Rethink Aging

At resTORbio, we are developing innovative medicines that target the biology of aging to prevent or treat aging-related diseases.
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Aging is the most significant risk factor for most chronic diseases.
Strong scientific evidence suggests that aging is regulated by specific biochemical pathways. Medicines that target these biochemical pathways, such as the TORC1 pathway, may prevent or treat a variety of aging-related diseases.
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We aim to be a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on preventing or treating aging-related diseases.

Our Pipeline

resTORbio’s lead clinical program is selectively targeting TORC1, an evolutionarily conserved pathway that contributes to the age-related decline in function of multiple organ systems, including neurologic function.

Inhibition of TORC1 has the potential to improve the function of aging organ systems and address multiple aging related diseases.

Clinical Trials

Our goal is to discover, develop and make available innovative medicines to help older adults.