A treadmill is an excellent option if you’re looking to lose weight. It’s a simple way to burn calories and get your heart rate up, and it’s easy to do at home with a bit of space and some essential equipment.

Here are a few tips on how to lose weight on treadmill and get fit.

How To Lose Weight On Treadmill

best way to use a treadmill for weight loss

1. High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines high-intensity exercise followed by rest.

HIIT can help you burn calories and lose body fat in a short time.

It is essential to do more intense exercise for short periods and then break between high-intensity workouts. This helps you lose weight by burning a lot of calories.

Your body will also try to get back to normal after a HIIT workout. This happens by burning body fat to produce energy.

Here are some tips for doing HIIT on a treadmill.

  • Place the treadmill flat on the ground. Warm-up by walking at 2 mph for 5 min.
  • For 30 seconds, run at 9-10 mph.
  • For 60 seconds, walk at 3-4 mph.
  • Repeat the process 5-10 times.
  • Cool down by walking at 2 mph for 5 mins

Alternating between sprinting and jogging can give you a more challenging workout. You can add additional time to each high-intensity set. Your rest intervals should be at least twice as long as the high-intensity sets.

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2. Find Your Fat-burning Zone

A treadmill workout can promote weight loss by increasing your heart rate. This is the area where you will burn the most calories per hour.

First, calculate your maximum heartbeat to determine your fat-burning zone. This is how many times your heart beats per minute during exercise.

For instance, your maximum heartbeat is 220 times your age. If you are 40 years old, your full heartbeat is 180 beats per hour (220 – 40 = 180).

Your fat-burning zone should be 70% of your maximum heartbeat. Your maximum heart rate is 180 beats/minute, which is 70% of your fat-burning zone, or 126 beats/minute (180 x 0.70 = 126)

This number will help you determine how hard you need to work for weight loss. Here’s how you can do it:

  • A heart rate monitor can be worn on your wrist or chest. Turn the treadmill flat. Warm-up by walking at 2 mph for 5 min.
  • Adjust the incline to 2 % Jog at 4 mph for 1 minute.
  • You should run at 8-10 mph or until your fat-burning zone. This heart rate can be maintained for between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Jog at 4 mph for 1 minute.
  • Cool down by walking at 2 mph for 5 mins

70% is the average fat-burning zone. However, everyone is different. Some may enter the fat-burning zones at 55 percent of maximum heart rate, while others might need 80 percent. It all depends on many factors, including age, fitness level, medical conditions, and sex.

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You may also be able to enter your fat-burning zone by running at a slower speed on the treadmill.

A personal trainer can help you determine the best speed and heart rate to lose weight.

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3. Get Out Of A Rut

Switching up your workout routine is another way to lose weight on the treadmill. You can lose weight by doing different exercises each week.

Reduce your risk for injury. It can be stressful for your joints to do the same exercise repeatedly. This can lead to overuse injuries that can cause you pain.

Avoid plateaus in your training. You will see fewer results the more you do a particular workout. To see results, your body must be challenged.

Avoid boredom. Regularly changing your exercise routine will make it easier to stick with it.

Here is a sample exercise plan incorporating different treadmill exercises into a balanced routine.

  • Sunday: Rest, stroll, or do gentle yoga
  • Monday: Treadmill HIIT for 20-30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Light treadmill jog, strength training
  • Wednesday: Rest, stroll, or do gentle yoga
  • Thursday: Light treadmill jog, strength training
  • Friday: 20-30 minutes treadmill HIIT workout
  • Saturday: Barre class or weight training

4. Add Hills

Hills can make your treadmill workout more challenging. Running at an incline or walking fast burns more calories, as your body must work harder.

This activates more muscles which help build more lean muscle mass. Because muscle burns more calories per calorie than fat, you can lose weight.

This treadmill sequence is for those who want to work out on an incline.

  • Turn the treadmill flat. Warm-up by walking at 2 mph for 5 min.
  • Adjust the incline to 1%. For one minute, run at 4 to 6 miles per hour.
  • Each minute, increase the incline by 1 percent. Continue this process until you achieve an 8-10 percent incline.
  • Reduce the incline by one percent per minute. Continue this process until you reach a 0-1 percent incline.
  • Cool down by walking at 2 mph for 5 mins.

The average speed for jogging is between 4 and 6 mph. To make the workout more difficult, you can increase your speed or add minutes.

An easier variation is to increase the incline by 0.5% each minute. Continue this process until you reach a 4- to 5-percent incline. Then, go back in the opposite direction.

How Much Weight Can You Lose From Walking on a Treadmill?

How Much Weight Can You Lose From Walking on a Treadmill?

