Kraft Massage Gun Review 2022 Worth the Buy

Kraft Massage Gun Review 2022: Is It Worth a Buy?

Do you need a way to relax and get your muscles back in shape? Do you want to feel the pain go away but don’t have time for a massage? Well, there is an easy solution for that. I recently tried out the Kraft Massage Gun, and it was amazing! It comes with batteries, so all I had to do was plug it in and go.

The Kraft Massage Gun has multiple settings, from light kneading pressure to deep tissue stimulation. After just one use, my muscles felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Keep reading Kraft Massage Gun Review, resTORbio will show you all details of it.

Kraftgun Review

Key Features

  • Noise-free massage gun (only 65 DB)
  • 14mm stroke (length)
  • Stall Force: 66-80lbs (~30-36kg)
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Brushless 24V motor
  • 250W Motor
  • Frequency: 30 Hz, 35 Hz, 40 Hz (1st to 3rd speed)
  • Charge once a month: Up to 3.5 hours work time on a single charge.
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Samsung battery
  • Over 10,000 hours long battery life-span
  • Three speeds
  • 1800 – 2400 revolutions per minute
  • Four heed attachments included (large and small muscles)

kraft gun massager reviews

Pros and Cons


  • The sound produced at 65 dB, which is not noise but close enough.
  • Adjustable arm
  • Four different attachments for various muscles and muscle groups
  • Three different speeds/pressure settings
  • Battery life: 3.5 hours
  • The carrying case includes a second case to hold the attachment heads.
  • Pretty nice design


  • It is not the most affordable option, but the price is justified considering Kraftgun’s specifications compare favorably with the Theragun G3PRO (nearly twice as expensive).
  • It can only be purchased at the KRAFT official shop.

What’s Included In the Package

  • US/EU/AUS charger (according to the shipping address)
  • 1 x Massage gun
  • 4 x Attachments
  • 1 x Carry durable bag

At first glance, the Kraft Gun looks like a gun that would be used for shooting targets in an arcade, or in this carrying case, your back muscles.

It is made primarily of plastic with aluminum screws and metal springs and pieces housed in plastic with some metal components around them.

The Kraftgun Force packs a powerful punch, literally, for its size; it’s about the same size as a handheld massage gun but with more weight to give you deep tissue massage on just about any muscle group without applying much pressure at all!


The Kraftgun Force comes with 3 attachments (the head): the bare head and the other two for your back and body massaging. With the Kraftgun Force, it is easy to reach the hard-to-down-there areas of your body.

With these attachments, you can feel an excellent deep tissue massage of any size, including those parts that were not so easily reached before!

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Noise-Free Claim

I was almost skeptical about its effectiveness, but the KraftGun Force proved to be just that, not Noise.

My parents were outside mowing, and when I turned on the KraftGun Force, they ran inside thinking we had a bullet shot or explosion in our home.

review kraft gun massage Noise-Free Claim

This is great if you are trying to relax with your TV off and don’t want to wake up sleeping family members. We all know how irritating those other handheld massagers can be!

The Kraftgun Force is one of the quieter massage guns available on the market. While it’s not noise-free, as advertised by its manufacturers, they are still doing a great job at providing customers with something that has less sound than others on offer today.

Speed & Power

One of the most attractive features of this gun is its speed, which compares favorably with other models on the market. It can produce 16mm amplitude at 66 pounds (or up to 80) for a start.

The 24V brushless motor also contributes in part to how quiet this device operates, and high speed is even more impressive-30Hz producing 1.800 RPM while 25 Hz has 2200RPM or 40HZ that offers 2400RPMS

The KraftGun Force engine provides powerful vibrations that will make you feel as though a leading professional is massaging you at a spa, but without having to worry about them leaving bruises like some would do!

The power of this gun makes it easy to reach any desired area you may have. The vibration power is relatively fast and will do great for deep tissue massage without bruising your skin!

Power Size & Weight

The Kraftgun massage guns are compact and lightweight massage guns when compared to most massage guns available on the market. It weighs in at only 2.2 pounds (around 1 kilogram). However, it is still powerful enough to deliver therapeutic massages anywhere on the body, making it very portable for an individual’s convenience of movement with its weighting size equivalent to most other massage guns!

The Kraftgun massage guns are perfect for those who are interested in receiving quality therapy sessions without any hassle or heavy lifting when going about their day-to-day routine because this device has been explicitly designed as an easy and convenient tool ideal for use during travel time by individuals that have limited mobility due to physical disability or injury reasons.

Kraftgun Battery Life

The Kraftgun massage guns are very durable; it comes with a high-quality Samsung battery that will last for up to 7 hours. For those who worry about how much the batteries charge, don’t be afraid! The company advertises this product to charge once a month.

