There are many different types of eyelash extensions styles that you can choose from to give your eyes a more dramatic look. Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from natural to glam, and everything in between.

With this blog post, resTORbio will provide you with a list of types of eyelash extensions styles, eyelash extension styles for different eye shapes, and how to choose the most eyelash extensions for your eyes. Let’s dive in.

Types of Eyelash Extensions Styles

Eyelash extension styles refer to the distribution of length and overall shape. This is the most crucial aspect to consider when considering eyelash extensions. Your eye shape can significantly impact how your eyes look overall.

Extensions for Cat Eye Eyelash Hair

Extensions for Cat Eye Eyelash Hair

The most popular eyelash extension is the Cat Eye. This style allows the extensions to be shorter near the inner corner and gradually increase length towards the outer corner. This gives the appearance of a slightly lifted and angled look that flatters all eye shapes. You can make it dramatic or more natural.

An excellent lash technician may use shorter extensions just above the outer corner. The lashes will lift your eyes up more effectively this way.

You could end up with the reverse effect if your eyelashes are too long at the outer corner. Eyelash extensions can make your eyes appear downturned, which could be outdated.

Doll-Style Lash Extensions

Doll-Style Lash Extensions

Doll eyelash extensions give you an adorable, open-eyed appearance that is both dramatic and subtle. The lashes that are the longest are located in the middle of the lash line above the iris. They are the shortest at the inner corner and the longest at the outer corner.

This is a less extreme Open Eye Extension style, which creates the illusion that the eyes are rounder.

Although doll lashes can be used in various ways, it is not a common term. Some salons may use doll eye to refer to long, medium or short lashes that run along the outer 3rds of the eye.

Open Eye Eyelash

An eyelash extension that is open eye refers to a style of eyelash extensions where the lashes are the longest in the middle.

The extensions are shorter at the outer and inner corners of the eyes for a rounder and more open appearance. The lashes, on average, lift the look. These lashes are very similar to doll eyelashes, but they can be more intense.

Reverse Cat Eye Lash Extensions

Reverse cat-eye lash extensions look almost exactly like a cat’s eye but are not as extreme. The inner corner of your eye is where the lashes are the longest. They become longer just beyond the inner corner and then taper to medium length at the outer corner.

Although it’s not a popular style, it works well with specific eye shapes. A skilled lash stylist will know how to blend and trim the extensions properly. It can make the lash look unflattering rather than flattering.

Squirrel Style Eyelash Extensions

squirrel style eyelash extensions

Squirrel-style lash extensions are a variation of cat eyelash extensions styles. These extensions create an illusion of very upturned eyes. The lashes are the longest in the fourth quadrant of the lash line, just above the outer half.

The lashes will gradually get shorter, with the fastest in the inner corner. This glamorous look lifts and opens the eyes.

Natural Eyelash

Natural eyelash extensions are meant to replicate your natural length pattern. This usually refers to a subtle, light appearance with a hint of roundness.

Your natural lashes and eye shape may dictate whether you opt for natural cat eye extensions or doll-style extensions.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

One of the most popular modern styles is staggered eyelash extensions. The stylist creates this spiky look by using shorter and longer extensions. You can wear different styles, such as staggered cat or doll eye extensions.

Wispy Extensions for Eyelashes

These are staggered extensions’ more slender cousins. Although there is still some length variation, fewer lashes with similar lengths are clustered together. This creates a soft, fluttery look that is both beautiful and delicate.

Highlighted and Colored Extensions

It can be fun to have colored eyelash extensions. Brown extensions are an excellent option for natural-looking lashes. Ask your lash technician if she has other colors.

There are many shades available from suppliers, including pink, purple, and blue. For a more highlighted look, you can mix colors.

Custom Eyelash Extensions

Your lash stylist can create a bespoke lash map for you and your eyes by asking. Perhaps you are looking for the Kim K look with staggered, mixed lashes but in a squirrel shape. Talk to your stylist about terminology, as it can differ from salon to salon.

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Eyelash Extension Styles For Different Eye Shapes

Eyelash Extension Styles For Different Eye Shapes

The style that suits you best will depend on your eye shape. Below is a brief explanation of the significant eye shapes and how to select the best extension styles for each. Our guide to the best eyelashes will help you determine your eye shape.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes can wear any style of eyelash extension they want. Natural almond eyes will look better with cat eyelashes. For those who prefer a softer look, rounded styles such as open or doll eye extensions and doll eyes will give almond eyes a slightly more round shape.