Walking on a treadmill for an hour at a moderate speed (3mph) will burn 300 calories. If you run on the treadmill for an hour every day, you can expect 2100 calories per week. This will result in 0.5 pounds of body weight being lost each week.

If you want 10 pounds of body weight loss by walking alone, you will need to do 116 treadmill sessions. It would take around 16 weeks to walk every day.

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If you use a treadmill as part of your regular routine, walking on it can help you lose weight. Although it may seem small, the critical point to remember is that this weight loss can be significant if you have an excellent treadmill routine.

The exact amount you lose depends on many factors. Your starting weight is the first thing you should consider. Someone heavier than them will likely lose more weight and burn more calories per session. You may need to adjust your schedule to achieve your goals.

How you use the treadmill can also impact how much weight you lose. You can do some things to make your weight loss more effective. Walking for more extended periods, at a faster pace and with greater intensity will lead to more weight loss.

How Long Should You Walk On A Treadmill To Lose Weight?

The recommended goal for walking is 300 minutes per week. This is when you should aim to lose weight and improve your fitness. Depending on your goals, you can walk for as little as 45 minutes per day or more.

If you are looking to lose more calories and 1 pound per week, however, you will need to increase the time you spend on the treadmill to 1h 30 minutes or increase the intensity to a fast walk (4mph).

You should aim to burn 500 calories per session. This will give you a total of 3,500 calories each week. You need to consume 3,500 calories per week to lose 1 pound of body weight.

It might be a good idea for beginners to start at half the recommended duration. Walking twenty minutes per day can help you build your treadmill routine and get comfortable. As your fitness and abilities improve, you can increase the time spent on the treadmill.

You can increase the time you spend on the treadmill if you’re used to it or have an increase in your ability. It is essential to be mindful of your limits and fitness levels when walking on the treadmill.

Are 30 Minutes A Day on The Treadmill Enough To Lose Weight?

A treadmill can burn 200 to 300 calories per hour for 30 minutes of fast walking (4mph). If you walk 30 minutes each day, you can lose 0.5 pounds of fat.

It takes only thirty minutes to lose weight. Each workout adds up and will lead to greater results. You can best use the treadmill as part of a healthy routine that includes eating well, drinking water, and sleeping better.

To start, you can walk for 30 minutes per day to burn calories and see weight loss. Walking on a treadmill is a popular way to lose weight.

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Treadmill Weight Loss Tips

lose weight on treadmill

This program will test your body by changing the days of the week. This schedule can be modified to suit your needs. It is possible to add rest days as necessary, but not more than once per week.

There are a few ways to burn calories if you don’t have enough time to run on the treadmill.

  • Training in high intensity
  • Longer-duration, moderate-intensity
  • Workouts of moderate intensity and short duration
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Research has shown that longer-duration, moderately intense workouts and shorter-duration vigorous-intensity exercises are both effective in fat loss.1 However, high-intensity training may be more efficient.2

If you don’t have 60 minutes to exercise, you can do a high-intensity workout for 15-20 minutes, or you can add some time to your moderate-intensity workouts by adding a few extra 15-minute walks on the treadmill throughout the day.

Is Walking on The Treadmill Good for Losing Belly Fat?

Walking on a treadmill can help with weight loss and belly fat reduction. You can also lose belly fat permanently by using a treadmill. It is best to create a routine and keep it up over time so that you can eliminate belly fat completely and keep your new results.

An incline is a great way to lose fat on the treadmill. It will increase the intensity and force you to work harder. A higher intensity will result in greater fat loss.

This is something that you can improve over time by adjusting the incline according to your goals. This post will provide more information about incline treadmill walking, as well as the exact calories burned.

It is impossible to pinpoint specific areas of weight loss. Fat loss will happen all over the body, not just in one area. Don’t despair if you initially notice fat loss elsewhere than your stomach.

There are many factors that influence where you see fat loss. Each person will experience a different first place. Some people lose fat in their midsection immediately, while others may experience it over time. Fat loss can also occur in other areas, such as the legs or face.

Women hold about 50% of their fat, while men have 60%. Men may lose weight faster from their stomachs than women. Women usually have 40% of their stomachs in their thighs and bums, so the fat loss in the belly, bum, and legs will occur simultaneously.

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Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

Like a treadmill workout, Cardio exercise is not only good for weight loss but also offers many other benefits. It could help:

  • Improve endurance
  • Control blood sugar
  • Increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels
  • Improve memory and cognition
  • Protect against Alzheimer’s
  • Promote healthier skin
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce joint stiffness
  • Stress and anxiety can be relieved.
  • Promote better sleep
  • Boost energy levels
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve sexual arousal


The treadmill is a great way to lose weight. You can burn many calories by walking or running on a treadmill. If you are looking to lose weight, you should consider using a treadmill. We hope that this article can help you get your body fit.

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