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Theragun Mini Review 2021: Is It Worth a Buy?

The Theragun Mini is a great massage device that’s perfect for helping you unwind at the end of a long day or to get out of bed in the morning. And it can even be used with your favorite lotion for extra moisturizing benefits. To help you more understand this device, today, resTORbio will do Theragun Mini Review to go deep into the details of how it works and what it offers for users?

Theragun Mini Reviews

  • Speeds: 1750, 2100, 2400 percussions per minute
  • Amplitude: 12 mm
  • Attachment Compatibility: All 4th Generation attachments
  • Smart Features: N/A
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 5.3 in x 2.25 in (15.2 cm x 13.5 cm x 7.7 cm)
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs 650g
  • Battery Life and Charge Time: 150 minutes; 80 minutes
  • Battery Type: 12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Theragun Mini price: 199$ (

Theragun Mini Reviews (2)

Pros and Cons


  • Portable and compact
  • Handle ergonomically
  • Quiet
  • Triangular shape design


  • Although less potent than larger other models, they are still more efficient.
  • There is no Bluetooth connection to Therabody App.
  • No USB charger

First Impressions Theragun Mini

First Impressions

The Theragun is currently available in four different models. There are four models: The Pro, Elite, and Prime. The Pro is the most feature-rich, most powerful, and most expensive.

These devices are then cheaper, but they also have fewer features and power.

A Theragun Mini massage gun was my first attempt at percussive therapy.

This is their latest model and also their smallest.

It appealed to me because it was something I could take with me. If I had terrible back pain, I might even consider putting it in my golf bag.

When the box arrived, I was immediately surprised at its weight. Although the Therabody Theragun Mini massage gun is smaller than its siblings, it is still quite bulky.

The packaging is beautiful and makes you feel like you are receiving a high-end product.

They kept the contents of the carrying case to the essentials.

  • Theragun Mini handheld massage gun
  • Padded Case
  • Power Cord
  • Instructions

The Theragun Minipercussive therapy massage gun feels well-made and has a good weight. You can feel that the Mini will be able to go to town on your muscles just by holding it.

Although it only weighs around 1.4 pounds, it feels much heavier than that.

The Mini Theragun comes standard with the ball attachment. More expensive models can be fitted with other attachments. The attachments are not necessary for what I use them for.

Ergonomics & Design

Ergonomics & Design

The Theragun mini, a portable percussion massage instrument that relieves soreness on the move, is available in a compact size.

It is smaller than its larger siblings and has less power. I don’t think anyone expected the same strength or versatility from the PS175 Mini as the PS549 Theragun Pro.

The Theragun mini percussive therapy massage gun, unlike more expensive models, is more of an athlete’s device to speed up recovery and more of an office warrior’s tool to ease stiff necks after spending 8+ hours staring at a monitor.

The Mini is easy to use – there’s only one button on it – and the grip makes it comfortable enough to hold for neck, shoulders, and trap work.

The modified QX35 Motor with QuietForce Technology is used in the Theragun mini. The Mini is not very loud, but it is not loud enough to be used in public, especially at high speeds. It is okay to use it in open spaces like parks or benches but not in the tube or at work.


The Mini’s reliable and efficient performance can almost exclusively be attributed to Theragun’s design. The Mini offers 3 speeds options: 1,750, 2,100, and 2,400 PPM. It is not a diluted version of more advanced models.

Each of the brand’s Fourth Generation Massage Guns offers multiple speeds between 1,750 and 2,400 PPMs. This allows the Mini to keep up with its siblings.

The Mini packs the same punch, even though the advanced models have more control over PPMs within this range.

The Mini may be less effective than high-end models at hitting muscles deeper and longer periods before it stalls. The Mini’s PPM output is comparable, but it has a lower threshold of no-stall (the force it can give out before stalling).

The Theragun Elite and Prime offer more than 60 pounds, 40 pounds, and 20 pounds respectively in no-stall force. The Mini is only 20 pounds.

This was not an issue for me as I used the Mini almost exclusively to loosen up before a run or to recover from a workout.

A different model might be better for those who need to work harder on their muscles or don’t want to fiddle with a massage device that stalls when they press harder. I found the Mini worked well on my quads and lower back, shoulders, calves, and calves, without it ever stalling.

I found it more appealing than the Pro to reach for, despite being right next to the Pro. The Mini was my go-to for quick muscle tension or sore areas relief when I needed it.

Unlike other massage guns, the Mini has only one rounded massage head, with several interchangeable heads, including the expensive Theraguns. However, this head can be removed and is compatible with all Fourth Generation heads.

QuietForce Technology

One complaint that Mini massagers of all types have is their loudness. Longer sessions can become boring, so it is natural to desire stimulation from something like

Theragun’s QuietForce Technology was introduced in the hand held Mini gun by Theragun. Although it sounds like brand talk, it lives up to its name. Before I could get to the specs sheet, I opened the packaging and turned it on.

After a few seconds, one thing became apparent: it’s quieter than any other massage gun I have used. It’s still loud, but it’s much less irritating, especially if you have longer sessions.