Wide-Set Eyes

If you have wide-set eyes with a lot of space between your eyes, lashes can create the illusion that your eyes look closer together. Styles that have some volume or length near the inner corners are best. Reverse cat-eye extensions are a unique style that looks great on large-set eyes.

Close-Set Eyes

Close-set eyes mean that your eyes are very close together. To balance your eyes, extensions will help you look better.

You should choose a dense and long style near the outer corner but light and short in the inner corner. This applies to cat-eye and squirrels eyelash extensions styles.

Down-Turned Eyes

Squirt-style eyelash extensions or cat-eye extensions with shorter outer corners are best for downturned eyes. These eyelash styles pull the eyes upwards at the outer edges, where they begin to droop.

An excessively long lash line at the outer corners can lead to a curving effect and emphasize your eye shape in a way it doesn’t necessarily flatter.

Small Eyes

For small eyes, softer, more subtle lash mapping styles are better than those that overwhelm. Avoid thick or too long extensions and stick to classic or hybrid styles. To open your eyes, it’s best to keep your inner corner lashes shorter. Other aspects of your eye shape will determine the rest of the distribution.

Hooded Eyes

You should always wear shorter, lighter lashes in the inner corner for a hooded look. There are many length distribution options. You can camouflage your hooded line with the squirrel or open-eye lash styles.

Using wispy and staggered application techniques, you can achieve a dramatic, more voluminous look. You should not apply too much. It can cause your eyes to become overwhelmed.

Deep-Set Eyes

Fluttery lashes styles will not shadow your eyes for those with deep-set eyes. Although the shape of your eyes doesn’t matter, you might want to avoid heavy volume, Russian extensions or thick glamour lashes.

Natural lashes look great, whether straight, curved, or wavy. L and D curls are also options. These lashes have a dramatic curve, which can be distinguished more clearly from the deep-set eyeliner.

Protruding Eyes

The most important thing for protruding eyes is to choose the correct curl style. Many sources recommend straighter J and B curls, but we disagree. C, D, or L-curled lashes look flattering because they curl upwards rather than projecting forward.

Avoid long, thick lashes. For drama and volume, choose hybrid or volume lashes.

Turned Eyes

Lash extensions are trendy right now because of their trendiness. Squirrel and cat-eye extensions will highlight your eye shape for an eye-catching fox eye look. Open eyes or natural eyelashes are a good alternative if you prefer to tone down your eyes.

Round Eyes

Round eyes look big and powerful. Doll and open-eye eyelash extensions will highlight your natural eye shape. For a more almond-shaped look, a cat eye will balance it. It’s possible to do it all, and you can change the style from week to week.

How Do You Choose The Right Eyelash Tensions?

How Do You Choose The Right Eyelash Tensions?

These are some additional factors to consider when discussing the type of lash style you desire with your stylist.

Eyelash Extensions Length

Extensions can be as long as 5mm or 18mm, depending on the length of your eyelashes. Most technicians won’t go any shorter than 8mm or extend extensions for more than 15mm. Consider the following when deciding on what length to try:

  • Your natural lashes’ length
  • Your eyes size
  • How much lid space do you have?
  • You can make your look as dramatic or casual as you like.

An excellent set of lash extensions should have a wide range of lengths. A technician can make lashes look fuller and more voluminous by changing the length.

If you are new to extensions or have small eyes, or limited lid space, or if your lashes naturally shorten, you should start with the 8-12mm range. After you become comfortable wearing lashes, you will be able to go longer.

You may need to start longer if your eyes are larger, your lashes naturally grow long, or there is a lot of space between your eyebrows and your lash line. It’s best not to go too long with your lashes. The extensions may feel heavy if you do not.

Eyelash Extension Volume

Volume is as important as length when it comes to extending your lashes. The thickness of each lash and the number attached to each lash are the main factors determining your eyelashes’ volume.

Traditional or Signature Eyelash Extensions

This is where the technician attaches one lash extension to each eyelash. This technique is usually faster and cheaper than volume one. This technique is sometimes called 1D lashes by salons.

The extensions’ actual thickness can vary. They can be as light as 0.5 mm-0.10mm or as dramatic as 20 mm-25mm (also known as glam extensions).

