If you need a helping hand to ease the tension in your muscles after a long day of work, you don’t have to spend a fortune or turn to luxury instruments. Instead, you can invest in the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun and reap all the benefits of some DIY relaxation. in this Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review; you’ll be able to massage yourself with some targeted relief, as you control how much pressure you apply.

Opove M3 PRO Massage Gun Reviews

    • Weighing in at 2.2 pounds.
    • Dimensions (package size): 15.6×9.1×3.5inches
    • Modes: variable speed (3 different levels)
    • Lithium ion battery: 3 hours of battery life
    • Accessories: M3 Pro Massage Gun charger, 4 attachments for massage, carry case included
    • Stall force: 15 mm
    • Stroke length of 12mm
    • 3 speeds
    • Price: $119.00 www.opove.com

Opove M3 PRO Massage Gun Review

The Opove M3 Pro massage gun is a powerful and attractive model. It has a detachable applicator, longer battery life, variable speed, solid construction, and many other appealing features.

It’s intended to be used as a recovery tool for different muscle groups after exercise or before if you wish to warm up with it. You can customize the operation of this massager by using its four interchangeable heads.

Opove M3 Pro Review: Pros and Cons


  • Excellent build quality
  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • Powerful high-torque motor
  • You can adjust the speed and intensity of the lights
  • Quiet Glide Technology dramatically reduces noise levels (Quieter than some other products on the market).
  • Battery life of 3 hours is decent
  • The durable anti-drop outer shell
  • Four attachment heads are included, suitable for all muscle groups. It also includes a carry case.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty included
  • Light weight


  • The massage intensity of this massager is not as high-end as some of the more expensive massagers. We’ll show you why (it’s not always a bad thing).

What’s inside the box?

Opove offers several models. I am testing the M3 Pro Max model. The M3 pro comes with five different attachment heads and a charger. All items are stored and transported in a carrying case.

Opove M3 Pro Review What's inside the box

Design and Build Quality

The m3 pro massage gun feels and looks premium. This Opove percussion massage gun has a stunning brushed metal finish and a black border around the handle.

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You can choose from buffed, black, or camouflage colors. The percussion massager is solid and sturdy, so there is little to complain about.

The LED lights are located at the backside of the handheld massager. These lights indicate the speed and lithium-ion battery. This thoughtful ergonomic design makes handling easy.

This device weighs in at 2.2 pounds. It will feel light and compact, so you won’t even notice that it’s there. The design is visually pleasing, so it will not be a problem wherever it is stored. These massagers get high marks for aesthetics and build quality.

 Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun review Speed Settings

Speed Settings

For three different speeds, this device has three-adjustable speed settings. This allows for a greater variety of massages. Opove massager has a maximum speed of 3,200 RPM (revolutions/percussions per minute), but if you need a slower, more focused message, you have the option of stepping it down to 2,400 RPM, or even as low as 1,800 RPM.

You can adjust the speed and intensity of percussion massagers to suit your needs. For example, you can choose a faster speed setting for sore muscles relief or warm-up before a workout. The slower speeds are great for relaxing muscles and muscle recovery.

Brushless Motor

These massagers are powered by a 24V brushless motor with a high-torque motor. No matter what type of massage you choose, you will not feel like you aren’t getting enough vibrations.

The motor’s maximum speed is 3,200 PPM, which is even more than Theragun’s 2400 PPM. This gives it enough power to give deep tissue massages. The motor is optimized to efficiently use battery power so that you don’t run low on juice.

Quiet Glide Technology

The 24V motor that drives the message gun’s motor is expected to be loud. However, it is not. This device massagers use Quiet Glide Technology to quieten the motor. The motor’s noise level is, therefore, more than bearable.

The tool’s noise level is slightly higher than conversational, at 55 decibels. The motor can be lowered to 35 decibels. This is a quieter motor than most other massagers. It can be used at night when the family is asleep, without disturbing anyone.

Shell with a shockproof outer shell

The percussion massager is easy to use and ergonomically designed. However, if it does happen to be dropped, there will be protection from a nylon 66 or fiberglass shell.

