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Hypervolt Massage Gun Review 2022: Is It For You?

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HyperVolt Massager is a new device that makes it easier to massage tight muscles, and sore muscles and relieves pain.

It has been designed by the Hyperice Hypervolt Go Pain Relief Device makers for athletes, which was launched on Kickstarter in 2015.

The creators have combined their knowledge from over 30 years of experience with a diverse range of medical equipment manufacturing massager.

They have come up with an innovative solution for those looking for effective relief without prescription drugs or invasive treatment options such as injections and surgery.

In this Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun Review, resTORbio will show you all details about this device.

About Hyperice

Hyperice manufactures the Hyperice device. This company is well-known for creating innovative and cutting-edge technology in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine.

Engineers and physical therapists created the devices with vibration therapy. They are designed to improve joint and muscle movement and speed up recovery.

Hyperice was founded in 2010 to make the first portable, high-performance ice compression device.

They have continued to bring breakthrough technology to elite athletes in many sports arenas.

In 2012, Mark Sanchez, a quarterback, bought an equity stake. Since then, many professional athletes like Blake Griffin of the L. A Clippers, Lindsey Vonn, and Hope Solo have invested in the company.

NBA also supports these products stars Lebron James and the late Kobe Bryant.

Hyper massage gun was named one of Inc Magazine’s top five most innovative companies in America for 2016

Other massagers include the Hyperice knee (a two-part cryotherapy device), the Vyper 2.0 (a German-engineered foam roller), and the Hypersphere mini (a massage ball that provides a soothing, vibrating massage).

What Is a Hypervolt?

The Hypervolt percussion therapy device was the predecessor of the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus (we’ll briefly look at it a bit later).

This massager is ergonomically designed to reduce tension and relax muscles. It also improves blood circulation, speeding up recovery times and relieving sore muscles.

It’s easy to use for self-myofascial releases, and it has three speeds that deliver up to 3,200 pulses percussions per minute at the highest setting.

This massager is designed to speed up warmups and recovery. It’s suitable for both athletes and non-athletes. It is also adjusts speeds to fit your comfort level.

The compact size and lightweight device make it easy to transport, ideal for pain management or message on the go.

Hypervolt Massage Gun Reviews

  • Bluetooth connected to the Hyperice App (Automated speed control)
  • Brushless high-torque 60 W motor
  • Patented QuietGlide technology
  • 3 speed – up to 3200 percussions per minute
  • 24 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery (2+ hrs of use per charge)
  • Hyperice Pressure Sensor Technology™ (3 levels)
  • Lightweight, easy to use (2.5 lbs)
  • TSA approved for carry-on

Hypervolt Massage Gun

Pros and Cons


  • People who have used Hypervolt units say it’s an effective alternative to deep tissue massage and physical therapy because its primary benefit is speeding up the recovery process.
  • The vibrating action creates micro-tears on muscles, leading to a tremendously improved blood flow, which allows the nutrients to reach the injured area and rebuild it.
  • People say it’s an effective way to reduce pain in joints and help with mobility because it dramatically improves flexibility by loosening up tense muscles.
  • Many reviewers also say that using Hypervolt regularly can improve flexibility and endurance in the long run.
  • Long battery life


  • It can be costly
  • Overuse and misuse of drugs could result in the death
  • Risk of injury: muscle fiber damage, muscle contractions increased or ruptured blood vessels

What’s Included?

  • Hypervolt
  • AC cable and 24 V charger
  • Interchangeable head attachments: Fork, Ball, Cushion, Flat, Bullet
  • Head attachment pouch

First Impressions of Hypervolt

We’re done with all the details. Let’s now dive into the Hyperice Hypervolt product review.

Before I begin, it is essential to note that the review will be viewed from a personal use perspective.

I don’t have clients, and I am not a personal trainer or physical therapist (a licensed massage therapist).

To see if the Hyperice – hypervolt vibration massage device effectively relieves tension, and trigger points, and improves mobility, I’m testing it myself.

I have tried a lot of massagers and was eager to try the Hyperice Hypervolt, as it is a significant brand in percussive massagers.

There is not much to be excited about when you open the carrying case.

The carrying case contains the Hypervolt unit, all attachments, and chargers.

It is certainly not up to the same standards of packaging and presentation as the Theragun PRO.

Surprisingly, the central unit was large upon inspection. Although it was slightly larger than I expected, it is still a manageable size.

