If you spend half as much time and money on having “naturally curly hair” as I do, you’ve probably heard of Olaplex. And perhaps you’ve already looked into where to go and how much to spend and, after looking at the “cost per treatment” section.

You’ve arrived to the right spot – I’ve been taking Olaplex for about a year now, and aside from sharing my own experience, I’m here to dissect the science behind Olaplex claims.

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I am the Olaplex cult

I’ve been using Olaplex on my hair at home for almost a year. I wanted to wait a while before writing this post so that I could properly convey my experience and ideas. Olapex treatments are offered in salons, but the products are also widely available online. I’ve been utilizing three Olaplex products that I purchased from Notino: No3, No4, and No5.

These hair care solutions have been praised for entirely altering hair, particularly hair that has been severely damaged by colour or bleach. I’m actually very fortunate that my hair isn’t in poor shape; it hasn’t been bleached in years. So my assessment is based on my personal experience and whether it’s even worth using on reasonably healthy hair.

So, what makes Olaplex such a groundbreaking hair treatment? Olaplex says that its treatment does more than simply smooth over porosity, damaged hair; it also claims to reunite broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. These hair connections are composed of several keratin proteins, one of which contains a sulfur atom (this protein is called cysteine). These protein connections are what give your hair its structure and strength.

Olaplex can be used in two ways: as a treatment put into your hair colorant to prevent damage, and as a more typical treatment after coloring. I’ve had three salon hair colors with Olaplex so far, and I’m on my second bottle of the take-home version of the treatment.

There noticed a difference in the look and texture of my hair after the first time I used Olaplex. My hairdresser saw a significant improvement in the texture and strength of my hair, which I found most noticeable.

Do you want to know why Olaplex made my hair dry?

So, without further ado, please read my review below. Here, I discuss about my hair dryness and their hair treatment, their ingredients, how they performed on my frizzy hair, and much more!

What Is the Goal of Olaplex Treatment?

Our continuous hair style, dyeing, and heating damages our hair. We’ve even burned our hair while styling it. For example, you may have observed that when you straighten your hair, it smells burnt.

Olaplex is widely regarded as the greatest product for restoring our hair to its former brilliance.

Olaplex’s primary goal is to form and build bonds. However, most people mistake it for a moisturizing treatment. As a result, they anticipate that it would hydrate and make their hair exceptionally lustrous and smooth.

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But that isn’t usually the goal of Olaplex. It is more of a repair procedure. It primarily penetrates the hair shaft and reinforces the connection. It’s even referred to as a protein treatment.

Now that you know its use, let’s clear out if it’s drying out your hair.

Is Olaplex causing your hair to dry out?

Olaplex hair

To be more specific, NO! When used appropriately, Olaplex does not cause dry hair. As previously said, it is a protein therapy that bonds hair. The procedure may cause the hair to become tough. At the same time, Olaplex employs a composition that prevents hair from drying out.

To be honest, if the formulations are mixed correctly, it can even mildly hydrate the hair. Having said that, everyone has various hair types. As a result, the outcome of the treatment is heavily dependent on this.

For instance, if you have frizzy hair all over your head. The therapy is then administered. As a result, the split ends have vanished. The hair would be thick in general.

Someone with regular hair can use it solely to correct coloring damage, for example.

However, you may be unlucky in that Olaplex dried out your hair. In that scenario, double-check the pointers to be certain.

Have you been using another hair treatment concurrently?

The first thing you should look for is another hair treatment. Try to recall if you’re using another treatment alongside Olaplex.

Because doing so could be the source of the problem.

Many people use Olaplex as a moisturizing treatment, according to my research. They’ve also been using another protein therapy. As a result, they have straw-like hair.

Even a DIY protein therapy based on eggs could be the culprit. Because any additional element that acts as a bonding agent must be avoided. Otherwise, the increased protein content will cause your hair to become dry.

Olaplex Shampooo

Are you using chemicals and styling your hair more frequently?

Remember what I said about the purpose of Olaplex? Yes, it restores damaged hair. As a result, when we administer a remedy, we should avoid doing the things that produced the injury.

Following hair treatments, we go on to hairstyling and begin employing chemicals. That is not acceptable. The procedure is already repairing earlier damage. So you don’t want to muck it up any further.

Even if you are, it is possible that this is why Olaplex did not work for you.

It’s always best to let the treatment a few days to work its magic.

To be honest, most people do not require hairstyling following the therapy. Because the hair remains in place and in good condition for an extended period of time.

However, you may have only used Olaplex. In that instance, the problem could exist. But there is another thing to consider. So go through that as well.

Is the end of your hair looking strengthened but lifeless?

This is the next thing you should look for. But first, try to recall what hair issues you had before to utilizing Olaplex.

Check to see if the damage has been corrected and the hair end appears stronger. Split ends and hair breakage should be decreased if you have them. At the same time, the hair may appear lifeless.

Because bonding elements do just that. If that’s your hair condition, it’s just Olaplex healing it. However, the lifeless appearance is attributable to your hair’s overall dry nature.

