If your treadmill smells like burning, it could be a sign that the motor is overworked and needs to be replaced. Alternatively, the problem could be with the belt or the deck, in which case you may need to get a new treadmill.

In any case, it’s important to figure out the source of the burning smell so that you can fix the problem and avoid any further damage.

Check Treadmill And A Burning Smell

treadmill burning smell

1. Safety First, Then Locate the Burning Smell

This is the most important thing. Unplug the treadmill if it is safe. A smoke alarm should be installed in a room that has a treadmill. You can protect your home from the dangers of using the treadmill, or perhaps someone in your family is using it. Treadmills can be a powerful machine in your home, so it is vital to care for them.

You should make sure there are no flames or ignition points visible around the treadmill. It is unlikely that there are many, but it’s worth checking.

You should check for smoke signs that might indicate actual burning. This is a quick way to locate the source of any burning smell. You don’t have to pinpoint the exact spot, but it’s helpful to know where it is.

2. You Can Further Investigate By Looking For Any Burned Components.

It’s a good idea for you to keep track of what happens if the treadmill stops working. Did you hear any strange noises? You could smell burning if the console suddenly went dark. The circuit board could have burned out or overheated the component. This can’t be confirmed without removing the console cover.

Many wires run from the console to the frame that controls the motor and belt. You could have a short-circuited connection. It could be the belt that is causing the burning sensation.

The belt should be lubricated at least once every 3 to 6 months. The belt will rub against the deck and cause friction if it isn’t. Too much friction can cause blistering and a burning rubber odor.

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High speeds increase friction. It may not be noticeable if you are doing intense exercise. This indicates that your belt is the problem.

The motor can also cause a burning smell. It is a heavy-duty motor that generates heat as a result. It can be easy to stress it, especially if the power is insufficient for what you are doing.

Treadmills designed to be used for walking or running at low speeds may have a smaller motor. The motor will overheat if you sprint on this treadmill for long periods. It doesn’t matter if it happens in days. It could take weeks or even months.

The motor will eventually die if it is not performing well. You can inspect the engine by removing the cover and taking a look.

The wires will be visible from the motor to the control board and other parts of your treadmill. It’s possible to burn your skin if it gets too hot.

However, you can still get down and take a look. Does the burning smell get stronger? If you don’t have any electrical knowledge or are comfortable with motors, I wouldn’t recommend that you attempt to diagnose or disassemble the problem yourself.

Keep a record of all the things you have done and any events. This information may be necessary to assist a professional in solving the problem.

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3. It Can Be Repaired Yourself

You can fix the problem yourself if you have determined that the belt is not properly lubricated. Amazon has a great deal on treadmill belt lubrication. It is easy to lubricate the belt. You can find some helpful guidance here.

The process takes about 15 minutes, and you will need the Allen wrench included with your treadmill.

It all depends on your level and expertise. You may be able to do simple wiring jobs if you are confident. Remember that if your treadmill is still under warranty, any actions you take could cause it to be void. If necessary, you can always reset the treadmill if you feel that you have solved the problem.

4. Is The Treadmill Covered By Warranty?

If you do not solve the problem and the treadmill stops working, you should call a professional. First, check to make sure it is still under warranty. There are different warranties for motors, electronics, and decks. You also have the labor warranty, typically one to two years for good treadmills.

If you are unsure whether the warranty is valid, you should contact the manufacturer. You should find this information online. You might contact the store if you purchased it in a physical location. Some manufacturers have agreements with retailers to repair any defective products under warranty.

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5. Get In Touch With A Professional

The treadmill’s warranty may not cause the burning smell. The burning smell may still be there, or the treadmill may have stopped working. It’s time to contact a professional to resolve the issue.

Do not just choose the first repairman who offers fitness equipment repairs. You can do your research and find the best fitness equipment repair technician near you.

6. Is It Economically Feasible to Repair it?

This is something you might want to consider before calling anyone. Is it worth replacing your treadmill if it is damaged or old? If it is well maintained and looked after, a good treadmill can last for 12 years. Repairs can be costly. Ask the professional if they feel it is worth fixing or replacing with a new treadmill.

Possible Origins of the Treadmill Smells Like Burning

Burning smells are often caused by the treadmill’s electrical components (motor, console, wiring, etc.) and walking belt. You can check each one in the order listed below until you find the source of the problem.

Deckburning and the Walking Belt smell from the treadmill

Lack of Lubrication

If you don’t clean or lubricate your deck and belt, they will rub against one another furiously. This causes heat to rise. The rubber may become brittle from the heat, which can cause a burning sensation. The friction can also cause static electricity, leading to a shortage of electrical components.

A majority of treadmills need to be lubricated at least once a year. Manufacturers of treadmills don’t recommend lubricating their models because they come with a lubricant coat. This is the case with the NordicTrack C990 and C700 treadmills, as well as the Proform Performance 300i treadmill.

To absorb static electricity, make sure you read the manual and place your treadmill on a mat. If your deck or belt shows signs of wear, you should replace them immediately.

Treadmill Burning Smell Due to Excessive/Inappropriate Use

The treadmill will need more maintenance as it experiences more wear. If you use your treadmill more than three hours per day, it is time to improve your maintenance.

A treadmill loaded beyond its maximum capacity can also cause burning smells. You can put more pressure on your motor if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s weight limit. This causes it to require more power. This is what the power board does, and eventually, it heats up and melts, causing the burning smell.

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We ensured that each treadmill’s maximum weight limit was included in our Proform 505CST treadmill review and Weslo treadmill review to ensure you don’t accidentally exceed it.

The Motor

treadmill motor burning smell


Over time, if the motor and cooling fans get clogged with hair and dust, they can overheat and produce a burning odor.

You should clean your motor a minimum of twice per year, especially if your pets shed hair or you leave your treadmill unattended. To prevent further damage, use compressed air or a small vacuum.

Why Does My Treadmill Smell Like It Is Burning?

If the drive motor belt heats up enough from the friction, it can cause damage to the motor’s core if the cardboard is not thick enough. This often happens in cheap treadmills. Once it does, the entire engine must be replaced.

Because of a Shortage

If your core is clean and the motor smells clean, it could be a problem.

The Console and Wiring

Last, check for any electrical shorts in the wiring or console. If the treadmill has cheap parts that are efficiently heated, this is more likely.

It may be easy to spot if it has melted wires or scorched parts, a blown a fuse, or a popping sound.

How To Avoid Treadmill Burning Issues In The Future

It is essential to choose a treadmill that has the correct size motor. It will quickly wear out if you run on a 1.5 CHP motor. Do not buy the cheapest treadmill. You should look at the warranty to see any labor warranties. This indicates that the treadmill is reliable and will last.

The problem of burns may be solved by lubricating. If you feel burning, the treadmill should be lubricated. To keep your treadmill running at its best, do this simple maintenance. The cost to replace unlubricated belts is around $400. It is important to lubricate it regularly.

Vacuum the motor cover once a month. Be careful not to damage the motor or remove wires. To prevent any future damage or burning smells, dust can be removed. This can be done as part of your regular treadmill maintenance program.

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