Olaplex Vs Moroccan Oil Shampoo Which Is Better 2022

Olaplex Vs Moroccan Oil Shampoo: Which Is Better 2022?

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Olaplex Vs Moroccan Oil Shampoo compares two hair products that are meant to improve the condition of hair. Olaplex is a Bond Multiplier meant to prevent hair breakage, while Moroccan Oil Shampoo is a shampoo meant to add shine and softness to hair.

In this article, reTORbio will look at the pros, cons and how they compare with each other in terms of effects on hair and what those effects are.

Olaplex vs Moroccan Oil: Introductions

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a hair repair treatment that strengthens bonds. There are two main product lines: the professional and end-consumer.

Olaplex offers professional products No.1 & No.2. These professional products can only be used professionally. You will need to visit a salon to apply for them.

Olaplex’s No.3, No.4, and No.5 hair products are the most popular. However, there are other Olaplex products you can use at home. These products can be purchased at beauty salons or other shops near you.

Please note that product No.3 must be used only once per week. The other products are shampoos, conditioners, and masks which can be used whenever you want.

Olaplex vs Moroccan Oil Introductions

What is Moroccan Oil?

Moroccan oil is used in a variety of hair care products. You can find the best shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks that are infused with colors to give your hair shine.

Moroccan oil is safe and doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients. This will keep your hair healthy.

Moroccan oil protects hair from harmful UV rays and airborne pollutants. Moroccan oil can also be used to smoothen hair and prevent frizz.

These products also contain phenolic compounds, vitamin A, and fatty oils that are highly beneficial for hair health.

If you want to protect your hair you need to avoid harmful components in shampoo, read our article to know more: What Ingredient In Shampoo Causes Hair Loss?

Olaplex vs Moroccan Oil: Hair Masks

Both brands offer hair masks that can be applied every week and repair hair damage. The Olaplex hair mask works better for severely damaged hair than Moroccan oil masks.

Olaplex hair masks can be allergic because they are chemically manufactured.

On the other hand, the Moroccan oil mask is made of natural oil and, therefore, suitable for everyone. Here is a comparison of these two products.

Moroccan oil: Restorative hair mask

This natural mask is excellent for treating hair that has been damaged or weakened. This mask is cruelty-free because it’s made from Argan oil. It protects your hair and skull.

This mask contains Argan oil as the main ingredient. It is rich in vitamins E, fatty acids, and antioxidants that protect hair follicles from being damaged.

Acetamide Mea is a hair mask that improves hair texture and acts as a surfactant. You can also use Shea butter to soothe and moisturize your hair.

You will see great results if you use a therapeutic shampoo every week for at least five minutes after shampooing.


  • It is a hair moisturizer.
  • It is cruelty-free because it contains natural oil
  • Ideal for hair that is slightly damaged.


  • It is not recommended for treating severely damaged hair.

Olaplex vs Moroccan Oil Hair Masks

Olaplex: Bond Intense Moisturizer Mask (No.8)

It is a reparative masque with high levels of patented ingredients. Olaplex No.8 uses Olaplex forming technology, which is patented.

This bond-intensive moisture mask contains a powerful amino acid, Bisaminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It is ideal for strengthening hair bonds and preventing hair damage.

The mask has a creamy texture, easy to apply to the hair to maintain its alignment. This will make your hair shiny and healthy. It also makes it easy to style.

This treatment can be used once per week on damp hair.


  • Instant results
  • Moisturizes and smoothens hair
  • All hair types are suitable.


  • Some people may find it harmful due to its chemical composition.

Olaplex Vs Moroccan oil: Hair Treatment Products

Both brands offer hair treatments that enhance your hair’s appearance and health. The Olaplex hair mirror will fix your damaged hair bonds and increase your hair’s growth.

Moroccan oil hair treatment makes hair shiny and smooth. You can also use an Olaplex hair reflector to get instant results. However, Moroccan oil needs to be used consistently to achieve its best results.

This is a detailed review of these two hair treatments.

Moroccan oil: Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Moroccan hair oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. This oil can be used regardless of hair type. You can use it as a shampoo. However, you should not rinse the oil immediately after applying.

Give it time to settle down for the best results. Moroccan oil hair treatment will leave your hair smooth, shiny, and solid by removing frizziness.


  • Perfect for hair smoothening
  • High in essential hair nutrients
  • It is a natural moisturizer
  • Cruelty-free.


  • It takes too much time to see results
  • It is not ideal for damaged hair.

Olaplex Vs Moroccan oil Hair Treatment Products

Olaplex: Hair Reflector (No.3)

Olaplex’s main product is Hair Reflector. It has been enhanced to strengthen hair bonds and give hair a healthy appearance.

You will immediately notice a difference in your hair’s texture and softness after applying it. Olaplex hair reflector doesn’t use live animals and is cruelty-free.

It is rich in the amino acid Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which repairs damaged hair roots. This makes it an ideal choice for highly damaged hair.


  • Ideal for severe hair damage
  • It makes your hair strong
  • It is a powerful hair-builder.


  • Some people may react to low levels of chemicals in excess.

Olaplex vs Moroccan Oil: Prices

Although they claim to provide the same hair treatment, they are not identical. Their prices are therefore different. Olaplex is the most expensive, while Moroccanoil can be purchased for a more affordable price.


Is Olaplex shampoo a good choice?

Image result for olaplex and Moroccan oil shampoo

Since I began using Olaplex shampoo & conditioner, my hair has looked salon-fresh for a lot longer. This is true, but my hair also has less frizz, split ends, breakage, and split ends. It is healthier, stronger, and more manageable.

Are you worried about Olaplex shampoo causing hair damage?

Olaplex will not cause dry hair, regardless of how often you use it. Users have complained that Olaplex can cause hair damage if used for long periods.

Are you worried about Olaplex shampoo causing hair damage

Moroccan oil shampoo is bad for hair?

Silicone is one of the key ingredients in most Moroccan oils that you will find today. Although silicones can make your hair look smoother, they don’t penetrate your dry hair to nourish it or heal it. It will dry your hair out and cause more damage.

Why is Moroccan oil so costly?

Moroccan oil, also known as argan oil, is made from kernels of argan tree fruit. It is almost exclusively grown in Morocco. Due to its limited supply and small growing area, this oil is among the rarest in the world. This is why it has a high price and a lot of hype. The oil is traditionally produced by hand.


All types can benefit from Olaplex and Moroccan oils products. Many factors can affect hair health, including the extent of hair loss and whether you prefer natural or processed hair products with patented ingredients.

Your budget is also essential as Olaplex products can be pretty expensive compared to Moroccan oil.

Moroccan oil is excellent for those whose hair needs are less frequent. It is free of chemicals and can be used to smoothen and make your hair shine.

Olaplex can be used for severe hair damage. Olaplex is suitable for severely damaged hair. It’s excellent at rebuilding hair bonds and promoting health.



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