If your treadmill belt is beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to replace it. Replacing a treadmill belt is a relatively easy process that can be done in a few simple steps.

In this article, resTorbio will provide a step-by-step guide on how to replace treadmill belt.

Signs That Your Treadmill Belt Has Been Worn out

Even the most expensive treadmills can be damaged. It’s not always easy to tell when your treadmill belt is wearing out. It is crucial to inspect it every so often to ensure it is safe to use. Here are some key points to consider:

Check For Slippage

The treadmill belt may slip and cause you to stumble forward when you run. This can make the treadmill unsafe or difficult to use. You should switch off the treadmill if you notice any problems. You will need to tighten the belt if it lifts more than a few inches.

Check For Lubrication

The belt must be adequately lubricated to move smoothly over the rollers. The belt can be lifted by hand to check for wear or excessive drying. To inspect the belt correctly, you may have to take it off completely.

Look for Smoothness

It is easy to see if your belt is worn or frayed. However, it’s equally important to look for any smooth patches that have been worn down by friction. It is necessary to take off the belt and examine it carefully for any darkened patches. Run your fingers over the belt to feel if any areas are smoother.

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Flip The Deck

Some treadmill decks can be flipped so that you get more out of them (similar to flipping your mattress). It’s essential to inspect the deck for cracks. This could lead to you having to replace the entire deck.

When Should You Replace A Treadmill Belt?

The treadmill belt should be replaced if it causes you to jolt or negatively impacts your overall performance.

If it becomes more difficult or easier to use, your belt could be damaged. If it becomes hot to the touch, it is another sign that it may be damaged.

You may only need to tighten your treadmill belt in some cases. In other cases, the entire belt might need to be replaced.

No matter what treadmill model you have, it is essential to check your treadmill belt at least every six months. You can identify potential problems and make repairs before they become serious. The frequency at which your treadmill belt is used will determine how often it needs to be replaced.

How To Replace Treadmill Belt

replacing treadmill belt

After you have gone through all the steps and identified a problem, it is time to learn how to fix it. Below is a step-by-step guide. But first, you will need:

  • Marker/Felt Tip
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Pliers

Below is a quick overview of specific parts of a treadmill.

1. Disconnect the Treadmill

To eliminate shock risk, unplug the treadmill. Remove the motor’s hood.

2. Mark The Roller Position

The felt tip can be used to mark the position of the rollers on the bolts at the front and back.

3. Take off the walking belt

Remove the adjustment bolt from the roller’s front. Remove the straddle cover if your treadmill has one. Carefully pry up the staples.

4. Take out the Deck Bolts

Take out the bolts that are attached to the treadmill’s underside.

5. Take out the Rear Roller

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Remove the endcaps and undo the screws on the rear roller. This will allow the roller at the rear of the treadmill to be removed.

6. Take off the Motor Belt

Ask a friend to lift the treadmill so you can remove the running belt.

7. Change the Running Belt

Once you have removed the old belt, you can put on a new one. You should take your time and ensure that it is in the middle of the treadmill. After it is on, check it underneath to ensure it is in the middle.

8. Rear Roller Needs to Be Replaced

Install the screws and cap on the rear roller. Place the bolts in their proper positions and secure them in place.

9. Close the Belt

Attach the front roller belt to the straddle cover and refasten it. To tighten the running belt, rotate the adjustment screw. These should match the marks made in step 2.

10. Check out the Belt

To ensure the belt is tight, lift it in the middle. The running belt should be between 2 and 3 inches from the treadmill. You can adjust as needed.

11. Try the Treadmill

To ensure that everything is working properly, plug it back in. You can make any adjustments and then replace the motor hood. Safety is paramount, so you will need to have someone help you. Below is a complete guide on how to change a treadmill belt.

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Top Brands: Treadmill Belt Replacement Instructions

replace treadmill belt

Each treadmill model is unique. You should consult the manufacturer’s manual and follow their instructions. Here are some tips from the top brands:

Proform Treadmills

The Proform treadmills are equipped with 3 screws on the front and 2 on each side. To remove the motor panel, you will need to take out all of the screws. The motor panel will need to be lifted off the ground. This will allow one side cover to be removed.

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Next, you will need to remove the screws from the side that you removed the side cover. To loosen the bolts, you will need a wrench. Now you will be able to lift the treadmill and slide the belt out so that it can be replaced.

Weslo Treadmills

You can remove the Weslo treadmill belt by following the steps above. However, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions. To loosen the treadmill belt, you will need a hex wrench. The top roller will allow the belt to come off.

Nordictrack Treadmills

You will need to take off the side rails of a Nordictrack treadmill in order to remove the belt. They will simply lift once the treadmill is lowered. Next, you need to remove the idler roll from the back by unscrewing the idler bolts. You should now be able to lift the drive roller from the belt. This will allow you to slide the belt off the walking board.

Watch this video to easily take out your treadmill belt:


If your treadmill belt is worn or damaged, it can cause the machine to operate less efficiently and put stress on the motor. Replacing the belt is a relatively simple process that can be done in a few minutes with just a few tools.

We hope that this article can help you adjust your treadmill belt for the best experience.

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