Walking on a treadmill can be a great way to get some exercise, but it will be boring if you don’t do anything besides walking.

So if you’re looking for things to do while walking on a treadmill, there are plenty of options.

Things To Do While Walking On A Treadmill

1. Listen To Music

Research has shown that music can make exercising easier and less effortless. Without even realizing it, this can result in a 15% improvement in performance.

Science has shown that music with a beat that matches the intensity and intensity of the workout is the most effective for increasing performance. However, I believe that whatever gets you excited is the best. You can listen to classical, pop, or heavy metal music. Your playlist should be personal and motivating.

2. Listen To an Audio Book, or Podcast

Alternative to listening to music, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Although this is not my preferred method, I know people who do it. You can find great podcasts about running and walking that you can download. Strava’s Blog has a top 10 list.

The podcast or audiobook doesn’t necessarily have to be related to running or walking. A fiction audiobook could take you into a fantasy world. This is a great way to pass the time.

3. View Videos

things to do on a treadmill

My favorite thing to do while running is to watch movies on my iPad. I’ll try to find the perfect film for the length of my run. I won’t have to search for something else to watch if the movie ends too early. If the movie is long, I feel compelled to run to the end and risk over-training. That is me.

Action movies are my favorite because they are upbeat and fast-paced. Comedy is also great because it’s light and airy. Running requires me to think deeply. I prefer to sit or walk when watching movies that need me to be involved in the plot.

Dramas and documentaries work best when I’m walking on the treadmill. I don’t like horror movies that are too scary, especially if they startle me. I would likely fall off the treadmill.

You can do it! It doesn’t matter what motivates you to exercise.

4. Take on the TV Commercial Challenge

While I run on the treadmill, my husband watches TV. I find commercials irritating because they bring my attention to how tired I am. So I tend to stick with Netflix.

One fun way to get around commercials is to do a TV Commercial Challenge exercise.

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It works like this: When the commercials are on, you move faster or increase your incline to make yourself work harder. You resume your regular run or walk when your show is over.

You could be more productive during commercial breaks. Alternately, you can work harder on one commercial while easing up or slowing down for the next. It all depends on what you do with your time and how to fit you are. Work at your current fitness level.

5. Run Intervals

The TV Commercial Challenge is a fun and effective way to do interval training. You can also do treadmill intervals in other ways. These can be fun too. You can have fun with them.

Fartlek Workout

Fartlek can be described as speed work. Fartlek is an interval of running faster for a set period. On a treadmill, fartleks could be performed by running faster when a person is wearing a blue top passes and then slowing down when a person wearing a red top appears.

It is possible to run faster during a song and slower when the next music starts. This can be done in many ways.

Interval Workout

You can also set the intervals. You can even program your treadmills yourself. For example, you could run faster for a time, such as 2 minutes, and then slow down for 2 minutes. For beginners, you can run and walk for 3 minutes each.

Treadmill Programs

Many treadmills come with pre-programmed workouts, which can be very entertaining. You can also choose from cross-country and hill programs that mimic different terrain. Some programs allow you to run according to your heart rate. They adjust the speed and incline so that you are indifferent zones.

These programs can be pre-set or randomly chosen. The randomized ones are my favorite because they keep me guessing. They can also be a way to pass the time during otherwise monotonous workouts.

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6. Do A Ladder Workout

A ladder workout is one type of interval training. The intensity increases gradually until you reach the peak and then decreases in intensity. One example is to start with a warm-up run and then increase the intensity by running faster intervals.

You could, for example, run 1 minute fast and then 1 minute slowly. Next, run for 2 minutes fast followed by 1 minute slow. Next, run 3 minutes fast followed by 1 minute slow. Keep going until you reach a time limit, such as 5 minutes. Next, you can go back up, running for 4 minutes, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 1 min slow, etc. The picture is clear.

You can forget that you have run 34 minutes in intervals if you pay attention to what’s next.

