If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about how to get makeup out of clothes until it’s too late. However, a few simple tricks can help you remove makeup stains from your clothes without damaging them. Here are a few tried-and-true methods to remove makeup stains from clothing.

How To Get Makeup Out Of Clothes Quickly

How To Remove Foundation From Clothing

Liquid Foundation

One expert explains that many types of foundations exist. Most are made with a base that binds many colored pigments. She says that a liquid foundation is different from a powder foundation in that it removes any excess.

What you will need

  • Laundry detergent liquid
  • Dish soap
  • Use a paper towel or a clean cloth
  • Water

Step-by-step instructions

Use a paper towel to remove excess liquid from the fabric’s surface. Blot, don’t rub.

To remove the stain, wash the garment with warm water.

After removing any foundation, you can pre-treat the stain using liquid laundry detergent. Any detergent will work. It has surfactants as well as enzymes that break down the stain. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub the detergent into the stain gently. Let it sit on the fabric for 20 min.

Because of the oily makeup base, some liquid foundation stains may look similar to grease stains. To remove the stain, you can use dish soap. You can apply a small amount of Dawn dish soap to the stain and rub it in with your fingertips. Let it sit for around 20 minutes.

Place the garment in the washer along with any other items, but don’t rinse off detergent or dish soap. Ahoni says that leaving detergent on the stain will give your washer an extra boost of washing water. Warm water is best for stain removal.

Repeat steps 3-5 if the stain persists.

These techniques are best for cotton and poly-blend fabrics. It’s best to take a garment to the dry cleaner if the stain is on silk or wool fabrics. If you attempt to remove the stain yourself, it can cause more damage than good.

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Powder Foundation

It is said that powder foundation is made up of loose particles, so take extra care to remove excess fabric from the surface. Make sure not to spread or embed the powder.

What you will need

  • Use a clean cloth or paper towel
  • Laundry detergent liquid
  • Water

Step-by-step instructions

As much powder foundation as you can. An expert advises, “Gently brush any remaining powder foundation off, taking care not to push it into the fabric fibers.”

You should use warm water to wash away the stain. It will be easier to remove if you use more water pressure. After the excess water has been removed, you can use the same wash guidelines for liquid foundation.

Use enough liquid laundry detergent to treat the stain. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the detergent into a stain gently. Let it sit on the fabric for 20 minutes.

Place the garment in the washer along with any other items. Wash at the highest temperature indicated on the care label.

Repeat steps 3 and 4, if the stain persists, before drying.

Warm water is not recommended for other stain types, such as blood stains or mustard stains. This can cause the stain to set and make it difficult to remove. Before you dive in, make sure you are familiar with the steps required for each stain.

How To Remove Foundation From Clothing

How To Get Nail Polish Out Of Clothes

Nail polish is perhaps the most difficult beauty-related stain. Nail polish is designed to dry quickly and last as long as possible, so it’s vital that you get the nail polish out of your clothes as soon as possible. These steps will help you save your favorite ‘fits.

1. Remove any excess wet polish. Use a paper towel to remove extra wet polish. Next, place the stained fabric face-down on another paper towel.

2. Use acetone to coat a cotton ball, or paper towel, with nail polish remover. Place the fabric on a paper towel and blot the nail polish stain’s backside with the saturated cotton pad. This should transfer the stain onto your paper towel.

3. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. Rinse the area with clean water. After the wash and drying cycles are complete, you can put it in the washer.

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How To Get Lipstick Out Of Clothes

After spending time perfecting your makeup look and swiping on your favorite lipstick color, it’s now time to get dressed. Even though you try to put on your shirt carefully, lipstick or lip gloss can cause it to get smudged. Do you feel this?

1. Start by removing any lipstick residue with a dull knife. This will prevent the stain from spreading and make it easier to move on to the next step.

2. Use a cotton round or a washcloth to apply rubbing alcohol to the stain. Could you not rub it in? Instead, blot the stain gently upwards and downwards.

3. After blotting, wash the fabric with cold water. If this doesn’t work, you can directly apply a fabric stain removal product to the stain. Follow the instructions for the product.

This means that you should let the stain sit on the fabric for five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. If the stain doesn’t move, you can try using the same process with diluted dish soap.

How To Get Makeup Stains Out Of Clothes Quickly

How To Get Mascara Out Of Clothes

Mascara can leave visible stains, just like lipstick. It is best to be careful about how you treat them. Mascara usually contains iron oxide or carbon black pigments, polymers, and a variety of thickening waxes and oils.

These ingredients can be challenging to remove from clothing with a washing machine. If the label permits, you should wash the stain by hand.

To remove mascara stains, you will need to use paper towels, makeup wipes, toothpicks, as well as liquid laundry detergent and dish soap.

Mascara can smear into the fabric and penetrate deeper if not removed with a toothpick.

  • You can place a paper towel on the mascara stain. On the other end, place a makeup wipe.
  • Use the makeup wipe to gently massage the back of your stain to transfer mascara to the paper towel. You can use fresh paper towels until mascara stops transferring.
  • Use hot water to wash the stain off the back.
  • Use a dishcloth to rub liquid laundry detergent onto both sides of the stain.
  • Rinse the stain with hot water, and then let the garment air dry.
  • If the stain remains, use a grease-cutting dish detergent to clean the area.

These proven techniques will help you get makeup off clothes the next time you have one.

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Here Are Some General Tips To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes

It doesn’t matter what kind or type of makeup you want to get rid of; it’s important to act quickly. You can’t just take off your clothes and start working on the stain while you’re out at work, at dinner, or anywhere else.

These DIY techniques will help you stay sane until you return home.

Experts advise that you spray the area with a high-alcohol hair spray and let it harden in the fabric. Grab a paper towel and soak it in cold water. To remove makeup and hair spray, use a damp paper towel to blot the area.

Another option is to quickly remove the top layer from the fabric using a spoon, or preferably a knife. Then, use an ice cube to press the stain and rub it in circular motions.

It is believed to keep going until all makeup is removed from the fabric. “Then, use a paper towel to dry the area. This will remove most of the makeup.

For any unfortunate events that may occur away from home, keep a spot treatment option such as a Tide To Go Pen and a Shout Wipe & Go Insta Stain Remover handy. We can guarantee that you’ll use it on many different stains.

Here Are Some General Tips To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes


These proven techniques will save you the time and effort needed to remove makeup from clothes. Most of these methods can be done at home, while a few need to be done by a professional. Restorbio hopes you found this article useful and let us know in the comments below!

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