So, if any of the above are true, it’s not Olaplex that’s drying out your hair. Instead, you’ve been misusing it. Or maybe you’ve been using it incorrectly.

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However, if none of the pointers match you, scroll down to find out why.

How to fix – Olaplex Dry Out My Hair?

olaplex benefits

I’ve already mentioned that Olaplex does not like to leave your hair dry. However, you can still believe that it makes your hair dry. The following are possible explanations.

The product has expired.

One possible explanation is that the product has expired. We’ve all heard that using outdated hair products causes more harm than good.

You may have recently purchased the Olaplex therapy. Then I put it away for a bit. Then, without checking the expiration date, apply it to your hair. Your hair’s condition has deteriorated.

Or it had already expired when you were in the store and you didn’t realize it. As a result, your hair was harmed as a result of this stupid blunder.

Excessive Treatment

This is a regular error that we hear about. The product works well for certain people. And they fall madly in love with it. So they use it every other day to keep their hair looking smooth and silky.

But here’s the rub. Overdoing it will actually increase the protein content of your hair. The hair will eventually become exceedingly dry. As a result, it is best to use the therapy once a week.

Hair will suffer as a result of frequent use.

Failure to Maintain Application Guidance

You may have forgotten to keep the application guidance up to date. That is not something to be ashamed about.

Because the mixture is extensively utilized by professionals in hair salons. Though it is increasingly being done at home. So you might get it wrong the first time.

And if you don’t follow the rules, your hair will suffer.

Failure to maintain the proper ratio

Another thing you may have gotten wrong is the ratio. A ratio must be observed regardless of which Olaplex treatment is used. Some items must be blended with others in a specific proportion.

Some must even be diluted with water. As a result, ratio maintenance is critical. Otherwise, over-mixing the substance will injure your hair.

If it is insufficient, the formula will fail. Your hair will remain unchanged.

But, whatever the problem is with the treatment, we have solutions on the way.

How Do I Repair My Hair After Olaplex Has Made It Dry?

A bottle of Olaplex Shampoo

We have solutions for whatever the cause of your dry hair was. You’ll be astonished at how simple the answers are to implement.

Use the solution based on your problem. If your hair is severely dry, opt for a moisturizing hair treatment. But if you want to know when to have a hair treatment, just keep reading.

If it’s tangled, use a detangler.

Because of the dryness, your hair may be snarled. But there’s no need to worry. Because you have access to detangler tools. Remove the tangling as well.

There are a few tools for detangling frizzy hair. A detangler spray and brush are required.

Apply a moisturizing hair cream.

You should use a hair moisturizer on your hair. Dryness can be alleviated by using a moisturizing moisturizer. You can get one of the Olaplex moisture masks, which are cream-like in texture. Alternatively, you can use any other hydrating hair cream.

Consider a Hydrating Hair Treatment.

If your hair is severely dry, I recommend using a hair treatment. Simply go to a neighboring hair salon. Take advantage of a moisturizing hair spa and treatment.

However, do not use Olaplex with a moisturizing treatment on the same day. We recommend that you wait one day before receiving the hydration treatment. Olaplex will work its magic on your hair in the interim.

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Your hair will be silky smooth after the treatment is finished. And you’ll forget what it’s like to have dry hair.

Use a Hair Mask

Hair masks are great for hydrating and adding shine. Hair masks are available from a variety of brands.

You can simply get any of the hydrating ones. Then apply on your own.

How should I apply Olaplex therapy to my hair?

applying olaplex

In all honesty, my naturally curly hair would be in poor shape if I stopped using OLAPLEX and their other treatments. Years of using heat styling equipment on my hair were finally put to rest by OLAPLEX, and my curls are better than ever owing to regular treatments and the at-home line. I am still happy that I have never had to endure the anguish of watching my curls heal without OLAPLEX. More specifically, the resurgence of the curl.

If you notice your hair loss worsening after using a specific product, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor to ensure the damage isn’t permanent.

There is no such thing as a product that can meet everyone’s needs. Some of us, however, are more prone to allergic reactions, while others have hair that, no matter how thick or smooth, does not respond well to the use of certain treatments.

How to Get the Most Out of Olaplex Products

If your hair feels greasy after using Olaplex, you may not have used the product appropriately. We don’t want you to lose out on anything Olaplex has to offer, so here are some pointers to help you get the most out of them:

  • Follow the product instructions exactly.
  • Use only the recommended amount.
  • Use items that are appropriate for your hair type and texture.
  • Wash your hair on a regular basis to remove product buildup and allow Olaplex to penetrate your strands.
  • Make sure to use the goods in the exact order.
  • Make certain that you are purchasing your stuff from a reliable source.
  • Concentrate on your mid-lengths and ends because your roots are more likely to become greasy.
  • Apply less product than you think you’ll need at first, then gradually apply more as needed.
Hair using Olaplex Shampoo

The most important thing to know about Olaplex products is that little is more. Olaplex products, when used correctly, can help prevent and reverse hair damage, leaving your hair looking and feeling wonderful.

I hope this article clarifies if Olaplex shampoo (and other Olaplex products) will make your hair healthy and gives you all the information you need to use it confidently.

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