7. Get Together To Exercise

Running with friends is a great distraction. I love my running buddies. Talking about your life’s successes and struggles can make a boring workout more enjoyable. Grab a friend and go to the gym. You’ll need to work out on two treadmills at once. You will be able to make the time go by quickly with great company.

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8. Challenge Another Runner

what to do on the treadmill

Challenge your friend to go harder while you’re at the gym. If you’re alone at the gym, challenge your neighbor to a personal challenge. You’ll be able to outlast them. Who is the first to get off the treadmill?

You can also make new friends or chat with your neighbor on the treadmill. Many people who exercise alone don’t want to chat in the gym. Most people want to get the work done. This is where you should use your best judgment.

Keep it brief if you are trying to get to know them. If they are not friendly or seem cold, don’t force them to accept the idea.

9. Run a Virtual Trail

I have used many treadmills in hotels and gyms. I love the ones that offer virtual terrains on larger screens. I’ve run all over the globe. From the Amazon rain forest in Brazil to the desert trails of Nevada, I have run almost everywhere.

I’ve even run parts of the Great Wall of China virtual. Some treadmill videos can be adjusted to speed up or slow down according to your pace.

You can also watch virtual runs online on YouTube. This is possible on smart TVs or tablets. You may not want to see Niagara Falls on mute. The reasons are apparent after just a few minutes.

YouTube virtual runs have two minor inconveniences. The first is annoying pop-up ads which can spoil the experience. The second is that the pace isn’t right for what I am doing. They can be entertaining and pass the time.

10. Train with a Virtual Trainer

NordicTrack offers an interactive treadmill that includes a personal trainer. The iFit Coach program provides world-class workouts to all levels. It’s pretty cool to watch the trainers control your pace and incline.

Consumer Advocates ranked the NordicTrack6.5 Si Treadmill as the Best Treadmill for Home Users. This treadmill has been around for many years. Nordic Track is a fantastic treadmill.

It is also possible to download treadmill training apps for your smartphone. These apps look intriguing, though I haven’t tried them yet. Others use them. Let me know if you give them a try. Did you enjoy the exercises?

11. Play a Videogame

My husband and I play online Yahtzee while we run. It was awkward at first. It wasn’t difficult once I tried it. You would need to practice to make it easier.

To tap the keys on my iPad, I had to slow down my pace. It was worth it. Inadvertently, I put a large into the Yahtzee slots, which resulted in me losing some significant points.

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Running would be easier than walking on a treadmill and playing video games. This is probably the best way to go. I find it challenging to use a keypad while running if you’re able to do it; great! Be careful not to fall.

My preference is for slower-paced games. Yahtzee and solitaire games are best for treadmill exercise. It would be great to have games that you can control by voice command. As I said, it takes skill to type on a treadmill. It is best for walking exercises.

Play Zombies, Run!

Do you need more motivation to run? The app Zombies Run! will give you more inspiration to run. You can run as a hero to escape the zombies. You will need to collect supplies, ammunition, and medicine along the way in order to survive the zombie invasion.

This game can be used on both a treadmill and outdoors. It is possible to share your experience with other players.

You should not become too obsessed with the game.

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12. Meditation Can Be A Mindful Practice

I have even meditated on the treadmill. It’s a great way to relax and get in touch with your body. Here is a post I wrote about running meditation. Although mindfulness meditation while running is best done outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, it can also occur on a treadmill.

Focus on your breathing and pay attention to your body. Pay attention to your surroundings but not to any one thing. Your thoughts are what you should be paying attention to, but they can drift by. Your breathing is the main focus.

Your chest will rise and fall. As you exhale and inhale, listen to the sound. Your breathing should match your footfalls. It will come naturally, so don’t force it.

Meditation helps me to move quickly through the day. My mind sometimes wanders. This is normal. Then, I gently remind myself to focus on my breathing and foot strike. Clear thinking after a run can make you feel great.

Headspace is an app that I use to get started in meditation. Their free 10-day trial was beneficial. This was enough to get me started on my journey to mindfulness. You can also use Headspace to do guided meditations via the Nike Run Club app for running. These meditations are not available yet.

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