How to start a corporate chair massage business? How does one go about finding these ideas? How do you need to approach them in order to achieve success? How can you create an effective business plan that will help you accomplish all that you want to in your business?

Starting a corporate chair massage business can be a smart idea, for lots of reasons. For one, it’s a great marketing tool for any new therapist, or for those who are looking to drum up new business. Moving across the country and need to gather a fresh batch of clients? A corporate chair massage business might be the key to meeting new clients and getting your name around town.

There’s nothing simpler than starting a corporate chair massage business, as long as you have the right idea of what will make it work. Let’s dive in!

Chair Massage Benefits

Chair Massage Benefits

Chair massage therapy provides benefits that improve staff morale and productivity while reducing healthcare costs. Here’s how:

Stress relief:

Excessive stress causes high absenteeism rates for businesses, but chair massage relieves stress by promoting relaxation through gentle manipulation of muscle tissue similar to Swedish-style full-body massages. As a result, the therapy helps prevent burnout among employees who work under stressful conditions.

Injury prevention:

Physical discomfort often leads to absenteeism, but chair massage therapy relieves pain caused by repetitive stress injuries and encourages muscle recovery after injuries or surgery. As a result, the therapy helps prevent the loss of productivity in workers whose jobs are physically demanding.

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Improved employee morale:

Chair massage therapy is one more benefit that companies can offer to improve employee loyalty and motivation. Helping employees feel better, reduces turnover rates and increases staff satisfaction.

Affordable healthcare cost reduction:

The therapy also reduces the need for full-body massages, which significantly lowers health care costs because chair massage sessions cost less than half as much per session as regular massages due to shorter treatment times (typically 10 minutes) and chair massage therapists’ lower salaries.

Benefits transferable to the family:

Chair massage benefits are not limited to individual employees; they also benefit their spouses and families. As treatment relieves stress and improves circulation, it can help prevent cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes in adults by strengthening cardiac muscles – thus chair relaxation helps extend the lives of employees’ families as well.

How To Start A Corporate Chair Massage Business?

How to start a corporate chair massage business (1)

Create Your Business Plan

Your chair massage business plan should include an overview of your company goals, risks, marketing strategy, and projected revenues from chair rental fees. Plan out how you will handle these issues:

Chairs :

Where can you buy your chairs? What will the cost of chairs be? Do you have to pay for shipping, insurance, or taxes? Where do you plan to place the chairs, and how many? Include a floor plan if possible.

Target clients :

Who are you going to target with your business project? Are they in businesses that operate twenty-four hours per day or ten thirty-minute sessions per week?

Employees :

Do you need employees? Who will work with you? and what professionals, if any, will you hire to help run operations? Will they operate out of the same office building that houses your business?

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Include a detailed description of how the company’s expenses related to massage chairs. Include a sample monthly cash flow sheet and balance sheet.

Insurance :

Are you going to need insurance? What type, and how much?

Legal issues :

Do you have the proper licensing or certification for your profession in your state? Do you need a business license, health permit, or other permits to operate?

Marketing strategy :

Decide on which marketing methods will help promote your business: networking with potential clients, holding seminars at businesses, advertising in newspapers or magazines, and print ads on public transit buses (in major cities).

How Will You Find Clients?

Branding your company and services: even if you work independently out of a private office building instead of having actual chairs, you can brand your business. Create business cards, letterhead, and other logos for your company so it looks professional and reflects well on your services.

Chair Massage Business Risks

Chair Massage Business Risks

Running a chair massage business involves the same risks as running any other small business, with chair rental fees adding extra costs. Here are some risks for you to consider:

Chair availability:

Finding massage chairs may be difficult at first, but new businesses usually attract chair retailers and wholesalers eager to promote their products.

Low startup investment:

You can start a chair massage therapy business on a shoestring budget because chair massages do not rely on expensive equipment like scalpels or treatment tables found in full-body massages; only basic equipment is necessary to offer chair massage services – that means you can affordably open up shop right away. However, this also means you have less room for rental chair profit.

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Lack of chair massage technicians:

Although chair massage therapists often work independently, they require more therapeutic skills than basic chair massaging services such as chair relaxation therapy. If you are new to chair massage therapy, it may be difficult to find experienced chair therapists willing to work with you.

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We hope this article has been of some help in getting you started on your way to starting A Corporate Chair Massage Business. There is much to consider before jumping into a new business venture, so it’s important that you have a clear plan and know what the goals for your company will be from day one.

If we can answer any questions or provide more information about anything discussed here, please reach out! For now, take these ideas with an open mind and see if they work for you!


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