How To Massage Lower Back? Read on resTORbio‘s guide below to know the way to give a lower back massage for yourself and someone else.

Adults can experience back pain. You can have it for many reasons, such as inactivity, improper lifting, and normal wear and tear.

There are several treatments for back pain, including medications and heat or ice. However, massage can be beneficial for temporary relief.

To ease your pain, you can either do a self-massage or consult a friend, family member, or professional for soft tissue relief.

How Do You Give A Lower Back Massage?

Giving A Massage To Yourself

How To Massage Lower Back yourself

Place a foam roller or tennis ball between your back and a wall.

A foam roller or tennis ball specifically made for massage can be purchased at a department or sporting goods store. Place the roller or tennis ball against a wall to massage the sore area.

The ball or roller should be pressing into the area. If the pain is severe or coming from a bone, stop pressing in.

If you feel extreme pain when applying pressure to your lower back, seek professional medical attention.

Roll on the area that hurts using the roller or ball.

To roll the roller or ball over your lower back, move your hips forward and bend your knees. To apply pressure to the affected areas, continue leaning against the wall with your roller or ball. Use a roller to roll the device along with the muscles near your spine.

If the pain becomes worse, try to put most of your body weight in the area you are using the roller or ball.

Use the roller or ball on the ground to increase pressure.

You can apply more pressure to your muscles by lying down on your back on the ground and placing the roller or ball under the affected areas. To loosen sore muscles, bend your knees and move your feet, so the roller or ball slides over them.

Do not spend more than five minutes per day massaging your back using a foam roller or tennis ball. This can cause soreness. Give your muscles time to heal from the massage. If they are still sore or tight, you can try the next morning again.

Do not use the roller or ball massage technique for more than five minutes per day.

 You should only spend 5 minutes each day massaging your back using a foam roller or tennis ball. This can cause soreness. Give your muscles time to heal from the massage. If they are still sore or tight, you can try again the next morning.

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Massaging Someone Else

How To Massage Lower Back For Someone

Let the person lie down on their stomach.

You should choose a firm and comfortable surface to work on, such as a bed, padded flooring, or table. Ask the person to lie flat on their stomach and turn their heads to one side. Then, position their arms so that they feel most comfortable.

Diffuse relaxing essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or frankincense to create a calm and comfortable environment.

You can also turn down the lights to keep the room warm and cozy.

Take a moment and center yourself before you go for a massage.

To help you relax, take a few deep breathes and clear your mind. This will allow you to be fully present and set a relaxed tone for your clients.

Apply a few drops of massage oil to your hands if you feel the person is interested.

Massage oil reduces friction and makes the massage more pleasant. Some people do not like oil in massages. However, it is possible to ask them if they are okay with oil. The oil specifically designed for massages can be used or another oil, such as coconut, olive, or almond.

Use a little oil to start and add more as you go.

You might consider using an oil that has a pleasant fragrance, such as lavender oil.

Ask them whether they are comfortable with how much pressure you apply throughout the massage.

You can tell them to back off if it hurts and that you will apply less pressure if necessary. If they insist, you can push harder if you don’t apply enough pressure.

Continue to check in with the person and ask, How do you feel? Is there too much pressure?

You should immediately stop giving the massage to anyone who is experiencing severe pain.

Apply upward pressure with both your hands from the low back, outside of the spine.

Your hands should be flattened on the lower back of the person, just below their hips. Your entire hand should be pressed upwards towards their middle back. Next, lift your hands and repeat the process, starting at the lower back. You should not press on their spines or hip bones directly. Instead, apply pressure to the muscles.

This technique is known as effleurage. It is used to loosen muscles after a massage.

Keep going for between 5-10 minutes.

Use circular pressure to place your heels near the hips of your hands.

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Place your heels on the person’s hips, with your hands in front. Your hands should be moved outwards and upwards in a circular motion, with pressure applied around the hips and lower back.

