The Taotronics Massage Gun is a handheld device that you can massage those sore spots on your body. It is battery-operated and portable so that you can take it with you anywhere! This percussion massager has two modes: one for more intense stimulation and the other for less intense vibrations.

The unit is designed to be used either as an extension of your hand or as a handheld massager. It also comes with three interchangeable head attachments, which include rollers, nubs, and ridges. Keep reading Taotronics Massage Gun Review; resTORation will show you all details of this machine.

TaoTronics Massage Gun Reviews

TaoTronics’ Massager is a handheld, battery-powered percussive masseuse. This type of massage tool does not vibrate but has a head that retracts and plunges 12mm. This allows for a wide range in intensity.

  • Battery: 2600mAh battery
  • Runtime: Up to 4 hours, Standby of 10 hours, Auto shut-off after 15 minutes of continuous use
  • Modes: 10 different adjustable speed levels (1400 to 3200 strokes per minute)
  • Motor: 24V high-torque motor with 12mm of stroke, and high-quality bearing for smooth operation
  • Noise level: low levels of 42-52dB
  • Massage interchangeable Heads: six different massage heads to target specific muscle groups or large muscle groups

taotronics muscle massage gun review

What’s inbox?

  • Carrying Case
  • User Guide, Thank Card, Trigger Points Guide
  • Power Adapter (not shown, but included)
  • Massager (Model: TT-PCA003)
  • Six massage heads
  • Moisture control packet (for storage)

taotronics professional deep tissue muscle massager gun review Design and Features

Taotronic Massage Gun: Design and Features

The Taotronics massager  has a sleek ergonomic design. It has two rollers to relieve your muscle pain.

Both the rollers rotate clockwise and counterclockwise as per your requirement with the help of knobs provided on both sides of the product. The anti slip handleis made up of hard plastic and fits perfectly in the hand due to its firm grip.

A button present on the upper side lets you choose between two different speed settings depending upon whether you want light or solid vibrations for massaging purposes.

On one control knob, there are options to switch off and change modes between roller rotation direction and vibration mode/intensity level, respectively.

Massage Gun Taotronics Review: Setup

It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged with the help of a USB cable.

The direction for charging is mentioned on the product and requires 4-5 hours to charge fully, which can last for up to 2 hours if used continuously.

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Our review unit was close to complete, so it was ready to go quickly! Which head do I use is entirely up to me – but if you’re not sure which one will be best suited for what muscle group or area that needs treatment, try starting with one of these rounder heads: either Air Cushioned Soft Head or Spherical Ball massagers are good options as they help both beginners learn about intensity levels between two-speed levels in order work surrounding soft tissue near bones joints etcetera

The Trigger Point guide mentioned within this paragraph can also prove helpful when figuring out which type of head attachment works better.

Performance and Better Life

Long battery life is another TaoTronic massagers feature, in which their massager excels at. According to the manual, it can last between 4-10 hours of battery life on one charge, depending on how much you use it.

It has been thoroughly tested for four days, and its remaining battery life is still within the 80% range. We’d rate it as a good buy.

The 2600 mAh battery can be removed, which makes it easy to switch to a full-charged battery level when necessary.

The TaoTronics massager has a 24-V high torque motor with a 10-speed setting. The massage head’s amplitude is 12mm.

This is enough to penetrate your muscles but not enough that it leaves a bruising effect. Many people feel that the massage head is more like a vibration massage than a percussive. Your preference may vary.

You can dial in the massage speed that you like with ten increment speed levels. It doesn’t get louder until it reaches the 8th speed. On 10, we could still have a conversation and watch Netflix without turning up the volume.

review taotronics massage gun Accessories and Attachments

Accessories and Attachments

This massager cannot be used for sore muscle relief or other uses that require percussive force. However, the extra attachments are beneficial and cheap to purchase.

  • 1 Massage head
  • 2 Vibration heads (one large one)
  • 2 Charging Cables

This device is mighty, let me tell you. When I tried it for the first time, I was genuinely shocked by how intense it was. There are ten levels of intensity. I recommend starting at level 1 and moving up if you need to massage a tight or sore muscle group.

