Aveeno has long been known for its gentle, all-natural ingredients, and many people believe that the company does not test on animals. However, recent investigations have revealed that Aveeno does in fact test on animals in some cases. In this article, Restorbio will help you find out the answer to the question “Is Aveeno Cruelty free?”

Aveeno Brand

Aveeno is a well-known brand that makes hair and skincare products. In 1945, Sidney Musher (brother) and Albert Musher (sister) founded Aveeno. Johnson and Johnson later purchased the brand. As the name implies, Aveeno products contain oat extracts and colloidal oats.

Aveeno’s Soothing Bath Treatment is their first product. This company launched many baby products after that. They eventually entered the skincare market with active soy substances. These brand products can be used to treat many skin conditions, including acne, sunburns, eczema, and hives.

Aveeno’s haircare products are just like their body and facial products. It also has shampoos and conditioners that have received admiration from around the globe.

Is Aveeno Cruelty Free

Is Aveeno Cruelty Free?

These products are not cruelty-free as they are made in Mainland China. All brands sold in China must undergo third-party animal testing.

These products are not vegan as they contain honey and lanolin. This brand is a good example of a company that works hard to produce quality products with effective ingredients. You’ll be happy to leave if you are cruelty-free.

Here is the statement from their website:

“We want you to feel good about how we make AVEENO® products. You can only do that if you have the facts. The fact is, AVEENO® doesn’t conduct animal testing of our cosmetic products anywhere in the world, except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it. At AVEENO®, we won’t ever compromise on the quality or safety of our products or stop seeking alternatives to animal testing.”

Notice how they state that they won’t test animals unless the law requires it. They aren’t cruelty-free, and they use deceptive language.

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They state that they do not conduct animal testing, but they require samples to be submitted for testing in China. Their words are deliberately misleading. They are active participants in animal testing if they take any action.

Does Aveeno Test on Animals?

Does Aveeno Test on Animals?

It doesn’t test its products on animals unless they are required by law. Each brand must undergo animal testing in order to be allowed to sell its products in Mainland China, according to Chinese Law.

Their products are made in China and are therefore tested on animals. Vegan brands strongly oppose animal testing. It is better to use vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics and makeup brands.

It is not cruelty-free and therefore the mention of suppliers cannot be made. PETA has also classified Aveeno as a brand that tests animals.

It is a good thing that This brand has been categorized as a brand that tests on animals by PETA. Instead, you will need to search for Vegan Shampoo or Vegan Body Wash Alternatives. Then, look for products that are comparable to Aveeno’s other products.

Aveeno offers cruelty-free options

This brand isn’t a cruelty-free business so we should look for cruelty-free brands that don’t harm animals. Below are some cruelty-free options.

Acure OrganicsAcure Organics, a drugstore brand, is cruelty-free and vegan. This brand also offers affordable and efficient skin and hair care products such as face wash, body cream, moisturizer, and foundations.

  • Derma E
  • Yes To
  • Cake Beauty
  • Hempz (100% vegan)
  • Desert Essence

Is Aveeno Organic?

It does not use organic products, but they do try to use natural ones. Natural is a broad term for beauty, and there’s no set definition.

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“First, we carefully cultivate our natural ingredients in ideal conditions, then harvest them in an eco-friendly way.”

This brand doesn’t use pesticides on its natural ingredients. We sense greenwashing from Aveeno. This brand uses aluminum and PEGs, which are not natural ingredients and have been linked to cancer.

Dimethicone, fragrances, and sulfates are also included. Their products may contain parabens or phthalates, which is the biggest problem. These ingredients are not natural, and brands that claim to be vegan or natural would never use them.

Is Aveeno Paraben-Free?

This brand isn’t 100% paraben-free. However, there are a lot of paraben-free products. All of them can be found here. Parabens, which are chemical preservatives, mimic the body’s natural hormone estrogen.

They can cause cancer and other environmental problems. They are so harmful and polarizing in cosmetics. Avoid them if you can.

Is Aveeno Gluten-Free?

It uses oats for many of its products, but they don’t add gluten to them. Here’s a portion of their statement.

“However, although we do everything in our power to ensure the oats remain gluten-free, we cannot say with absolute certainty that cross-contamination did not occur during the manufacturing process.”

You should exercise caution if you are allergic to gluten. Cross-contamination risk is a constant risk. However, it’s important to consult your doctor before you take any action.

Is Aveeno Phthalates-Free?

Their products may not all be phthalate-free. These products are phthalate-free. They have a decent amount. Phthalates can be found in perfume, plastics, and fragrances to improve texture.

Phthalates are dangerous because they act like hormones. They can cause cancer and other developmental problems in pregnant women. You should avoid them if you can.

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It’s amazing that Aveeno claims it is ‘natural’, but still uses parabens & phthalates in its products!

Is Aveeno Non-Comedogenic?

Non-comedogenic refers to products that do not clog pores. Aveeno products may not all be non-comedogenic, but many of their products are. This list. This includes the majority of Aveeno’s cleansers, moisturizers, and eye creams. Aveeno argues that face products should be non-comedogenic and not body products.

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