Naipo is a company that is well-known for providing an extensive range of health and beauty products. They have a range of massage products for many different purposes, including a massage gun to help increase blood circulation and relieve sore muscles.

If you are looking for a soothing massage that can be done in your own home, try using the Naipo massager. This device offers five different settings to choose from, depending on your needs. It can be used virtually anywhere on the body and features a rubber handle grip to provide reasonable control.

In this Naipo Massage Gun Review, resTORbio will show you all details of this device and why you should buy it.

Naipo Massage Gun Review

  • Stall Force Maximum: 40 lbs
  • Stroke Length: 10 mm
  • Percussions / Min 2000-3200
  • Battery Life: 5-7 Hours
  • Weight: 2 lbs (just device)
  • Attachments: 5
  • Noise: 53-65 dB

Pros and Cons


  • Nice design
  • Decent stall force
  • Variable attachments


  • Low amplitude

 Naipo Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun Review What's in the Naipo BOX

What’s in the BOX?

Each package contains the following: the Naipo deep tissue percussion Massage Gun, five (x5) interchangeable and multifunctional massage heads, the AC Power Adapter (to charge the Massage Gun’s battery), a high-quality Carrying Case, and the User Manual.

The specially designed carrying case makes the deep tissue percussion massage gun an ideal companion on a trip for any fitness fan and also makes it a wonderful gift for friends or family members who are passionate about going to the gym.

First Impressions

The Naipo Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager comes in a sturdy, two-zipper carrying case. We have highly-rated brands that carry their devices in a case. This may not seem like an important thing – after all, what you are interested in is the product.

A carrying case makes it easy to transport your device, whether you’re taking it to the gym or on your way to your picnic.

These devices are expensive and should be protected.

The case contains the device, the wall/dedicated charger, and five attachments. An instructional manual is also included.

It is well-built, with some notable differences from traditional massagers.

One example of such a deflection is the location of the speed gear button. It is located on the side of your device, so you can easily reach it while you’re using it.

The power button can be found at the bottom of the device. It is a switch button, just like Hypervolts. . The battery LEDs are located at the handle’s lower end once it is turned on. You’ll also find speed gear LEDs next to the speed button.

It is a power drill with a long straight handle. Although we have seen many massage guns like this on Amazon, we appreciate Naipo’s unique design.

The stylish appearance more than makes up for the lack of changes to the design. The handle is black and rubberized, while the top part of the device is made from shiny silver plastic.


The Naipo percussion Massager measures 8.26 inches in length by 9.6 inches high when held in your hand and weighs only 2 lbs.

This portable, sturdy, and easily accessible massage gun makes it an ideal choice for gym and fitness enthusiasts who are constantly on the move.

It also features an ergonomic design which makes it not only stylish but also very easy to use. It has a 41mm-long engineering handle with a silicone sheath. This provides a secure grip and complete safety for each massage session.

The massage gun is also equipped with a silent 24V high-torque brushless motor that produces between 2000 and 3200 percussions per minute (depending on the Intensity Level selected – see the Features section).


Naipo Massagers have an intuitive interface that is easy to understand and use.

The gun’s back has a Power Indicator, showing how concentrated the deep tissue muscle percussion masseur is working.

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Users will find an easy-to-use and quick-access Intensity Button on the side of their massage gun. This allows them to switch between 5 different Intensity Levels. It also has a 5-LED indicator that indicates which Intensity Level they have chosen.

The gun’s top has an Automatic Heat Dissipation filter/filter. This serves as the gun’s Quick cooling system. This microelectronic cooling mechanism allows the gun’s temperature to drop faster and also makes it last longer.

Users can attach any of the 5 Interchangeable or Multifunctional Massage Heads to the gun’s front. These massage heads are specialized in massaging different body parts, which allows them all to be satisfied.

Users will find the Battery Indicator at the bottom of the handle and right at the back. It displays the battery’s remaining power (discussed earlier).

Finally, users will find the Power Button (On/Off), as well as the Massage Gun’s Charging Port under the handle.



The attachments on this device are well-designed and come with five different options. There have been devices with up to 15 attachments, which we find unnecessary. Five attachments are enough to give a full-shape massage.

Ball Head 

This attachment works best on large muscle groups. It can be used for general massage. However, it is best to reduce the intensity of muscle pain when you are working on bony or sensitive areas.

Flat head

This flat head is ideal for large muscle groups such as the quads or hamstring. This message head is ideal for people with lots of muscle mass.