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The shockproof outer shell is the best anti-drop protection anyone could ask for. It can withstand drops up to 2m (6.6ft) high. This is very impressive and reassuring.

opove M3 Pro Review Interchangeable Attachment Heads

Interchangeable Attachment Heads

Four massage attachments are included with the Opove M3 Pro massagers. They can be interchanged:

Fork Shaped: This is used to apply targeted pressure on the spine and neck, relieve muscle soreness, chronic pain, and restore the muscles to optimum condition.

Flat Shaped: This facilitates targeted muscle relaxation massages that promote muscle plasticity

Pointed: This provides deep tissue massages and increases the precision of the massager when it is necessary to target specific muscles groups.

The Ball-Shaped Applicator allows you to massage bulk muscles like your stomach, back, glutes, arms, legs, and even thighs.

It is easy to change the applicators and dramatically improves the functionality of your massager. This device is great for speeding up recovery time, especially when you lift heavy.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Opove M3 Pro handheld massagers can be charged quickly and do endless massages thanks to its lithium-ion batteries. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to drain thoroughly, so there is little downtime between warm-ups and cool-downs.


Before we move on to athletic performance, let’s talk briefly about percussion therapy. You apply pressure to your muscles to loosen up tight muscles and stimulate blood flow.

This will help speed up healing and reduce pain from overworked muscles. This was something you could only get from a professional trainer, therapist, or coach.

But now, many articles discuss the benefits of deep-tissue therapy at your home. However, it is essential to do your research before you use any device like this.

If you use the device in the wrong places or have any medical conditions, you could cause damage. Talk to your trainer or doctor first.

The Opove M3 Pro Max is a very intense experience. It can be very uncomfortable, even at the lowest setting. Once you get used to it, it will become a habit. I found it like hitting my muscles with an ax or a jackhammer when I switched to manual mode.

These issues may not be as severe for those who are experienced with this type of treatment, but it is something that I believe fitness enthusiasts and athletes should be aware of.

Below is the recommended use of each attachment straight from the manual. The most comfortable are 1 (the big head) and 5 (5 the soft head).

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The three remaining are made of hard plastic. Although I’m still a novice to this type of treatment, I found the complex plastic attachments far too intense to use regularly.

It is also quite heavy and oversized, making it difficult to move if you are doing it alone. My wife found it difficult to maneuver the large, bulky device with her smaller hands.

Before you start researching this type of therapy, you should research the locations and how they are used. It is not an easy massager and can cause severe pain and even death if applied in the wrong place (e.g., below your ribs).

Deep-tissue massage is effective in certain areas or sensitive areas for me. This Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussive Muscle has helped me with my sore legs. Although it is uncomfortable at first, the intensity of the percussive massage gun increases, and the pain becomes less severe over time.

A final point regarding the design: I have experienced the large attachment (the big, round one) popping out of sessions randomly. This is not the case with other multiple attachments.

If you are searching for the best way to use a massage gun, let’s check out our ways: https://www.restorbio.com/how-to-use-massage-gun/

OPOVE Information

On OPOVE’s website, they explain that the “OP” stands for optimization in their company name. OPOVE uses this ideal to define its products and the company’s mission statement.

Warranty Information: You can return an Opove M3 Pro massager for free if it develops a defect in artistry or material within one year. This warranty does not cover mishandling or abuse of the product.

If products were purchased via OPOVE’s website, returns and refunds are not possible. This device may charge a 10% fee if the box is opened.

Opove M3 Pro Review: Final Thoughts

Opove’s M3 Pro Massage Gun is an advanced-functional pistol grip-style massager which provides both vibration and rotational modes. An enhanced trigger design is easy to use, and the product is durable with long-lasting battery life.

You can choose to use the tool solo or with a partner by securing it on the strap on the handle. It is suitable for pain relief and heat therapy. resTORbio hopes that our M3 Pro Massage Guns review can help you learn more about this device. We also have compiled the list of best massage guns in 2022.

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