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Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a technique that glues several lash extensions to each natural eyelash. This creates a more voluminous look, but it’s still soft and fluttery.

Salons may also differentiate based on how many lashes are attached to each eye. 2D is for two lashes, 3D is for three lashes, etc. Although this can be as high as 10D, most salons stop at 6D.

The service will be more expensive if the technician uses more lashes per lash line.

Salons may use clustered eyelash extensions to achieve this look. This allows for the technician to work more quickly.

Hybrid Lashes

This technique combines volume and classic lashes to create a unique style. The technician may alternate applying volume and classic lashes for an entire look.

You can do this all along your lash line or just one area, such as the outer corners of a cat eye or the center of an open eye.

Glam Eyelash Extensions

Glam or glamour eyelash extensions can be categorized as classic extensions that use very thick 18- to 25-mm lashes. This gives you a dramatic but uniform look that is less expensive than volume lashes.

Russian Style

Russian style is a type of volume lashes. Technicians will glue individual lashes in very thin, fanned shapes. Sometimes it’s also known as “full volume” and “mega volume.”

Eyelash Extensions

Ever wonder what eyelash extensions are made from? These are the materials you will encounter and what you should know about them.

Eyelash Extensions in Mink

Mink eyelashes used to be made from mink fur. They were soft and luxurious but not great at curling. Nowadays, salons are switching to cruelty-free faux mink eyelash extensions.

Mink can also describe “signature” or classic lash extensions—one extension per natural eyelash, rather than the material.

Faux Mink

Nowadays, faux mink are more common. They are made from soft, heat-resistant plastic.

Faux mink eyelashes can be dramatic and lush and hold curls very well. They are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Faux Silk

Faux silk lashes can be made vegan and cruelty-free. Faux silk lashes are also made from a synthetic polymer, but the process is slightly different.

They are more natural-looking and softened than faux mink extensions. This is why we choose them for Lilac St. DIY extensions.

Terminology doesn’t always follow the same rules. Faux silk and faux mink lashes differ depending on which salon you use. Always consult your lash tech before making any decisions.

Eyelash Extension Curl Type

The length of lash extensions can also vary.

The J curl, sometimes also known as a B curl, is slightly more straightforward. This is a great choice if you want to keep your extensions from being too obvious.

The most popular curls, C and D curls, are most suitable for most people. They both have a smooth, round curve that looks great on all eye shapes without looking extreme or strange.

Although D curls can be curved more dramatically than C curls, it is minor. All of our DIY extensions at Lilac St. have a curve between D and C.

L lashes are more bendy than curvy, so they stick straight up. Because they sit comfortably above a curved lash line, L lashes are great for people with very deep or hooded eyes. They can look odd on some eye shapes because the bend is quite abrupt.

DIY Lash Extensions

Did you know that you can also make your own lash extensions?

DIY extensions from Lilac St. are a mix of professional extensions and falsies. They can stay in place for several days (depending on the adhesive). They can be worn in the shower or bed, just like extensions.

These lash extensions come in a set of lashes rather than individual lashes. It’s effortless to apply them yourself at home. Depending on your eye shape, you can experiment with different lash mapping styles, even DIY extensions.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The eyelash extensions can last between four and six weeks. For touch-ups, you’ll need to return every two to three weeks. Your lashes will fall as soon as two weeks after your appointment.

Do not be alarmed if you begin to notice shedding. Over time, your lashes will naturally shed. You won’t notice the shedding until you go many weeks without touching up.

How Can I Maintain My Eyelash Extensions?

Maintaining your eyelash extensions can be done by visiting the salon for refills and touch-ups. Avoid oil-based products and keep tension from your eyes. Below, we’ll explain why these are important for maintaining your eyelash extensions.

Respect your appointments. It’s impossible to prevent your lashes from falling out completely. Fill-ins will keep your lashes full and healthy.

Avoid oil-based products. Oil-based products can weaken the lash adhesive, causing your lashes to fall out quicker than usual.

Do not put tension on your eyelashes. Do not rub your eyes or use an automated eyelash curler. Extra tension on your lashes encourages fallout.

There are many options for eyelash extensions. There are many options to choose from, so you can create a unique look. Each salon has its own methods and styles. While you can refer to our guide before calling salons for further information, you will learn more from chatting with a Pro.