Although it felt a bit heavy, I liked the extra weight because you can use less force to massage yourself.

This is also an indication that the unit’s quality is excellent.

The Hypervolt includes five attachments made from the same plastic material. The round attachment is made of foam-like material.

The attachments are of the same quality as other massagers on the market. There is nothing to be excited about.

The Hypervolt was not what I expected, especially considering the hype surrounding it. However, I was hoping the quality of the massage would make up the difference.

massage gun hypervolt review Hypervolt's Main Features and Benefits

Hypervolt’s Main Features and Benefits

There are many percussion guns available today. Why should you choose Hypervolt instead?

Let’s take a look at the best features and benefits the percussion massager has to offer.

Quiet Glide Technology

Because they are more potent than regular massagers, massagers can be noisy.

Hypervolt, on the other hand, uses a powerful motor with high torque and features Quiet Glide technology.

5 Head Attachments

Hypervolt includes five interchangeable head attachments that can be used to treat each muscle group.

The round cushion head is most comfortable and best for relieving tension in your quads or traps. While the flatheads can be used to sore the chest, calves, and other related muscles, the flatheads will not.

The fork attachments can also be used to pinpoint areas of tension around the forearm and feet.

Three speeds adjustable

The massager has 3 speed that allows you to adjust the intensity of your massage to activate, relax, or soothe your muscles.

Hypervolt can produce up to 3200 pulses percussions per minute at its highest level, 2400 pulses percussions per minute at level two, and 1800 pulses when operating at its lowest speed.

Lightweight and travel-friendly

This deep tissue device weighs in at 2.5 pounds and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It can also be easily transported so it can go with you everywhere.

Quality and warranty

Hyperice provides a 1-year warranty for any defect in material or artistry.

They will replace or repair your product or any other necessary parts for no charge. These conditions apply. Please read the warranty information carefully before you purchase.


The massagers feature an adjustable power regulator that people can use to control the speed of vibration. Hyperice recommends using the highest setting on low-impact areas like arms and shoulders, while lower rates are more appropriate for legs where more pressure is needed.

Long Battery Life

If you plan to use the massage gear in a group setting or don’t want to charge it as often, the 3 hours long battery life is a good option. The current models don’t have backup batteries. However, the battery life is long enough to make that a non-issue.

Hyperice suggests that the battery be charged while it is plugged into its top module. However, I found that it can be charged without the top of the device being connected.

The pricing information is available below if you are convinced that the Hyperice Hypervolt massager is right for you.


This massager is available with three head attachments: a ball attachment, flathead, and bullet head. Each one is designed for different purposes, so it’s essential to check with a physician before determining which works best.

hypervolt brand massage gun reviews Attachments

Ball attachment

The ball-shaped attachment helps deliver vibrating pulses to specific muscle groups to loosen them up and boost circulation. Doctors recommend using this attachment on the arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest area.

Hyperice says people should apply light pressure or use the massage gear as a different form of muscle stimulation to help increase flexibility by increasing blood circulation.

The manufacturer also warns that those with sensitive skin should avoid using this attachment because it can cause discomfort due to its firmness.


The flat-shaped head is used for stronger vibrations meant to loosen up sore muscles or boost blood flow. Doctors recommend applying the flat head across the back and shoulders, legs, and feet.

The manufacturer advises people to use it with caution on areas like the thighs and calves because it can increase muscle vibrations and cause unwanted muscle pain. The best practice is to reduce pressure if discomfort is felt.


The bullet-shaped attachment breaks down scar tissue and tight muscles by applying vibrating pulses in the direction of fiber alignment.

Hyperice says this attachment is best used on the neck, arms, and upper back when combined with a gentle rotational motion. The manufacturer warns that users should always concentrate low-impact vibrations on sensitive areas.

The forkhead is used to target the lower back, legs, and feet with deep-penetrating vibrations. Doctors recommend using this attachment along with a circular motion for best results.

It’s also helpful for those recovering from injuries or chronic pains around the area where it is applied because it can reduce inflammation and help repair damaged tissue.

The forkhead attachment is used for stronger vibrations meant to loosen up stiff muscles or boost blood flow. Doctors recommend applying this attachment across the back and shoulders, legs, and feet.