You get six massage heads, which are great as they all trigger different parts of your body.

The spherical head works well for large muscles groups such as the back bulk muscle groups, arms, hips, thighs, and calves. The bullet head can be used to impact deep tissue massage.

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It feels great on the hands and feet. The soft, air-cushioned head is designed to relax and soothe sensitive muscles. For bulk muscles, the flat head is best.

The U-shaped head is designed for the neck, spine, and Achilles tendon. Although it sounds strange, the D-shaped head is suitable for abdominal muscles.

Each of these massage heads is great in its way. You’ll love them all for their unique therapeutic effects and different reasons.

All of these massage heads are great because you can do a professional-grade massage by yourself without the need for a therapist.

Taotronics Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun: Privilege Service

Their service is another hallmark benefit of TaoTronics. They offer a Privilege Service, which allows you to register your product in a matter of minutes. The following is included in the Privilege Service:

  • Additional 18-month warranty on top of the 12-month standard.
  • Free return shipping within 60 days
  • Support for priority customers
  • VIP exclusive discounts

We have had TaoTronic products fail in the past and can attest to their excellent customer service and warranty service.

They have always been friendly and responsive. Another reason we recommend the TaoTronics massager without hesitation.

To get more secret service on this product, you need to have registered your serial number at You can check their official website’s faqs link for any further queries regarding your product.

massage gun taotronics review User Friendly

Taotronics Muscle Massage Gun: User Friendly

This percussion massager is easy to use and handle as it comes with simple up and down buttons and a change function button in the center of the two control knobs.

You can easily set speed mode as per your desire. Accessories such as the vibration head and massage head are of better quality than average ones with other similar massaging products.

With this one, you get an extra-large vibration head for those who need it. You can replace any of these three parts quickly, but work on a tiny area at a time, which will require more patience and persistence to see results.

Taotronics Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun Reviews: Quiet Operation

The massager is also surprisingly quiet. You can use it anywhere from your home to the office or gym and enjoy quick relief in silence.

Some reviews found this weapon of relaxation even quieter than 60-decibels, making it perfect for a variety of settings, especially if you need some peace!

taotronics deep tissue percussion massage gun reviews price

TaoTronics massage gun price

The Taotronics percussion device is not just popular with customers but also reviewers. Many reviews have been left by people who found the good price of this device to be very fair and reasonable for an item that does such a great job at relieving muscle tension.

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One reviewer even said they’d tried many competing massagers in the same price range, but none will compare to how well it massages their sore muscles or aching muscles!

Many customers find the low cost of this Taotronics percussion device more than worth its weight in gold when compared to other devices on Amazon, which are similarly priced yet can’t offer anything close to as good quality or performance as theirs. Can!

Pros and Cons


  • Its unique and portable design is not only attractive but has ergonomic handles that feel good in your hand. A charge lasts for long hours, enabling continuous use if required without worrying about charging it again within a limited duration of 2-3 hours at most.
  • It comes with several attachments for different purposes, from joint pain relief to muscle relaxing exercises. A better quality ad one also provided that give a well-rounded service to its customers.


  • Accessories and attachments are too many for some people, who feel it’s not required at all. Accessories can be replaced with other generic parts as per your requirement, which proves to be much more pocket-friendly. However, the main massaging head and roller assembly cannot be used with any other or even without any attachment as they are designed specifically for this product.
  • Due to its heavyweight, you might have difficulty carrying it around if you need it during travel or want to use it at different house places alternating between usage for another purpose (vibration massage, roller vibration, etc.). It is slightly heavy but still though lighter than it looks.


The TaoTronic Massage Gun is an excellent option for anyone who needs to deal with any muscular aches and pains. It’s easy to use, has quiet, has long battery life, and provides different massage heads that can target your muscles in the areas they need it most.

If you feel pain or are just looking for an all-inclusive percussion massager machine, we hope this article has helped you know which one will suit your needs best! ANd we will update a new post on How to use TaoTronics massage gun next time.

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