Although you don’t have to be an expert in lash technology, knowing your preferences can help you start a conversation. Contact a professional to answer all your questions, learn what to expect, and receive expert advice when choosing your eyelash extensions when you are ready.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have the biggest advantage of giving you a natural look that lasts long. The downside is the possibility of irritation, infection, and lash loss. Below are the major pros and cons of eyelash extensions.

The Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Long-lasting. This is a month of beautiful lashes that don’t require daily maintenance.

You can customize your lash extensions. There are many options for lash extensions. You can achieve the look you desire with the help of multiple methods.

Waterproof. Your new lashes can be wet after 48 hours. You can shower and wash your face as usual.

You’ll have less makeup with Lash Extensions.

The Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Infection and irritation. Your salon may use lash glue that causes allergic reactions. Your risk of irritation and infection is more significant if your lash technician doesn’t clean their equipment correctly. If you have any concerns about allergic reactions or sensitivity to glue, it is a good idea to test a small amount first.

Damage. If eyelash extensions are properly applied and removed, they should not cause damage to your natural lashes. This is why you should research your salon. If you rub your eyes too often, it can cause damage to your lashes.

Because of the complexity of this service, appointments can take up to two hours. For touch-ups or refills, you will need to return every few weeks.

High price. Eyelash extensions can cost between $100 and $500, depending on your salon and the look you desire. Most touch-ups cost less than $100.

How Do I Prepare For My Appointment?

You will need to research the salon and what look you are looking for before booking your appointment. It’s important to dress cleanly and feel comfortable. Below are some tips.

Compare prices and services for Lash Extensions between Pros and Salons. Ask around and read reviews to make sure you are working with someone knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and easy to get along with.

Show your Pro pictures. This will give them an idea of your vision and help you visualize it for yourself.

Avoid products that increase sensitivity. The eye area is the most sensitive on your body. Retinols or other products that increase sensitivity can make your appointment unpleasant.

Comfortable clothes are essential. Choose a comfortable outfit. For a few hours, you’ll be sitting still and will not be able to adjust your clothes.

Avoid coffee. Coffee and other stimulants can make it difficult to remain still. Choose a quiet drink to relax during the morning so that you can unwind at your appointment.

Be aware of your allergies. Let your lash technician know if you have any. They may have to use a different glue or avoid certain materials to keep you safe.

Make sure you are completely clean and free from makeup. It’s a good idea to shower and wash your hair before your appointment. Your lashes won’t be wet for 48 hours after your appointment.

Do not apply products to your eyes. Eye creams and other eye products, particularly oil-based products, should be avoided because they will degrade the lash adhesive.

Take out your contacts. Contacts can be a safety risk for lash extensions. If you are able, take them off and wear glasses.

Do not drink before your appointment. To avoid using the bathroom during your meeting, go to the toilet before starting it.

Turn off your mobile phone. Your eyes will be closed throughout the appointment. If you hear your phone ring, your instinct might be to open your eyes and reach out for it. This is dangerous for both you and your lash technician!

Bring music. Make a playlist, and tell your lash tech that you will be listening to music. This will help you relax and keep your mind occupied.

What Can I Expect During My Appointment?

Your lash technician will talk to you about your desired look, clean your eyes and prepare your eyes for the application. After the appointment, your lashes will dry completely. Below are the details for each step.

Consultation: Before your appointment, you and your lash technician will have a chat. You can show your photos and bring up the styles you like. This is your opportunity to discuss any allergies or other concerns. Your lash technician will help you choose the suitable lashes for your style and eyes.

Clean and prep: Next, the lash technician will clean the area around your eyes. To protect the lower lash lines and make it easier to attach extensions, they’ll apply gels or under-eye pads to your lower eye. They’ll then use medical tape to secure the pads. These materials shouldn’t be painful and should not touch your eyelashes.

Application: It takes approximately two hours to complete the actual application. Your lash technician will close your eyes for the duration of the application. They will use a tweezer to pick up the eyelash extensions, dip them in lash glue and then apply it to your eyes.

Allow the glue to dry for 10 minutes. After the glue has dried, they will remove all tape and pads from your face. They’ll then brush your lashes to blend them, and you can have your first look.


In summary, there are some types of eyelash extensions that you can choose for your eyes. Follow our advice to get the most beautiful and suitable eyelashes for your eyes. Thank you for reading.

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