As fitness equipment goes, treadmills are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. That’s why they’re often one of the first pieces of equipment people buy when they’re starting to get serious about working out.

But what to do with old treadmill when you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model?

What to Do with Old Treadmill

how to get rid of treadmill

1. Sell Your Old Equipment

It is expensive to buy a new piece. Most people will buy used treadmills because they are a lot cheaper. If your machine is in excellent condition, you can sell it for a good price. The price of your treadmill will depend on its age, condition, brand, and make.

There are many online marketplaces that you can use to accomplish this. Some people use social media or auction sites to find buyers. This will allow you to quickly find potential buyers and save you time.

But I have to warn you! It may take time to sell an old treadmill, with new models being introduced every day. However, if you put in enough effort, you will eventually find someone who is interested in second-hand treadmills.

2. Treadmill Recycling

It’s not eco-friendly to throw your treadmill in a dumpster. It contains non-biodegradable materials like steel and plastic. These components will end up in the nearest landfill, polluting land, air, water, and soil for many years.

So, why not use an environmental-friendly approach like recycling? That’s right! You can recycle metal, steel, or plastic parts from old treadmills. You can also use the parts to make new items and materials.

This approach is not only eco-friendly but will also boost the country’s economy. It will, for example, help to maintain the jobs in the sustainable sector.

How to recycle old fitness equipment

Take Apart The Treadmill

First, take the machine apart. You will need a drill to remove the screws. After the machine is disassembled, you can separate the pieces and put them in boxes.

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You’ll find 5 main categories of accessories for your treadmill after disassembling it. These include hard plastic pieces, running belts and metal components, electronics, and a running board.

Let’s now examine each component and see how we can recycle them.

Hard Plastic Pieces

It is the hardest part of the treadmill to recycle or reuse. These are the parts that make up your electronics and the handle handles.

These components can end up in the trash so don’t dump them into a dumpster. Look for a local plastic recycling center that accepts hard plastics. These types of recyclers are rare. Before you go, make sure to contact them and verify if they will accept the parts. You can also give them to other owners of broken parts on your treadmill.

Running Belt

The running belt is the part that touches your feet when you run on a treadmill. You’re likely to have replaced the treadmill belt several times if you’ve used it for a while. You should also loosen the treadmill during maintenance to ensure proper lubrication.

Running belts are generally very durable. They are made of different materials which makes them difficult to recycle. You can however cut them up and use them for a garage or workshop mat. They can be used in any place that needs a tough mat.

Metal Components

Many workout machines, including treadmills and bikes, have metal components. These components include small screws and metal support pieces. If the treadmill is manual, the motor drives the whole machine.

These metal parts can be recycled at a local scrapyard. You can also post these components on online platforms to draw in interested parties.


Circuit boards and wiring are found under the control buttons and display of automatic treadmills. These components can be recycled with other electronic waste.

A battery powers the manual treadmill’s distance- and timing-tracking monitor. These systems can also be recycled with e-waste.

Running Board

The large piece of plywood below the treadmill’s running gear is called the running board. It can be used to create a desk or table, shelves, or wall art. You can also give the item to an artist if you don’t like crafting.

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3. Donation of A Treadmill

where to donate treadmill

Donate your treadmill to charity if you have no use for it. You can help the less fortunate achieve their fitness goals by donating your treadmill to charity. This will also encourage people to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. This will help them avoid various diseases such as obesity and heart disease.

Donating treadmills to charity has another benefit: it is tax-deductible. Some non-profit organizations offer pickup services for donations of treadmills.

This option has one problem. Donate your treadmill If your treadmill is still in good condition, there are several places where you can donate it.

Salvation Army

This church is a Christian one that also acts as a charity organization. They are home to more than 1.5 million people around the world. They also have shelters and charity shops in many countries. They are committed to helping the poor and vulnerable meet their spiritual and physical needs.

Don’t hesitate to donate your treadmill to the Salvation Army. This amazing initiative will ensure that equipment reaches truly deserving people. They won’t take the treadmill if it doesn’t work or is damaged.

Fitness 4 Charity

This is a non-profit organization that promotes health and fitness. They are open to receiving donations of used equipment such as treadmills and weight benches. They then give the equipment to those who are able. You can donate a treadmill by visiting their website and filling out a donation form.

Local Community Centers

Donations of old treadmills are always welcomed by local community centers. If you are interested in donating a treadmill, check out local donation centers. You can also search for senior centers near you. But before you drop it off, make sure they accept donations of treadmills.

Local Gym

Finally, you could donate the treadmill to a gym that only has limited equipment. This is a great way to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained.

4. Give It To Someone

You have other options than selling your treadmill online and donating it. You can also give the treadmill to family members, friends, or neighbors. Let the person who is giving the machine know if there are any problems.

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You can also give old items away for free using other methods. You can, for example, place the treadmill on your curb and put the SIGN ‘FREE’. This will allow anyone interested to pick up the equipment. This old-fashioned method is very efficient and can save you time and effort.

You can also post your items on Nextdoor or Craiglist. If you’re interested in selling the equipment, people using these platforms will reach out to you. You can then make arrangements for how the treadmill will be repaired.

5. Treadmill Disposal and Removal Services

treadmill removal

You can’t donate or sell exercise equipment if it is beyond repair. Why not dispose of it? A junk removal company is needed to remove a treadmill.

Junk removal companies offer many ways to make the machine more useful. They can also take it to the nearest recycling center. They can also take it to a recycling center and have it broken down so they can make metal from it.

A pick-up service is another advantage offered by most junk removal companies. They will remove your treadmill from your home for a fair price. You don’t need to lift anything. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get rid of old equipment.

If you want to upgrade another treadmill, check out our Top Best Treadmill for Home on the market.


If you’ve recently upgraded your home gym and have an old treadmill taking up space, you may be wondering what to do with it. Luckily, there are several options for disposing or repurposing an old treadmill. You can sell it, donate it, or even upcycle it into something new.

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