ most makeup artists. This allows them to choose from many different styles of makeup.

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A newscaster will need a more natural makeup look. However, a makeup artist for sci-fi TV shows needs special effects and a more creative style.

When working in the makeup industry, precision is essential. It is easier to see if someone’s makeup isn’t perfect if it is crisper and more clear on our TV screens.

You can freelance as a makeup artist to have a more flexible schedule. Many MUAs make a living from freelance work, moving from gigs to gigs with their kit. Many people hire makeup artists to help with photo shoots for weddings and family reunions.

Spread your talent by word-of-mouth. Ask your friends and family to hire you for their makeup needs at weddings, parties, or any other formal events.

You can market yourself on social media. You can market yourself on social media to find work in makeup artistry, whether you are looking for a job at a company full-time or freelance.

As well as having a personal blog and a Pinterest account, social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram are important.


FAQs About How To Become A Freelance Makeup Artist

What Other Skills Should A Makeup Artist Possess?

They need to improve their communication skills and manage a business. It is important to have strong communication skills.

It would also be helpful to learn basic math and computer skills to charge customers or market your services online.

How Do I Attract Clients To My Freelance Makeup Business?

If you’re starting your career as a freelance makeup artist, there are many ways to attract clients. Families and friends are the best places to begin. Tell your friends and family about the services you provide and ask them to refer you to their family and friends.

Networking is also possible with people you have met at work or at beauty school. You can also market yourself online. You can promote your services by becoming active on social media. A website is also possible where customers can view your past work.

How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost

Costs for beauty schools vary from one school to the next. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on where you live and what program you enroll in.


Whether you’re an experienced beauty guru or just starting, having the right tools and knowledge is essential to creating glamorous looks every day.

Fortunately, a degree in cosmetology, or another science-related field, will give you the tools to succeed. Graduates of these programs are equipped with the skills they need to work in beauty salons and retail beauty departments and advance in leadership positions.

Regardless of your educational background, it is essential to understand the core principles of color cosmetics so that you can more effectively communicate with professionals about what works for them. Restorbio hopes you found this article useful, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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