The best part of owning one is that they are easy and fast rechargeable by plugging them in using an outlet or computer USB.

The Kraftgun is a very reliable, fast to charge, and durable battery. The earlier advertisements for the product claim it lasts around 6-7 hours depending on how often you use it, and this pressure setting (low speed) used.

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It also advertises that the average user can enjoy up to 3 weeks of uninterrupted power which makes our life much more convenient!


Kraftgun’s stall force is 66 pounds. You can read our article about stall force here. This massager is at the top of the market for a stall force.

It allows for an aggressive massage, and the device does not stall. You may not want to use the Kraftgun for aggressive massages. However, the Kraftgun’s stall force should not be a concern.


The Kraftgun is as portable as other massage guns. The Kraftgun comes with a zippered carrying case with a handle. This makes it easy to take it to the gym and office.

It is lightweight at only 2.2 pounds, so anyone who massages their entire body should have no problem maneuvering it.


You get a 2-years warranty from the date of purchase that covers any important factor defects. If you want to return this product, you can do so within 30 days of your original investment; but remember that it does not include damage caused by misuse, unauthorized modifications, or alterations or if You don’t follow instructions included with the box.

The Web is full of great products like this, and I am sure You will appreciate Your Kraftgun on Your next trip, but to be honest, This is just a summary for now, and there are many other benefits that You may enjoy when purchasing Your Kraftgun massager!

Do you know the best way to use your massage gun, if not yet, let’s check out our guide:

Possible Benefits of Using The Kraftgun

1. The benefits of using a manual kraftgun include having less stress on the body and more benefits to your health. These benefits include greater flexibility, improved coordination and mobility, ease in motion, and action that is otherwise difficult to achieve without effort or assistance from an external device.

kraft gun massage review Possible Benefits of Using The Kraftgun

It also improves muscle tone by stretching the muscles, which enhances blood circulation, hence reducing muscle injuries when working out.

2. It benefits people who are suffering from stress and depression in their lives. One of the benefits of using this gun is that it releases endorphins, which help reduce stress and improve your health while defining muscles and relieving pain caused by arthritis.

3. It also benefits people with chronic joint pains such as osteoarthritis because it improves mobility and helps them live a normal lifestyle without assistance or external device.

4. It benefits people who have lost confidence in themselves by helping them develop confidence in their abilities. This is done by correcting muscle imbalances that cause pain, improving posture and preventing injury while working out.

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You can use the manual kraft massager for stretching, which increases your range of motion and flexibility, making it ideal for training purposes due to its versatility as an exercise aid.

5. It benefits health care professionals because it provides added benefits of a treatment plan without performing time-consuming treatments such as electric stimulation or ultrasound applications or complicated joint manipulations that are difficult to achieve in patients with poor vision.

6. It benefits health care professionals because it provides added benefits of a treatment plan without performing time-consuming treatments such as electric stimulation or ultrasound applications or complicated joint manipulations that are difficult to achieve in patients with poor vision.

7. It benefits people with physical disabilities, including stroke survivors, spinal cord injury victims, amputees, and seniors, by correcting imbalance caused by muscle spasms, thus preventing injuries during exercise or workouts.

8. It benefits younger individuals through the enhancement of physical fitness. It gives them the benefits of improved range of motion and flexibility to be more competitive in sports and improve performance.

9. It benefits individuals who use wheelchairs by giving them the benefits of increased mobility, more effortless movement, and greater independence.

If you want to see other options on the market in 2022, let resTORbio show you some more items:

Critiques of the Kraftgun

The Kraftgun is not perfect. It is a great device. However, we have a few complaints. We find the non-removable battery a problem as it reduces the device’s continuous use life. This means that the device must be charged up every time it dies.

A removable battery would allow you to swap out a full-charged battery for a dead one so that you can continue using your device immediately.

It is easier to comply with TSA regulations and air travel requirements by having a removable battery. Most users would no longer need to bring the entire device onboard the plane and simply store it below the cabin.

The attachments can be a little challenging to pull out, and the button to adjust the angle is not as intuitive as it should be.

Kraftgun’s customer service and slow shipping times are two other reasons buyers should be concerned. The company experienced an increase in orders around the holidays, which led to delays in shipping.

Many customers have shared their frustrations on social media, reporting that they waited up to eight weeks for delivery.

Kraft Massage Gun Reviews: Final Thoughts

The Kraftgun force Gun is a great mid-range percussion massage gun that does everything it promises to do. It has excellent performance for its price, a plethora of different modes, positions, and features, and seems to have a generally great reception with its customers.

We hope our article can help you know more about this product. If you need any further information or suggestions about the best massage guns, check out the best-selling massage guns.

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