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General guide to knowledge you should not miss about Body, Skincare Body.

6 Min Read

Chaney Root Benefits

Technically known as Smilax Balbisiana, chaney root is a frequently utilized medicinal herb in Jamaican traditional medicine. In fact, I wrote about Jamaican woodroot tonic, which contains it as one…

6 Min Read

Guajes Health Benefits

Guajes are pods that grow on the Leucaena Leucocephala tree and are pronouced gwa-heh (also known as the white leadtree, jumbay, and white popinac). They are slender, flat, long green…

6 Min Read

Tejocote Root Benefits

Tejocote root is one such natural supplement that we’d like to discuss today. In various regions of the world, taking tejocote root is highly common. In particular, it has been…

3 Min Read

Is Sol De Janeiro Cruelty Free?

Sol de Janeiro is a Brazilian beauty brand that is popular for its natural ingredients and cruelty-free products. However, there is some controversy over whether the brand is actually cruelty-free….

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