Bullet attachment

It is used to locate trigger points. This massage head can be used on the shoulder blades and ligaments. The bullet massage head is for meridians, palms, planters, joints, and trigger points.

Fork/ spine head

It is the double-pronged massage head that runs along the spine. It can also be used to treat the Achilles and the neck. It also provides deep muscle relaxation and also helps with athletic muscle recovery

Cushion head

This cushion head is a variant of the flathead, except that the top is covered in soft material. You can use it on quads or hamstrings, but you should not be afraid to use it on bony areas such as the knee.

Size, weight, and ergonomics

Although the Naipo massage gun is large, it appears pretty compact. It feels solid and the perfect size, despite the long handle.

The long handle can be a blessing in disguise. You could use it to reach the most difficult spots, such as the lower back.

It is only 2lbs in weight. This is just under the 2.2 lb threshold for guns in this category. Theragun Prime, Elite, and Elite weigh 2.2lbs. Theraguns are more ergonomically superior than this device.

While we appreciate that they made everything stand out, we do have some issues with the design of this thing. We’ve had problems with T-shape power-tool guns since the beginning. This is the perfect power drill.

We think it will still be comfortable to hold for a while, even though it is pretty heavy. Even if your hands are small, the handle is just right. The silicone sheath that is placed over the handle will make your trip even more comfortable.

We would have preferred an angled handle, like Ekrin’s. But we know you can’t have all things.


Amplitude (or stroke length) refers to the distance the message head travels when it touches your skin to produce the percussions. This category is where many Amazon devices are seriously lacking.

The amplitude of the Naipo massage gun is 10mm. Is this enough? It’s not enough, at least not in 2022.

This may not be sufficient to penetrate the large muscle groups with a full-sized deep tissue percussion muscle massager. This category has a greater amplitude than most. Theraguns or Achedaway Pro is the best at it with their 16mm amplified amplitude.

However, we have seen brands like Ekrin that sacrifice the amplitude for a greater stall force. Ekrin full-sized guns are 12mm in length.

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Naipo percussion massage gun could have been a better device if it had at least 12mm amplitude. Although it may not provide deep tissue percussive massages, 10mm can get the blood moving and reduce soreness and muscle pain.

Stall Force

This is how much force it takes for a device to stop its motor. The stall force information was not available on the device. This is a shame, as this is the most critical information.

It was, however, tested and felt like it weighed in at 40lbs. It has a stall force of about 40 pounds. This is an excellent price considering that it’s an entry-level percussion massage gun. This stall force is not joint in massage guns sold on Amazon.

At 40 lbs. The device won’t stall easily despite its 40-pound weight. Even though the vibration amplitude is too small to penetrate the muscle, it can still provide excellent vibrational therapy for soreness and blood circulation.

To give you an example, Theragun’s entry-level percussion massager – Prime, has just 30lbs. stall force. It stalls easily despite its 16mm amplitude.

A long amplitude should always be matched with a reasonable stall force. A shorter amplitude of 12mm with a decent force is better.

However, the device’s stall force is progressive. This means that the device will stall at lower speeds with less pressure. The maximum weight is 40lbs. The maximum intensity is the 5th gear, and stall force applies only to that speed.

Speed Levels and Percussions

The percussion range for the Naipo percussion massage gun is 2000-3200 rpm. This is the usual range for most massage guns. This device only has a 10mm amplitude, so 3200rpm is an excellent speed to provide the needed intensity.

Vibrational therapy, which we believe this gun can provide at its best, requires more intensity to be effective.
The speed was slightly lower than 2000 rpm.

The Butyce revives at 1300rpm, which we recently saw. The Butyce also gave us a 14mm amplitude, which is something the Naipo device lacks. It is comparable to the Hypervolt BT Plus.

Naipo offers five speeds that can be used in conjunction with percussions.

  • 2000 rpm – First speed
  • 2300rpm – Second speed
  • 2600rpm – Third speed
  • Second speed: 2900rpm
  • Third speed: 3200rpm

Some brands suggest up to 30-speed options to help sell their products. Although it may sound fantastic, we think it is absurd. It will take you a long time to get to the right intensity. Five is enough, we believe. There is grace for one more, but not two more.


We were impressed by the Naipo device. Although the noise level is listed at 43dB, it revs at its lowest speed in a laboratory (total silence). You should expect a noise level of 53-65 dB.