Accessory Options

Accessory Options

This massager is small and lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The Theragun Mini can be carried in your jacket pocket or large pants pocket. It is highly portable and unlike any other massage gun.

Although it only contains one attachment, Theragun mini works with all six attachment heads of the Pro, Elite, and Prime series by Theragun.

It also works with attachment heads from previous generations G3PRO or G3 models (e.g., the large ball). Any attachment head can be purchased online.

Mini Dampener: This is the standard mini version of the dampener. This is mainly used to treat tender or bony regions. Use it for all purposes.

Standard Ball: Great for general use on small and large muscle groups or muscle soreness.

Cone: This is a standard treatment for specific muscle conditions, such as the feet and hands.

Thumb: Used mainly for trigger points and lower back, aches and pains.

Wedge: Ideal for IT bands and shoulder blades. It is also used for “scraping” or “flushing,” which reduces the amount of lactate in the muscles.

New supersoft: This is Theragun’s version of vibration therapy. It is mainly used for sensitive areas such as bones.

Large Ball: An attachment of the previous generation that can also be used for all body treatment to reduce sore muscles.

Battery Life

The Theragun mini’s battery life is 150 minutes, and the charge time is 80 minutes. It is unlikely that the Mini will be used for more than 10 seconds per day.

This means you won’t need to charge it more often than once a week, and it will still be fully charged in no time. It is unnecessary to take the Theragun mini charger with you when you go out of the home.

The charging of the Mini

  1.  After you have turned off your device, connect the power adapter to the Theragun mini’s charging port.
  2. Once fully charged, the LED light at the power/speed switch will blink.
  3. When the green LED light at the power/speed button turns solid green, the charging is complete.
  4. When the device is turned on, the LED light at the power/speed button will display the battery level. When the device is turned off, press the power/speed button briefly. The LED battery light will flash to show the battery level.

Therabody App (2)

Therabody App

Their body recently launched the app. It mainly serves as a library of routines that you can follow with your Theragun device. You can connect some models to the app via Bluetooth. However, the Mini is not compatible.

The app has guided routines to help you sleep or soothe different body parts. You can also use the illustrations to determine where and how long to massage your body.

Although it would be nice to have the complete Therabody App experience with Theragun minis, I suspect that some costs were cut to keep the cost down.

Theragun Mini How to use it

Theragun Mini How to use it

  1. Theragun mini can be turned on by pressing and holding for 2 seconds on the multi-functional power/speed switch on the right.
  2. Float the device over areas that require treatment and gradually apply light to moderate pressure, depending on how necessary.
  3. To toggle between the 3 speed settings press the power/speed button once more.
  4. You should use the Mini with the attachment in perpendicular contact to the skin. Only the attachment of your device should come in contact with the skin. The device should not be used at an angle so that the percussive arm is directly contacting the skin.
  5. Press and hold power/speed buttons until the Theragun mini turns off.

Connecting Attachments to the Mini

Place the attachment in alignment with the tip on the rotating arm. Push to connect. Grab the attachment and place one finger on each end of the connector to release it.

Take off the attachment. The Theragun Mini includes a Standard Ball attachment that is intended for general use. It can also be used with any attachments available, except those exclusive to the first-generation Theragun vi.

Let us show you how to use a massage gun:

The Theragun Mini is an excellent option for those who are more sedentary than the average person and exercise less often, such as people who work in offices or other desk-based jobs.

Who is it recommended for

It could also be helpful for those in hospitality and retail who are often standing a lot and likely don’t pay much attention to their posture.

The Theragun Mini is not strong enough to penetrate muscles deeply enough to help athletes recover. The Theragun Mini is an excellent option for athletes who don’t want to carry a full-sized percussion massager.

Is it worth buying a Theragun Mini?

Theragun mini-review: I think it is worth the investment. It is small and easy to use, so you’ll be using it more than any other handheld massager.

Theragun mini redefines lightweight and portability: The Theragun Mini is half the size and weight of other massage guns. You can carry it in your pocket, purse, or small bag. Its lightweight design means that you can carry it everywhere.

Extremely Quiet Mobil: Theragun’s QuietForce technology ensures that your motor is quiet and won’t cause any disturbances to other massagers when you’re on the move.

Three-speed options: Unlike the past, which only had one speed, Theragun’s most expensive have three. This little wonder has three speeds. You can adjust the power and intensity by pressing a button.

Incredible Battery Life: You will take the mini wherever you go. This will make it even more convenient to have 150 minutes of battery life before you need to recharge.

Is it worth buying a massage gun? Yes, it is. Let us show exactly what you need:


I had never given much thought to massage guns before, but after trying this one out for myself, I find that the Theragun Mini is not only fun to use on your arm muscles but also can be used on joints. It’s perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day and works on their schedule.

The three speeds and high-amplitude percussions make the Theragun mini feel powerful enough to be used by people not familiar with deep-tissue or sports massage.

However, for athletes, the mini may not be strong enough to relax muscles after a hard workout effectively. We hope that our Therabody mini-review can help you learn more about this percussive therapy device.

If you want to see more other devices popular on the market in 2021, let’s check out our best list of best massage guns:

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