Hyperice recommends a specific massage pattern that consists of gentle circular motions over the areas that need attention, which should be done at least three times in a clockwise direction before switching to counter-clockwise movements.

The manufacturer advises people to use it with caution on areas like the thighs and calves because it can increase muscle vibrations and cause unwanted pain. The best practice is to reduce pressure if discomfort is felt.

Body parts that aren’t listed for an attachment should be massaged with the flat head attachment, which applies more vibrations than the ball-shaped version for a more profound muscle treatment.

How Does Percussion Massage Work?

The Handheld percussion massager may provide complete relief, as it can reach both superficial and deep muscle fibers. People can use these devices themselves or ask someone else for help with hard-to-reach specific areas.

A 2020 study from Trusted Source that used the guns on calf muscles found that it allowed athletes an easy way of increasing their range of motion without affecting their performance while warming up in comparison, static stretching reduced flexibility by 3% but did not affect athletic performance after warmup exercises were completed.

Vibrating percussion devices offer a new way of enjoying the benefits that come with traditional massage techniques.

This is because they combine vibratory components and massaging motions, which experts have yet to study enough for health benefits to be accurately determined.

The Hyperice website offers guidance on how people can use their devices in various ways on different body parts to provide maximum benefit from each session’s brief treatment period.

Hypervolt Alternative Products

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

  • Noise Level: 60-75 DB
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Frequency: 20Hz, 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz
  • Stall Force: First level – 26lb, Second level – 133lb, Third level – 48lb, Fourth level – 57lb, Fifth level – 70lb
  • Amplitude: 12mm
  • Watts: 80w
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery 24V DC
  • Battery life Charge: 3hrs varies by speed
  • Power: 600mAh
  • Included Attachments: 5 spinal, bullet, fingertip, round, flat head
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Product size: 10×7.5
  • Grip Size: 6inch full 2inch half

LifePro’s handheld massagers are not the best, but it is an example of the most delicate construction. It comes in four colors, just like all LifePro.

The design is straightforward. However, the handle that acts as battery life is slightly curved for LifePro Sonic ergonomic design. The power button is placed under your index during power grip, which makes it unique.

LifePro Sonic’s LED Display is another distinguishing feature. These features were first introduced by LifePro sonic in the massager.

It is priced at a fraction of Hyperice Hypervolts and Theraguns, but it has excellent Built-Quality. LifePro Sonic is the most affordable for its manufacturing quality.

These devices are an excellent value for money. We are impressed by its build-quality and simple design.

Lifepro advertises the gun as a personal massager, but given its abilities, I would call Lifepro’s product more of a full-body massager than a personal one.

Lifepro markets its massage device as having 32 different intensity levels (the ability to adjust from very light pressure and speed to heavy pressure and rate) and seven vibration modes (3 speeds on each way; 2 deep vibrations and three shallows ones.)

The Lifepro also tracks how much time has been spent running, which is helpful for people who care about this sort of thing.

Hy Impact Massage Gun Review

HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

  • Percussion therapy massage gun
  • Deep-tissue muscle relief from pain, aches, and stiffness
  • Relieves tension, tight knots, and lactic-acid build-up after a workout
  • 4 X attachment Heads – Round, Flat head, Conical, and U-shaped
  • 6 speeds for varying intensities (2900 – 3900 rpm)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 1 hour of use between charges
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.25 x 7.22 x 2.50 Inches
  • Assembled Product Weight 2.11 lb

When you are using the HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle device, you will be impressed by the number of features that it offers.

This body massager is battery-powered, and it comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can last you for quite some time.

The motor of this body massager delivers 1.5 horsepower, making it one of the most potent battery-powered options available on the market today.

One of the best things about this body massager is its four different interchangeable heads that allow you to focus on different types of massage.

The motor and the design of this body massager make it the perfect choice for you if you want to do a deep massage. If you are interested in doing light muscle massage, it might not be the best option for your needs.

Each of these attachments is made of a different material. The HY-IMPACT Deep Tissue Muscle Massagers come with an extension made of rubber and a passion made of stainless steel.

Hyperice Hypervolt Review: Conclusion

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help our clients, but we would like to hear from you about your experience with this product before making a final decision.

I hope these findings have given you some insight into how percussive therapy may be used in rehabilitation or exercise programs; however, we must conduct further research before determining whether these benefits are genuinely practical. And if you need more suggestions let’s see our best massager of 2020 and 2022.

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