Oyeet Nex has recently released a new product called the Oyeet Nex massage gun. This device is designed to combat tension in people’s muscles. The company claims that users should notice their muscles are more relaxed within fifteen minutes of using it. In this Oyeet Nex Review, resTORbio will show you all the details about this device and let you know it is worth buying.

O’Yeet Massage Gun Brand

O’Yeet is known for its famous shaker and blender, the Gopower blender. Their website is beautiful and a great example of how they excel at designing unique products. Both the iF as well as Red Dot awards were presented to them.

In November 2020, Nex was introduced as the first massager. It is a well-designed device with exciting parameters.

The Nex Pro is a second massager that they have in the pipeline for this year. It will be available sometime in June or July. We are excited to share that Indiegogo has funded it.

Oyeet seems to be focusing on entry-level devices, which are small, compact, portable, and unique.

Today, we will be reviewing the Nex massager. How does it compare to other mini-massage guns? It can compete with the best, particularly Ekrin Bantam.

OYeet Nex Massage Gun Review

  • Stall Force (maximum) 40 lbs
  • Stroke Length 10.5 mm
  • Percussion 1750-3500 ppm
  • Battery Life 4 hours on single charge (non-removable battery)
  • Noise 50 – 55 dB
  • Number of Attachments 4
  • Weight 1.3 lbs
  • Speed options 3

OYeet Nex Massage Gun Review

The all-new Oyeet NEX is here. It is the strongest, most portable, and most robust percussion massager in the world. Oyeet NEX can still offer all the benefits and power of a professional high-speed massager.

Nex is a small and stylish device that looks great. It also has a low noise level of between 45-55db (which is pretty close to silent).

Oyeet NEX is a combination of all these things that will leave you feeling full of joy, flow, and relieve muscle tension. NEX can be used indoors or outdoors for many sports, such as running, biking, running, and even ball spots.

It also targets sore muscles, enhances muscle recovery, and releases stress and mention within your body. Ir can be used by you or anyone else.

You won’t have to worry about your ears while massaging your neck or shoulders. NEX is a sleek, modern design that weighs in at just over a pound.


We love talking about packaging for massagers, and you know what that means. We love our devices well packaged and, since it’s 2022, no one can blame us for that – we need a carry case for every massager.

This device comes with a carry case. It is a lovely case, looks great, and is easy to use. The entire packaging comes in a beautiful box. The case contains the product inside as well as the attachments.

Several informational booklets were also available. We talked about this exact topic with Hypervolts. Hypervolts gave us a lot of cards.

These booklets are well-designed and feature colorful photos. Ekrin, our favorite, only had a few pages of the brochure for their B37. Theragun is the most expensive gun on the market, but they don’t include such well-designed booklets.

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The booklets contain standard information about the attachments, such as how to use them and how long they should be used. You can also find a booklet that explains how to use the device.

OYeet Nex Massage Gun Review Attachments


We also found four attachments in the packaging.

This is because industry giants Hypervolt and Theragun don’t go above 2 for their mini-versions of their massagers.

Here are some thoughts on the heads.

Soft Ball: In this standard attachment head will be able to work mainly on considerable muscles. If you want to give a general massage, this attachment is the best.

This fork is designed to work on the spine. The prongs on either side of your spine make it stand out.

Soft Flat: Our favorite attachment head. This attachment can be used on any part of the body, including your hands and feet. This one is great for quads, pecs, and other areas.

Bullet: This is a great one for deep tissue massage session treatments, especially when looking at trigger points – ligaments.

Oyeet nex massager decided to soften quite a few attachments. Instead of using hard plastic for flat attachments, Oyeet chose to use soft rubber for its top.

We expect the round attachment to be soft. It’s hard enough for the bullet head to do its job.

Size, weight, and ergonomics

We would expect the Nex mini-massager to be light. But is it as light as some of the best massagers in the industry? It is very lightweight at 1.3 pounds.

It is lighter than Mini version (1.46lbs) and the same weight as Mini Rex, one of our favorite miniguns. The Life Dynaflex Mini, which weighs in at 1.4, is also light but heavier than the massager. The Ekrin Bantam is slightly lighter (1.1 lbs), but it’s still a light device.

We love its compact dimensions (6.1×3.5×1.8 inches). It’s a great companion for traveling. It can be easily carried in your pocket.

The handle is round but not angled. Many brands have adopted the angled handle, especially in 2022. This is to address the ergonomics problem.

We aren’t going to complain about its nature. We love the angled handle and what we saw with Ekrin Bantam. However, the handle diameter is great for small hands.

Stall Force

What force is required to stop the motor from this device? We were intrigued by this device because of the power it can produce. We were amazed at the 40-pound stall force. We couldn’t resist the temptation to test it and get it.

This O’yeet nex is still safe to use, with a stall force of 35lbs and a stroke length of 10.5mm.

It is powerful enough. It just didn’t manage to lift 40lbs. They claim it has. It’s somewhere between the low and mid-30s. We’ll be exact and say that it’s about 35 lbs. This is quite remarkable. Ekrin Bantam also has the same stall force and is the most potent mini-massager we have tested.

A mini massager that weighs 30+ pounds is a formidable stall force. Although you won’t be capable of getting a deep-to-the-bone massager, that is not why you would need a mini massager gun.

