A chair massage is a great way for busy people to enjoy massage. This is a great marketing tool as it can drive clients to your business. These sessions are quick and can help clients relax and feel more energized. But How To Give A Chair Massage? Read on resTORbio‘s guide below to find out.

How To Give A Chair Massage

Accept that your style might be different from your teacher or friend who is a massage therapist. Accept this fact. Be okay with this reality. But, also allow yourself to keep following the routine that you love and were taught. Be confident in your chosen approach. While it might change over time, it could remain the same.

Find out about contraindications. Uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, fractures, and herniated disks, malignancy and numbness, and tingling in any area of the body are all contraindications. You should also read the common warnings.

You can get comfortable talking to your clients. Most chair massage sessions last only a few minutes. It is important to remember these things before we start giving the work.

How do you give chair massage

How to properly adjust your chair. Every chair adjusts differently, so make sure you are familiar with how it works before sending your first client.

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Try out different strokes. You might try these strokes:

  • Compression

To warm the tissues, you can compress your heel with your hand or use a loosely clenched finger. You are helping to ease muscle spasms by applying firm pressure.

  • Deep Friction
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You can use pressure to engage the client’s skin by pressing down on the thumbs, fingers, and elbows.

  • Superficial Friction

This technique can help reduce muscle tension by using a quick back-and-forth movement. Try it out.

  • Petrissage

These techniques, which are especially useful for the neck and upper trapezius, are equally effective when used with a chair massage than traditional Swedish massage.

  • Tapotement

You can tap or rhythmically hack with your fingers, fists, or the ulnar side. This is a great way to “wake up” clients after a chair massage.

  • Stretches

You can find many necks, arm, and shoulder stretches that offer excellent therapeutic benefits! This technique should not be overlooked.

  • Effleurage

The client will feel a sense of calm and relaxation from this stroking technique. This is a great technique to close a chair massage.

Pay attention to your body mechanics. You should ensure that your strokes are elongated and that your body is in line with the client. Chair massage can be repeated many times. Proper body mechanics are crucial! Even if you take a break from your routine, your body is an essential tool in ensuring your career longevity.

Have fun. This informal mode of communication often attracts a crowd. Keep that in mind and smile. Keep your eyes open while you work and be approachable, but keep your focus on the client. People will decide whether chair massage is something they want to do soon as they watch you.

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Upper Back & Arms

Compression and gentle stroking of the upper back are the first steps in a chair massage. You can address the shoulders by kneading, deep pressure strokes along with your trapezius, along your scapula, and the deltoids. Each shoulder should be addressed in between 60 and 90 seconds.

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Upper Back & Arms - Chair Massage

Use shaking and kneading strokes to move the arm from the elbow down to the shoulder. During this phase, you can move your arm from the armrest. You should spend about 30 seconds on the upper arm. Then, move to the lower arm and the hand. Grab the hand and lift the arm.

Use stroking movements to bring the elbow down to the wrist. Pull gently on the fingers with your hand, stretch the arm out and return it to the armrest. As you move across your shoulders, keep in contact with the client. This should take five minutes from a 10-minute routine.

Lower Back and Hips

As you move towards the hips and lower back, keep your contact. Apply light to moderate pressure to your lower back. You should not press too hard as the kidneys, internal organs, and rib cage are not protected. Move from the lower ribs down to the hips. Remember to use deeper pressure strokes when you move in towards the spine and upwards towards your heart.

Direct pressure to your hips (iliac crest) is a good way to stretch the back muscles and feels good. Move along the muscles and inwardly along the iliac crest towards the spine. Continue to work towards the sacrum by moving down into the upper area of the gluteal region. It should take approximately three minutes.

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Neck and Head

Neck and Head - Chair Massage

As you move up the spine towards the neck, keep your contact. Light to moderate kneading is used to work the muscles along the sides of the neck. This goes from the shoulder to where the skull rests and below the ears.

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Before you move into the head, pay special attention to the muscles at the base and sides of the skull. Run your fingers across the scalp, tracing it from the neck to the forehead. This can be done with your fingers in a zig-zag motion. It stimulates the scalp and gives you an extra boost of energy. This should take between one and 90 seconds.

Finish the massage by completing several long strokes along the back and hips.

Chair massage is a great way to be recognized for your amazing work in the community, whether you’re giving it at a convention, farmer’s market, or corporate office.


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