Do the circles on the sore areas by moving up and down their spine. Do not press on the spine or other bones.

This part of the massage can be continued for five minutes or less, depending on the preference.

Press your fingertips toward the hips with your fingertips.

With your fingertips, locate the base of the person’s spine. Press down with your fingertips on the spine. Next, move your fingers along the hips of the person while you apply pressure.

You can only do one side at a stretch for this part. If you prefer, you can use both your hands. This therapy removes the tightness from the tops and gluteus muscles, which can cause lower back pain.

This part of the massage should be continued for no longer than five minutes.

Slide your thumb in an upward motion along with the long muscles next to the spine.

The long, sausage-shaped muscles running along the spine of the person are the ones to look for. Apply firm pressure with your thumb to the muscles’ outer edges. Then slide it along the muscle until you reach the middle. Each side of your spine should be done three times.

Your thumbs are the only thing that can increase the pressure on the back muscles.

Relieve pressure from sore or tight areas by using your thumb.

Ask the person to point out any areas that feel tight or in need of attention. Ask them to point at the area where they are experiencing pain. Apply firm pressure to these areas with your thumbs for approximately 5 seconds each. Make small circular movements within the muscle to loosen it. This is known as trigger-point or deep-tissue massage.

When you press on these tight spots, make sure you don’t press on bones. If the person feels more pain, stop immediately.

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What Type Of Massage Is Best For Lower Back Pain?

Type of massage is best for lower back pain

Many types of massage therapy are available, making it difficult to choose the right one for your lower back pain. Research suggests that both deep tissue and relaxing massages may be equally effective in relieving symptoms. It is better to find a massage therapist who will customize a treatment for you.

These are some of the most popular types of massage:

Deep Tissue Massage

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This therapy involves deep pressure on the muscles. It focuses on relieving muscle tension and knots. Deep tissue massage can cause discomfort, both during and after the massage. However, your therapist should be notified if you feel any pain.

Swedish Massage

The therapy is designed to promote deep relaxation. This massage involves long, smooth strokes that move along the muscles, rolling and kneading techniques, light rhythmic tapping, and pressure to release muscle tension or knots.

Trigger Point Massage

This treatment is a technique that focuses on releasing trigger points. The therapist will continue to apply pressure on the trigger point until it is released. It does not treat the entire body like a Swedish massage. Instead, it focuses on certain problem areas.


Acupressure, an ancient Chinese treatment, involves applying pressure to certain areas of the body to relieve pain, treat illness and promote relaxation. It’s similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles.

According to research, acupressure combined with physical therapy can improve function and reduce disability in chronic low back pain patients.

How To Increase The Effectiveness of Massage For Lower Back Pain?

These tips can help you reap the benefits of massage therapy to reduce lower back pain.

Stretch Out First

Massage will be easier and more enjoyable if you warm up your muscles. For the lower back, we recommend gentle stretching.

You can loosen up your muscles by using heat.

The same effects heat has on muscles as stretching. You may also enjoy the massage more if you can relax. Warm-up with a pre-massage bath or heat pad.

Use oil or lotion

Use a natural oil or lotion to reduce friction. Professional massage therapists often use almond oil as an option. A pain relief cream is a good option for stubborn back pain.

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Relax and breathe

When the therapist works on tight or tense areas, pay attention to your breathing. This will help you relax and keep your mind calm.

Rest and Hydrate

After treatment, give your body time for healing. Take a break if possible and drink lots of water or herbal tea throughout your day.

Know your limits

Massage that causes back pain should be stopped immediately. Deep tissue massage can cause some discomfort, but it shouldn’t hurt.


The lower back massage focuses on the muscles around the spine’s lower part. Acupressure, myofascial release, and kneading are some techniques that can be used to treat various injuries and conditions. A lower back massage can be used to treat pain and tightness and post-surgery and stress. We hope you find this guide useful.

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