This device is ideal for semi-intensive massages to relax muscles or warm them up before running or going on a run. This device can run at high speeds and perform better in our tests than the WODFitters Mighty Mini and the Mini rex – two powerful miniaturized massagers.

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How long is the stroke? What distance does the attachment head travel when it gives you the percussions?

It’s normal for mini massagers to have a short amplitude. Mini massager is the best and has a 12mm amplitude. The majority of devices in this category will not exceed 9mm.

This puts the Oyeet Nex massager in good company due to its 10.5mm amplified. Although we don’t know the reason, it is impressive for a compact gun.

You will need the power to reach deeper into the muscles, especially if your needs are particular. For a small massager, 10mm is quite impressive. Hyperice’s Hypervolt Plus was recently reviewed and only had a 10mm amplitude. This device is capable of doing the job for what it was intended.


This O’yeet nex also has a very high level of intensity. The percussion range is between 1750-3500 rpm. This means that it can run at speeds well above the 3200rpm standard for most devices.

You can choose from three speeds. This is a common feature for mini massagers. We are glad that there aren’t too many of these devices!

The cyclic model is a fourth speed gear that can be used to change the dynamic speed. This allows the devices to cycle through all three speeds automatically.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about the battery capacity. It’s sometimes essential to know how much juice your battery is capable of holding.

We calculated the capacity, and it was somewhere between 1500-1800 mAh. This is a decent amount for such a small device.

One charge can provide up to 240 minutes of continuous use.

The handle has an integrated LED instruction that shows the current battery level. The device is fully charged when the LED indicator is solid green. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge fully.

The charging dock can be used to charge the device. This charging dock is quite interesting. This is in addition to the USB cable that you can use to charge your device.

The device’s auto-shutoff function turns it off after 10 minutes. We would have preferred at least 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes 10 minutes is not enough time for an entire session.


It is quiet, which is precisely what it should be. It revives at 45dB. However, we measured the device and found it revved between 50 and 56 dB at the lowest speed. 55 to 56 dB was the highest speed.

This is still relatively quiet – you don’t need to raise the volume if you use it at high speeds.

NEX massage gun Review Who is it best for OYet NEX

Who is it best for?

This mini massager can be used as an entry-level tool. This is an excellent tool for home or personal use or anyone who needs a portable massage gun. It can be carried and used in the workplace.

It can be used to treat muscle tension and scar tissue, as well as release lactic acid. It can be used for post-training massages. This device is also helpful for seniors.

It doesn’t have the 12mm amplitude Theragun Mini does, but it has significantly greater stall force to compensate. This makes it quite powerful for a Theragun mini-massager.

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This device is perfect for everyday Joe. You can always find full-size options if you require more power. These often have better specs, such as amplitude over 10mm or stall force more significant than 40 lbs.

Oyeet NEX Alternatives

nex group llc reviews Ekrin B37 Massage Gun

Ekrin B37

  • Maximum 56 lbs up to 56 lbs.
  • Travel case included
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
  • Quiet 35-55dB noise rating
  • 15o ergonomic handle
  • Battery: 8 Hours on single charge

When you open the Ekrin B37, you will immediately notice its unique signature green color. It is one of the most devices. It stands out among all other massagers that are often plain black, grey, or silver.

The unique ergonomic design and angle of the handle make it easy to grasp to reach all parts. You can grasp the lower handle for maximum reach, the upper handle for precision and power grip, and the handle and tower for a powerful, deep massage grip.

It feels premium and durable. This product is not cheap plastic. It is sturdy, durable, and yet it is easy to use. This massager should be able to reach any part of your body.

Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun (1)

Addaday BioZoom

  • Stall force of 70 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions 12.2×9.21×3.82 inches
  • Item Weight 3 pounds
  • 5-speed settings
  • From 1,320 to 2,880 percussions/minute
  • Battery can last up to 2 hours on single charge

Addaday deserves a lot of credit for creating a memorable first impression with the Biozoom Edge. You’ll be greeted by a bright yellow smiley-face antenna ball when you open the box.

What you are seeing isn’t the latest Jack-in-the-Box antenna ball. The box contains five unique attachments, and the squishy smiley face is one of them.

This device is built to a high standard. Good luck finding any blemishes, uneven seams, or misprinted text. Addaday’s manufacturing standards are very high, which can’t be said about many other brands these days.

Addaday wants to make the BioZoom edge stand out in several ways. It is pitched as quieter than other competitors, and I found the motor to be less buzzy and loud than some of the others I have tested. Although noise is not a significant issue, it is nice to notice that the motor is quieter.

The Addaday BioZoom Edge is built to last and has a soft-touch handle that allows for a comfortable grip. You can also use the directional buttons to control the mode, check Bluetooth connectivity, and assess the battery percentage.

Swapping the different massage heads was easy, which is a big plus, considering I had to use pliers to attach one to another massager! It also has a hard-on/off switch, so it’s easy to know if it’s on or off.

An Addaday BioZoom Edge massagers use a proprietary charger rather than a micro-USB/USB-C connection. It’s not a significant issue, but it can limit portability in that you will need another charger for traveling instead of having the ability to use a universal cord.

Oyeet Massage Gun Review: Conclusion

The Oyeet Nex is a newly developed massager that uses the patented Rhythm Touch® technology. This advanced technology allows for delivering high-pressure, rhythmic pulsations to relieve muscle tension with ease. The design itself is slim and light to make it easy to use with one hand. Although It is not the best massage gun, it is still worth investing in.

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