It is still relatively quiet for a full-sized percussion massager. A long amplitude makes a percussion massager hum along. Devices with lower amplitudes like this one tend to rev more smoothly (we have the same results with the base-level Hypervolt).


The Naipo Percussion Massage Gun is portable and can be used anywhere you go. It has a Naipo percussion massager rechargeable battery with a large capacity that can last up to 5 hours.

It takes only a few minutes to recharge it. To get it back to full charge, all you need to do is connect the included Power Adapter (located under your massage gun’s handle) to the Charging Port.

Warranty & Returns

If you have changed your mind, don’t worry. Here are some tips for Returns & Warranty.

1) We offer a 30-day return policy for undamaged products in their original packaging and accessories.

2) Quality-related issues are covered within two years. Extended warranty registration is possible for three months.

3) please get in touch with our customer service team if you need to process a return(or warranty) for any reason,

Naipo Massage Gun Reviews Who is Naipo for

Who is it for?

The Naipo gun would well serve regular gym-goers. This gun is ideal for loosening tight muscle groups, dispelling lactic acid, warming up before running or exercising, and improving blood flow.

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This gun is also great for beginners looking for their first massage gun but doesn’t know where to find it. This is a good choice if you don’t mind spending $200 more on a high-end device.

This device is vibrational at best. You shouldn’t expect deep tissue percussive massaging with this device, which has a 10mm amplitude. For those who are more demanding, you might need to look elsewhere. Below are some alternatives.

Things to keep in mind

Although handheld massage guns can be great, if you have a complex problem area to treat, it may prove to be more challenging to use them beneficially for you. To make it easier to treat back problems like mine, I recommend taking with the people you live with.

Neglecting to use your massage chair properly could lead to serious injury. Before you kill yourself, do your research.

Naipo Alternatives

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Lifepro Sonic

  • Noise Level: 60-75 DB
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Frequency: 20Hz, 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz
  • Stall Force: First level – 26lb, Second level – 133lb, Third level – 48lb, Fourth level – 57lb, Fifth level – 70lb
  • Amplitude: 12mm
  • Watts: 80w
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery 24V DC
  • Battery life Charge: 3hrs varies by speed
  • Power: 600mAh
  • Included Attachments: 5 spinal, bullet massage head, fingertip, round massage head, flat massage head
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Product size: 10×7.5
  • Grip Size: 6inch full 2inch half

LifePro’s handheld design is not the best, but it is an example of the most delicate construction. It comes in four colors, just like all LifePro massage guns.

The design is straightforward. However, the handle that acts as battery life is slightly curved for LifePro Sonic ergonomic. The power button is placed under your index during power grip, which makes it unique.

LifePro Sonic’s LED Display is another distinguishing feature. These features were first introduced by LifePro sonic in the massage gun.

It is priced at a fraction of Hypervolts and Theraguns, but it has excellent Built-Quality. LifePro Sonic percussion massager is the most affordable for its manufacturing quality.

LifePro Sonic is an excellent value for money. We are impressed by its build-quality and simple design.

Lifepro percussion massager advertises the gun as a personal massage gun, but given its abilities, I would call Lifepro’s product more of a full-body massage gun than a personal one.

Lifepro percussion massager markets their device as having 32 different intensity levels (the ability to adjust from very light pressure and speed to heavy pressure and rate) and seven vibration modes (3 speeds on each way; 2 deep vibrations and three shallows ones.)

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun

Ekrin B37

  • Maximum 56 lbs up to 56 lbs.
  • Travel case included
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
  • Quiet 35-55dB noise rating
  • 15o ergonomic handle
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours

Their current line of massage guns includes the Ekrin B37, an upgraded B37S handheld massager, and a new mini version appropriately named the BANTAM. They’re all great! Ekrin massage gun is a company that puts customer satisfaction first.

A lack of customer service is one of the biggest complaints people have about buying a massager. You can find many complaints about massage guns online.

Many people complain that their units died prematurely and that the company they purchased them from was non-existent.

This is a common problem when you buy a generic massage gun online or on Amazon. We are here to tell you that Ekrin Athletics is a company you can trust.


Massage guns are great for anyone who is always on the go. Just turn the dial to the right setting and press the trigger to start massaging those tight, sore muscle groups or those restless back muscle groups. These massagers are easy to use and super portable. We hope that our review can help you learn more about this device.

If you want to see more outstanding products on the market, let’s check out our list of best massage guns in 2022:

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