Toner Vs Purple Shampoo Which Is Better And Why

Toner Vs Purple Shampoo: Which Is Better And Why?

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Many people are unsure of what products to use and which ones will work best for them when it comes to hair care.

Toner and purple shampoo are both hair products used to maintain hair color. Toner is used to keep hair color from fading, while purple shampoo counteracts brassiness in hair color.

Some people believe that using both products together is the best way to maintain hair color, while others believe that one product is better.

This article will compare toner vs purple shampoo to determine which one is the better option for you.

What is a Toner?

Toner is a service that your stylist can provide after your hair has been highlighted or lightened to increase the color or tone of your blonde. Toners can remove unwanted yellow/orange or brassy hues and add violet/blue tones. Toners can also highlight golden tones that are required for a more blonde look.

What is a Toner

Lee Wright, Master Stylist, and owner of the salon use toners to blend or soften highlights to give his clients natural hair. They can be semi-permanently utilized to provide your hair with the blonde look you desire.

What is a Purple Shampoo?

Many brands make violet-based Purple shampoos. These products can be purchased at your salon. These products will help reduce the appearance of yellows and oranges on your freshly dyed hair.

Although they can be great for maintaining the blonde color that you and your stylist have worked so hard to achieve – keep in mind that they are not as effective at fading it.

What is a Purple shampoo

Shampoos can get too much. Overuse of purple shampoos can cause your hair to become duller and may even shift to a violet/grayish color.

We recommend using a violet-based conditioner at home like Shu Uemura Color Lustre or L’Oreal Professional Color Correction. Your shampoo and conditioner should be used on average every other wash or two washes. It is up to you how often you use it.

If your hair begins turning grayer, reduce the frequency with which your at-home maintenance product is used.

Want more understanding about what does purple shampoos do, see our article.

What is the Difference Between Purple Shampoo and Toner? Are They the Same Thing?

Both purple shampoo and toner can be used for the same purpose. Both are used to reduce undesirable yellow and orange hair colors. They do not have much in common. They are very different products.

The toner has immediate results, but the purple shampoo is gradual.

What is the Difference between Purple Shampoo and Toner Are They the Same Thing

The products are also applied differently. A toner is applied as a hair dye, while a shampoo with purple is used just like any other shampoo.

This is the significant difference between purple shampoo and toner.

Let’s not forget to help you decide which product is right for you.

There are two things to remember when deciding on which product to use:

Do you have experience in coloring hair? Are you looking for immediate results, or do you prefer to wait?

I recommend purple shampoo if you don’t have any experience with hair dye.

If you are an expert at coloring hair, either product might work.

Toner is the only way to get immediate results.

If you have no suitable hair products, you can choose from our top list: Best Shampoo And Conditioner In 2022

How does Purple Shampoo Work? How does Toner Work?

Toner and purple shampoo can be used for the same purpose.

Both products can neutralize any yellow or orange hair tones.

Let’s take, for example, medium blonde hair. You fell in love with the new color as soon as you left the salon. The new-look was loved by all your family members, friends, and coworkers.

It didn’t last.

Your beautiful blonde turned orange in just a few short days.

How does Purple Shampoo Work How does Toner Work

The hair industry was very generous. You don’t have to choose between two products for your hair problems.

  • Purple shampoo
  • Toner and printer

These products can also be used for other purposes.

Let’s take, for instance, bleaching your hair. Your hair may turn yellow or orange depending on its natural color. These tones can be neutralized by using a purple shampoo or toner.

As I mentioned, both products do the same thing. What is different about them?

  • The purple shampoo contains pigment.

It deposits pigment in hair, which neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.

  • Toner, on the other side, works as a hair dye.

You apply it to damp hair using a 20 volume developer. It takes five to fifteen minutes.

The developer allows the pigments in the hair to penetrate the strands.

To allow the purple toner to penetrate the hair’s cuticle, the developer will open it.

This instantly neutralizes orange and yellow tones.

Which One Works Faster? Toner or Purple Shampoo?

Toner has immediate results, while purple shampoo gradually changes the yellow tones.

  • You can apply toner-like hair color. You will notice a difference in the color of your hair immediately. Also, you will see immediate results.
  • Purple shampoo, however, tones hair slowly every time it is washed. This product will gradually reduce the amount of yellow and orange tones in your hair.

Toner can be applied to the same results in four to five washes.

As I stated initially, toner is necessary if you don’t want to see orange tones today.


Purple shampoo is more accessible to apply than toner.

  • Use it as any other shampoo. Make sure you read the directions before using them.
  • Toner is applied in the same way as hair dye. If you misuse it, you might have blue or purple hair.

Many women see a few YouTube videos and believe they are ready to use toner.

Many YouTubers may not realize that they are either professional hairstylists or experienced hair colorists. This is why they achieve great results.

Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that toner is easy to use. It’s not, to be honest.

A professional is recommended if you are unsure how to dye your hair and tone it immediately.

Remember, nothing good ever happens in a hurry. You may have heard the expression, Haste makes waste.

It also applies to hair. Sometimes, you need to take some time to think about what product you should use before you decide which one to use.

How to Use Purple Shampoo and Toner Together?

How to Use Purple Shampoo and Toner Together

Many things in life aren’t always black and white.

Toner can be used with a purple shampoo. They can be used together if you do it correctly.

To maintain your color, you can use a toner after applying it.


Is Purple Shampoo Able To Replace Toner?

While purple will not replace your regular toner, it can be a great alternative if you need it. It’s designed to keep blondes from becoming brassy and help maintain a neutral or ashy color between stylist visits.

Are You Using Purple Shampoo Before or Afterward To Tone?

Pre-lighten your hair and create a clean, dry canvas before applying your final color. Apply a violet shampoo or toner, then bleach the hair.

Are you using purple shampoo before or afterward to tone

What Is The Best Shampoo For Hair?

No! Over-use of toner can damage hair strands, just like any other coloring process.

Do I Need To Use Purple Shampoo After Bleaching?

It is not recommended if you have severe hair damage. However, if you have blonde hair and want to keep it healthy, you might consider adding a purple shampoo. Be careful not to use too much.

Do I Need To Tone My Hair Before Going Blonde?

You should get the desired result with a hair dye. However, if your hair is too dark or lightened by shade, you can apply a toner to help neutralize the brassy tones. To answer your question, no. A toner is unnecessary, and it does not make any difference in your hair color.


Toner effectively neutralizes the yellowish or brassiness that occurs when hair color fades. Therefore, toner can help preserve hair color and prevent hair color from fading from exposure to sun and chlorine in the water.

The shampoo effectively neutralizes the yellowish or brassiness when hair color fades. Therefore, it can help preserve hair color and prevent fading hair color from exposure to sun and chlorine in the water.

So, here’s the verdict. Purple shampoo is superior to toner when it comes to preserving hair color. But, both toner and purple can provide the benefits of maintaining your hair color and preventing fading. So hope you enjoyed my little review post!



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