If you are looking for an effective shampoo that will leave your hair clean and smelling great, you should consider trying Simfort shampoo. Read the full Simfort Shampoo review article to know more.

This shampoo is made with natural ingredients and contains no sulfates, perfect for people with sensitive skin.

In addition, Simfort shampoo is biodegradable and comes in a recyclable bottle, making it a more environmentally friendly option than many other shampoos on the market.

What is Simfort Shampoo?

Simfort shampoo is made from natural and organic ingredients. It will make your hair stronger, healthier, and more lustrous. It’s suitable for both men as well as women. The shampoo claims to clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

It has a thick foamy texture and is advertised as a shampoo for hair growth and scalp cleaning.

What is Simfort Shampoo

Is Simfort Shampoo Good for your Hair

Simfort shampoo claims to reduce sebum plugs, which are more common in men. The constant buildup of oil and dirt causes the sebum plug. Simfort removes any oil or dirt buildup from your head.

This shampoo claims it can increase hair growth. Some people even see the results by using it consistently. However, it is not a miracle cure due to the negative customer simfort shampoo review.

Features of Simfort Shampoo

Before we discuss whether or not you should get this shampoo, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

1. No Harmful Chemicals

This shampoo is free from any harmful ingredients. This shampoo is completely free of parabens and sulfur. It is safe to use on damaged hair or color-treated hair if used in moderation.

Features of Simfort Shampoo

2. Cruelty-Free

It’s not easy to find a cruelty-free and ethical haircare brand. However, this Simfort shampoo doesn’t harm any animals during its production.

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3. Sebum is reduced

This shampoo reduces oiliness and sebum in hair. This shampoo also reduces oil buildup in your hair caused by sebum.

Does Simfort Help with Hair Fall?

Simfort claims that Simfort can also help with hair loss. After extensive research and testing the shampoo, I can confirm that it does not promote hair growth.

No research does not supports the claims of hair fall reduction. It doesn’t contain any unique ingredients shampoo that can reduce hair fall. According to internet experts, it is either speculation or a marketing strategy.

Simfort’s website has many positive reviews. Simfort claims that it reduces hair fall. Simfort’s website is the only one that has such positive reviews.

Simfort shampoo does not promote hair loss or stimulate hair growth. Simfort shampoo is primarily designed to make your scalp clean and reduce buildup.

Does Simfort Do Any Good to Your Hair?

Simfort shampoo is an excellent shampoo for primary scalp care. Simfort shampoo does not have any other benefits. It is perfect for cleaning your hair from dirt. This shampoo is ideal for cleansing your hair.

The shampoo is safe and contains no harmful ingredients. This shampoo’s main ingredient, carbonic acid, reduces hair sebum.

Suppose we are to ask whether the shampoo works, then yes. Simfort shampoo to treat hair fall and growth does not work. It does not show any visible differences.

Is Simfort Shampoo Worth it?

It does not necessarily mean that the shampoo works. It was costly. There are better products and more targeted treatments available for hair at this price point.

It is also an essential shampoo, and there are better alternatives on the market. I don’t recommend it. My hair looked very stripped after three months. I didn’t notice any difference.

Is Simfort Shampoo Worth it

If you’re looking for an economical yet effective option, this shampoo is not one I recommend. This shampoo’s marketing strategy and fake reviews are misleading, portraying a false image.

Many people who purchased this product complained on various websites that it was a waste. The product works just as well as any other hair soap, but the price is outrageous.

Does Simfort have Side Effects?

Simfort can cause side effects, despite having natural ingredients. These side effects can occur because some people may find the shampoo’s natural ingredients too strong.

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This shampoo is not suitable for all hair types and is considered too strong to be used. Some people may experience irritation, redness, or tingling. If you aren’t allergic or sensitive, you can still go for it if that is what you want.

Simfort can be used in a low concentration. As long as you don’t use a lot of shampoos per day, it is safe.

Pros and Cons of Simfort Shampoo

Let’s take a closer look at Simfort Shampoo now that we have done so.


  • Cruelty-free
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • It makes your scalp feel squeaky clean
  • All hair types are compatible

Pros and Cons of Simfort Shampoo


  • It doesn’t live up to its claims of increasing hair growth.
  • Very expensive
  • Excessive usage can cause damage to the scalp
  • Strong ingredients

Better Alternatives

We usually review the entire ingredients list of a product, but we feel it is not worth the time. This product is flawed and poorly formulated. Simfort is strongly discouraged. Based on medical research, here are some alternatives that we believe to be better for hair loss:


Keeps is another brand that helps with hair loss. We did not recommend their shampoo as the company didn’t disclose the active ingredients.

Keeps shampoo’s active ingredient, ketoconazole, has been proven to reduce hair loss. This makes it a better product than Simfort. Ketoconazole shampoo was tested at the same strength as Keeps in a medical study. It showed an increase in hair density and growth.

Red Light Therapy

We recently reviewed Capillus to see the medical evidence surrounding red light therapy as a treatment for hair loss. Numerous studies have demonstrated positive results.

Red light therapy using 21 lasers at 655-nanometer wavelengths significantly increased hair count in men with pattern baldness in a medical study published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine journal.

A medical review of red light therapy for hair loss came with a similar conclusion. It’s a promising treatment with positive outcomes on average and virtually no side effects.

Red light therapy increases hair growth by stimulating stem cells in the scalp. However, research is still in its early stages, and it is unclear how this mechanism works.

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simfort carbonic acid shampoo review


Viviscal, a hair-loss brand. We found that medical research had shown their products to be effective in reducing hair loss in men. Viviscal was found to increase hair count in patients suffering from thinning hair. Patients who took a placebo pill experienced hair loss.

Although their supplements may be effective in reducing hair loss, we do not recommend them as shampoo due to fragrance and preservatives.

You’ll notice that shampoo is the only option. We haven’t seen any scientific evidence that topically applied products can stop hair loss.

It is more common to believe that if the problem is hair loss, it would be more sensible to use a regular shampoo and a hair loss supplement than an ineffective and costly shampoo.

If you still want more choices, please read our article: Best Shampoo And Conditioner In 2022



Overall, there are many shampoos on the market today that claim to leave your hair clean and to smell great. However, it is difficult to tell whether these shampoos are effective or not. However, Simfort shampoo should not be overlooked because it delivers what it promises without many other shampoos’ harmful side effects.

What are your thoughts about this product? Do you think it is a good shampoo for sensitive skin? Please let resTORbio know your thoughts about this product in the comments section below.

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