Do you need to know Who invented makeup? The history of makeup is a long and complicated one. It is believed that makeup was first invented by the ancient Egyptians, who used it to protect their skin from the sun and enhance their features.

In more recent times, makeup has been used by women and men for various purposes, including enhancing their appearance, hiding blemishes, and protecting their skin from the sun. Please keep reading to learn more about makeup history.

The Evidence Of Makeup

Scientists agree that it’s impossible to know who invented makeup, but it is possible to date the oldest evidence. Archeologists discovered recent evidence of makeup in Karnak’s Egyptian tomb.

Clay containers containing color palettes of green and black eyeshadow and pigments for lip stains were found buried with the deceased.

The eye makeup was successfully dated to more than 3,000 years ago. Cleopatra also discovered skincare products made from potassium chloride, magnesium saltide, and bromides in a Dead Sea spa.

Written history supports the claim that the Egyptian dynasty was the first to use makeup. Pliny, the Elder, a first-century historian, describes with great detail and greater fascination the Egyptian way of mixing and wearing eye ostentatious make-up.

Even though makeup was more common in later civilizations, such as the Roman and Grecian, some cultures still used them.

The Evidence Of Makeup

What Is Makeup?

Many reasons are given by historians and makeup lovers for why people started wearing makeup. Our best guesses show that there are many reasons people began to use makeup, from spiritual beliefs to improve their physical appearance.

These are the most common beliefs regarding ancient Egyptian cosmetics.

  • Fashion trends from the past
  • Makeup is the separation of the classes
  • Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays
  • To protect the wearer against the evil eye
  • Protected facial skin from sunburns
  • It was believed to cure eye diseases
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What Is Makeup

History Of Makeup

Stone reliefs from tombs, monuments, and other surviving buildings show the makeup techniques of Egypt. This style of heavy-handed makeup has been enjoyed by both men and women over the years, especially at Halloween and costume balls.

Online pictorials or encyclopedias will give you an idea of how this makeup looks.

History Of Makeup

St. Louis University

For stunning Hatshepsut (ancient Queen of Egypt) images, visit St. Louis University’s Kings and Queen’s web page. According to the photos, Hatshepsut had black eyebrows and kohl-lined eyes. Mineral powders could have also darkened her skin.

National Geographic

National Geographic’s online magazine has a fascinating article and photos on Ancient Egyptian Makeup. French researchers focused their attention on the spiritual significance of these early civilizations’ makeup traditions.

Other Civilizations

While makeup trends have evolved, cultural differences exist. Major civilizations like the Roman and Grecians had their preferred cosmetic applications.


The desire to stay young was the passion of the Grecian society. Many of their makeup designs were inspired by this love for natural beauty and the desire to remain young. The most expensive lead makeup was used by women who could afford it.

Some people apply olive oil treatments to their skin to give it a dewy appearance. Although Grecian women didn’t use rouge, they did apply makeup to darken their eyebrows.


Rome was the center of fashion and style for centuries. Roman women preferred to appear pale, so they used lead-based paint to get this look. The cheeks and lips were dyed red.

The eyelids were darkened by a sooty makeup, similar to today’s eyeshadow. Romans are well-known for using perfumes and fragrant oils in their makeup.

Elizabethan England

Under Queen Elizabeth I, makeup was extremely popular among men who loved their ghost-white powdered skin. This was also when face makeup was dangerously cakey and made with lead, which often caused serious health problems, including-but-not-limited-to premature death.

Elizabethan England

France 18th Century

It is no secret that King Louis XVI indulged in excessive hair products and makeup. Louis went bald when he was 23 years old, and the French aristocracy became obsessed with wigs.

The beauty marks were also applied by men of the royal court, who wore them with high heels and fur muffles.

France 18th Century

1930s Hollywood

It was a long time before men were again able to talk about vanity. (Thanks to Queen Victoria I. With the advent of modern movie-making technology in America, hair and makeup for males came back. Clark Gable’s polished look is perhaps the best example of “metrosexual beauty.”

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1970s & 1980s

Makeup for men was not mainstream until the 20th century. Instead, it was reserved for fringe artists and rock ‘n rollers such as Prince, Boy George, David Bowie, and David Bowie. Many of the greatest male makeup artists in history started their careers around this time.

Way Bandy, who died in 1967, was followed by Kevyn Aucoin in 1982 and many other male makeup artists. Scott Barnes is one such artist whose work has graced the faces of many celebrities in Hollywood.

Barnes answered our question about whether there has been a shift in the makeup artists behind the scenes with a gender-subverting statement: “There have always existed men as makeup artists.” The number of female makeup artists is higher than ever.

The 2000’s Early Years

In the mid-2000s, American pop culture embraced subcultures from the past. This was when we introduced the term “guyliner.” Think Pete Wentz, Jared Leto, and Adam Lambert. This look was the most popular with pop-punk artists and their fans.

This was also when “metrosexuality”, a concept that refers to “metrosexuality”, returned to cultural consciousness. Beauty brands started to produce targeted “makeup” for men. Take Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat ($35), released in 2008 for men.

The 2000's early years

The 2010s

Although makeup for men is not the norm, social media has enabled male beauty gurus to express themselves on a large scale. This has helped to dispel centuries-old stereotypes. Major beauty brands like Maybelline and Covergirl noticed and launched the first male models for their brands.


Barnes, currently primarily associated with J.Lo, explains that makeup has changed over the years. It was once used for stage and screen. Now, men use bronzers and other cosmetics to correct imperfections.

They’ve found a way to apply makeup organically and easily, creating everyday looks that are free from any stigmas.

As gender presentation rules become more flexible, makeup slowly creeps into men’s daily lives, not always in the grand scale of YouTube gurus but in subtler ways. The stigma surrounding skincare has been lessened. However, skincare is less stigmatized.



FAQs About Who Invented Makeup

Who Was The First To Write About Cosmetics?

Cosmetics was the subject of a chapter in the 19th volume. The cosmetic chapter of the 19th volume was adopted by the West because it was translated into Latin. Al-Zahrawi regarded cosmetics as a branch of medicine.

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He called it “Medicine of Beauty” ( Adwiyat al-Zinah ). He is a specialist in perfumes, scented aromas, and incense.

Who Was The First To Invent Mascara?

Ironically, the mascara packaging we now know was made only after Victorian fashion had ended. Eugene Rimmel, a French perfumer, and chemist invented the first non-toxic industrial mascara in 1913.

Who Is The Makeup Inventor?

Kevyn Aucoin is an excellent example. In the 90s, makeup was a hugely popular trend. There have been many successes, including Kylie Jenner and Pat McGrath. But it was Aucoin who created the modern makeup artist as a media figure.

What Year Was The First Time Makeup Was Created?

In ancient Egypt, makeup was first discovered in the year 4,000 BC. Egyptian makeup improved their appearance and protected them from the elements. Jul 27, 2019

When Did People Start Wearing Makeup?

The history of makeup can be traced back to ancient times. In Ancient Egypt, women were seen wearing makeup from around 4000 BCE.

Other cosmetics used may have been used even earlier. Both men and women in Ancient Egypt used makeup. Kohl sticks were used to darken the skin.


Today, cosmetics have grown to be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Modern regulations govern the cosmetics products that can be used. This ensures the safety of all consumers around the globe. Makeup has become more popular than ever before. Restorbio hopes you found this article useful, and we hope to hear from you in the comments section below.

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