How To Lubricate A Treadmill? Top Simple Guide 2022

How To Lubricate A Treadmill? Top Simple Guide 2022

If your treadmill is feeling sluggish or sticky, it may be time to lubricate the belt. Lubricating your treadmill belt can help keep the machine running smoothly and prevent damage to the belt or motor. Follow these steps to learn how to lubricate a treadmill.

Why You Should Lubricate Your Treadmill?

Is your treadmill belt hesitant with each step? Do you hear many more noises than when your treadmill was first purchased? These symptoms are a sign that your treadmill needs lubrication.

Neglecting to keep your treadmill lubricated can lead to severe consequences. Excessive friction can cause motor or controller board failure, premature degrading of the treadmill belt, and/or board delamination, as well as significantly higher energy consumption. The discomfiting belt hesitation will get worse over time.

What to Use to Lubricate the Treadmill

What to Use to Lubricate the Treadmill

Lubricating a treadmill can be a simple task. However, it is crucial to plan before applying any lubricant like all projects. You need the best lubricant to use on treadmills.

Some manufacturers make lubricants specifically for treadmill models. You may also receive lubricant if you purchase a treadmill from these manufacturers. This is the best treadmill for your machine if that’s the case.

You can also check the manufacturer’s manual to see if they have recommended a specific treadmill lubricant. This is important as using a treadmill oil other than what the manufacturer recommends can cause a warranty to be voided.

What if your treadmill didn’t come equipped with a lubricant for it? There are many other options for treadmill lubricants.

First, treadmill manufacturers recommend 100% silicone-based oils. Two types of silicone lubricants are specifically designed for treadmill running belts. There are silicone spray and silicone fluid.

Silicone spray is available in a spray bottle, making it easy to use. You only need to take off the cap and attach your tube/can to the nozzle. Spray the lubricant on the underside and center of the treadmill belt.

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Silicone liquid is also available in liquid form. It can be applied in the same manner as silicone sprays for treadmills, provided that you have a spray bottle.

Treadmill waxing is another alternative to lubricating your treadmill. It uses either wax bars or powdered wax. This approach has one problem: you have to remove the back roller from the treadmill belt before you can lubricate it.

Sprinkle powdered wax on the treadmill’s deck and walking belt. Next, apply the powdered wax to both ends of the running belt. Finally, tighten the belt and continue running at a slow pace. The wax bar can be heated up on the treadmill for approximately 15 minutes. Follow the steps for applying powdered wax.

Office Treadmill Lubricant Options

Although there are many brands of lubricants, they can be divided into three types: silicon spray, silicone squeeze-tube and wax sticks. iMovR’s EasySpray Treadmill lubricant falls within the first category. This includes LifeSpan’s Treadmill lubricant and Doctor’s Treadmill lubricant. Horizon’s treadmill oil comes in a squeeze tube.

Horizon treadmills require a viscosity that is specifically designed for them. A wax stick is the third type of lubricant made by Lube-N-Walk. Although Lube-N’Walk claims that their product is the best treadmill lubricant, we prefer silicone spray.

However, if you genuinely want to use a wax stick, it is your choice. Before applying wax, warm the board up by walking for 20 minutes.

Our experts strongly recommend iMovR’s EasySpray Lubricant. It is compatible with over 95% of treadmill brands.

Most treadmill desk vendors sell their silicone spray oil lubricant brand, except for TreadDesk. However, they all use the same 100% silicone solution. iMovR 100% Silicone Spray is the most popular brand on a treadmill desk. It works with all iMovR, Lifespan Fitness (naturally), Steelcase, TreadDesk and Signature treadmill models.

This brand has the best bottle design, which allows the lubricant to be sprayed in a precise stream rather than a mist that spreads everywhere and leaves you with slippers.

How To Lubricate A Treadmill

how to lubricate a manual treadmill

Step 1: Unplug Your Treadmill

Before you apply lube to your treadmill’s motor, unplug the power outlet. This is important for your safety as it will prevent the equipment from starting while working on it.

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Step 2: Place The Towels On The Floor

Some lubricant will still drip from your treadmill no matter how careful you are. To prevent this, place towels around the edges of your exercise equipment. This will keep grease stains off the floor. After you’re done, use some towels to clean off any grease left on the floor.

Step 3: Open The Treadmill Deck

Place the towels on the ground and expose the lower part of the treadmill belt. You can do this by removing the rollers from the treadmill belt and lifting the edges. You can also use a screwdriver if it is the right size and type. You can see the other side of the treadmill once you notice it.

Step 4: Apply Lubricant On the Treadmill Deck

It is easy to lubricate a treadmill, primarily if silicone spray is used. You only need to spray the lubricant on the deck evenly. Before you spray the lubricant, check that it is the right consistency. To prevent the belt from becoming slippery and dangerously slippery, you can wipe away any excess treadmill oil.

Also, wipe off any silicone spray from the deck’s sides.

Step 5: Move Your Running Belt

Apply a thin grease coat to the entire running belt after lubricating the deck. This will ensure that all parts of the treadmill’s underside are correctly lubricated. When applying the lubricant, you should also move the running belt to ensure adequately lubricated.

Applying too much lubricant to a specific belt section is a bad idea. The belt could become slippery and dangerous if it is too slippery.

Step 6: Remove Excess Treadmill Lubricant

Most treadmills require a minimum of 1 to 1.5 oz of 100% silicone gel. If you have used more than this, you have likely applied too much lubricant. This is a sign that your machine needs to be cleaned of excess grease. You should also clean the running belt’s top and sides.

Step 7: Close The Running Belt

Lower the running belt back to its original position and tighten the screws to ensure security. If adequately tightened, the belt’s edges won’t lift more than 1 to 2 inches from the deck. The belt can become looser over time, so it is worth tightening it now and again.

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Step 8: Check The Treadmill

Plug it into the wall outlet to check that the machine functions correctly after the lubrication. To evenly distribute the lubricant throughout the belt, let it run for 3 minutes at a slow speed. This task can be done at a speed of 3 miles per hour. The lubricant can get sprayed off the machine if you run it faster than this.

Finally, you can walk on the machine and check its operation. You can also soak the excess oil in your hands and test it again if the belt is still slippery.

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Watch this video to clearly understand the lubrication process:

How Often Do You Need To Lubricate Your Treadmill Belt?

Many treadmill manufacturers recommend that you lubricate your treadmills every three months or after approximately 40 hours of continuous use. This general recommendation can vary depending on how often the machine is used.

Walking treadmills, for example, require more frequent lubrication than running treadmills because they are used for longer periods each week. Heavy-duty treadmills may need more frequent lubrication than their domestic/ compact counterparts.

The treadmill’s frequency will determine how often you need to lubricate it. Some advanced treadmills have a warning light on the monitor that indicates they need to be lubricated.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill by Brand

For the most expensive brands of treadmills, you can follow the steps above. While some devices are more costly than others, the process will not be different. We will provide some helpful tips for brands of treadmills that require special care.


Some treadmills have self-lubricating belts. The manufacturer recommends reading the manual to find the suitable lubricant for your particular model. The process will be explained in detail, and the frequency you should repeat it. This video will help you understand how to use some models:


After 150 miles of running or running on Horizon treadmills, you need to lubricate them. This video will walk you through the entire belt lubrication process:


If your treadmill is starting to make noise or isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, it might be time to lubricate the belt. Lubricating your treadmill belt is a simple process that can be done at home with just a few supplies.

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