How To Wash A Body Pillow Top Full Guide 2022

How To Wash A Body Pillow? Top Full Guide 2022

A body pillow, also known as a hug pillow, is a huge pillow used to support the body while sleeping. They are often filled with polyester or down feathers and can be very large and awkward to wash. In this blog post, Restorbio will provide you with a guide on how to wash a body pillow properly.

How To Wash A Body Pillow

Your body pillow can collect sweat, dirt, and other debris over time. This could attract dust mites or trigger allergic reactions. Your sleeping environment will remain clean and comfortable if you wash your pillow every 3 to 6 months.

Machine Washing

can i put a body pillow in the washer

The best way to care for pillows is by machine washing. However, not all pillows are suitable for washing in a washer or dryer. All materials are machine washable, including down, down-alternative, and cotton.

Step 1. You Can Wash Your Pillows All by Yourself

Because body pillows are so large, your washer will likely take up most of the space. The pillows may lose their shape if they are too full in your washer. For small pillows like knee pillows, however, you can only place one pillow at a time in your washer.

When washing pillows, use a low heat setting. Hot water is preferred by some people to kill bacteria on pillows. However, this may cause pillows to lose their shape and fluff. To ensure safety, you can wash The pillow with high heat.

Step 2. Use A Mild Detergent

To dissolve grease and dirt, wash all pillows with a mild detergent that contains only surfactants (no builders). Use only a few tablespoons of detergent and avoid bleach or chlorine.

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Step 3. Air Dry or Tumble Dry On a Low Setting

After washing your pillow, you have two options: air dry or tumble dry. While feather and down pillows take about 2 to 3 hours to dry while cotton and polyester pillows dry quickly, they dry in less than an hour.

To speed up the drying process, you can add tennis balls and wool dryer balls to your dryer. This will help fluff your pillows.

If you air-dry your pillow, lay it flat. Be sure to dry your pillow thoroughly with both tumble drying and air drying before you place it on your bed. Damp pillows can lead to mold growth and may cause damage to your pillow.

Step 4. Fluff Your Body Pillow

Once your body pillow is completely dried, you can hand-fluff it to remove lumps and add volume. To fluff your pillow, you can use a variety of methods, including massaging, kneading, and wiping it against your mattress.

No matter how often you wash your pillows, fluffing them regularly will increase their longevity. For more information, see our guide on how to fluff a pillow.

Hand washing

how to wash your body pillow by hand washing

Hand-washing is the best choice if your pillow is too big or made from delicate materials. Any pillow can technically be hand-washed, provided the process is gentle and efficient. However, this is only necessary for memory foam or latex pillows.

Step 1. Fill a Large Bucket or Bathtub With Cold, Soapy Water

Because body pillows are very large, a small sink or bucket will not be able to wash them. You should instead use a large tub or bucket. Use cold water to fill the tub (hot water can cause foaming) and mild detergent. Combine the two to make suds.

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Step 2. Use Soapy Water to Make your Pillow

Allow the soapy water to soak your pillow. After the pillow has soaked, massage the soapy water into it for several minutes until it is clean.

Step 3. Thoroughly Rinse

Before you rinse your pillow, empty the tub of soapy water. Make sure that all detergent residue is gone from your pillow. To prevent your pillow from getting distorted, squeeze out any excess water.

Step 4. Air Dry

Your pillow can be left to dry in the sun, or inside with a fan. Although the heat of the sun kills bacteria, you should not leave your pillow in direct sunlight for more than an hour.

This can cause discoloration. After an hour or so of sun drying, your pillow may still be damp. Bring it inside to dry.

Spot Cleaning

how to wash pregnancy pillow by spot cleaning

Spot cleaning can be helpful for small stains that have developed on your pillow. It is best to get rid of them as soon as you notice them and avoid them setting. Spot cleaning is a great way to clean your pillow without washing it all.

Overwashing can cause pillows to become brittle. Because it isn’t water-immersive, this cleaning method is gentle and works with any size pillow.

Step 1. Use a Mild Detergent and a Damp Cloth

Make a mild detergent solution in a small bowl and then immerse the cloth in it. Before you proceed, wring the cloth to dry.

Step 2. Gently Scrub Off the Stain

Use a damp cloth to gently scrub the stain from the pillow. Rinse the detergent off the pillow. You may need to do this several times if the stain remains.

Step 3. Pat the Area Dry and Let It Air Dry

After the stain has dried, rinse off any detergent residue and pat dry the area with a dry cloth. Once the excess water has evaporated from your pillow, let it air dry in the sun or under a fan for several hours.

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How to Clean a Body Pillow: FAQs

How to Clean a Body Pillow FAQs

How Can You Dry A Pillow With No Tennis Balls?

Other objects are possible to achieve the same results as a tennis ball. Take a few T-shirts and tie them into balls. Then, put them in the dryer with a single cushion.

You can also add a single clean shoe and multiple pillows. You can use small stuffed animals that don’t have any plastic parts to fluff your pillows and keep them quiet.

How Often Should I Wash My Pillows?

To prolong their life expectancy, pillows should be washed at minimum two to four times per year (or every four months).

Why is Your Pillow Turning Yellow?

Sweat can cause pillows to turn yellow. A pillow can also turn yellow from moisture, wet hair, oils and lotions on the skin, or even sleeping with damp hair. The pillow will become yellow if it is exposed to sweat or moisture for a prolonged period of time.

How Can You Tell If Your Pillow Has Dried?

Pillows that are prone to odor or clumping may not be dry enough. To prevent mold, you want your pillow to be completely dried. Dry Test – Between each cycle, hand fluff the pillows. Even though the pillows feel dry, they may feel damp to the touch.

What is the Best Time To Throw Out A Pillow?

Sometimes your pillow may be too old. According to the National Sleep Foundation, your pillow should be replaced every two years.


These are some basic ways to remove the stain on your pillow or wash a body pillow, we hope that our guide was helpful for you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know at the commend box.

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